Erection products and for what is important for male power?

Problems with potency? You ever wondered on what may be due to unbalanced diet, ultimately that provokes in the body of most crashes. Especially after thirty, a man of power every time it starts slowly disappearing. Ensure harmony and increase libido and sexual stamina an erection for consuming products a special diet to increase. But don't worry, there is a hard fasting!

Which abide by the rules?

products for potency

Prepared diet of the individual. To get rid of someone, chronic disease, and someone just wants foods which are for the prevention erection increases, and a diet for the review. Yes, and lifestyle, to each his own, nor can not be ignored. Some general tips for those who are ready work for the sake of a decent meal for the reproductive system:

  1. If switch therapy, professional with a significant change in diet. Some products neutralizing the action of the drug. For example, if it's not worth grapefruit if you are taking antibiotics.
  2. Servings should be average. Is strictly prohibited from hunger – a sufficient amount of to restore the body's necessary nutrients. It is recommended not to eat but overweight decrease provokes erection.
  3. Diet until you reach observe usually accept the conclusion. If you want to know and then with the issues, it is important that the power consumed food products, increase, erection continuous.

Develop products which erections?

Open daily menu:

  1. Products containing zinc. That increases the production of sex hormones, the effective in fighting infections, a reduction of basic erection. A lot of zinc, sea cabbage, asparagus, celery, pumpkin seeds, squid and fish the river.
  2. Products containing carotene. Many fruits and vegetables, orange and red color – carrots, pumpkin, apricots. Necessary sex drive to increase at the same time, strengthens the immune system. Erection which is good for carotene products, useful and an effective treatment for prostate cancer, prostatitis.
  3. Fiber. He accelerates metabolic processes important in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. You need to complete the diet cabbage, greens, apples and bread with dandruff. Useful and strawberry pudding.
  4. Foods, glycine, histidine, tyrosine, threonine. Effecting testosterone production of these substances that contributes to a quality erection and ejaculation. Eat quail eggs for this. Fried that they lose useful features, so recommended them to cook boiled, or completely consumed, making it look like raw egg liquor or cocktail.

What meals, make confident to in bed?

Red grapes

Enhances motor skills that sperm. The fruit skins resveratrol – the protein that carries the child is responsible for that activity.


The most useful fish for men. A lot of vitamin D, which is 90% of testosterone increases in the blood. Austrian scientists also I get it, this fish has a positive effect on the sperm that contains the DNA molecule.

Avocado and nuts

Fat not a diet to cleanse completely. Harmful cholesterol education closes the vessels contributing, instead of herbal. Avocado – I need something. Useful and nuts for erection.


In the study, 47% of men consuming pomegranate juice on a daily basis has made remarkable progress in potency. But remember, this package fruit juices, squeezed down to the usefulness of the nearest supermarket.


Included cortisol – matter, the Energy Resources Conservation organism. Thanks to him, deliberately moving sperm to the egg. But the first appointment, the abuse of garlic, everyone is not the same.


This product contains boron and nitrogen oxide by 50% and increase blood flow. Eat every day as a preventative measure is a product of teaspoon.


Nov which are a source of milk protein and a positive effect on the growth of testosterone. This product also images of female hormone estrogen in the body. Where men? Dependency with age accumulated in the body of a beer.


The day in the best way, a meal, three eggs. This energy will not harm the amount of cholesterol in the heart and blood vessels. At the same time, this egg – the sperm of a material required for training.

To remove this diet?

the potency of treatment

Eating foods to eat that does not give you an erection a man very fond of it. So be prepared to eat this every day, I felt used and her delicious, you will have to give up. Foods which damage sexual function:

  1. Fat meat, thought-provoking Cholesterol Education. He also leads to corruption of blood flow in the body, especially the pelvic and is a power that causes a problem. Instead of pork and beef, chicken, or rabbit. Fry in the oven, and this product.
  2. Spice – delicious, but it's not always useful. Spicy, spicy and salty foods and reduce the erection.
  3. Soda, coffee, beer. As a result of research has failed to prove these drinks reduce libido.
  4. Sports and nutrition supplements contains steroids.

Now I know what happens to products which clean better an erection and a daily menu. Choosing healthy and proper nutrition, not only to recover, sexual function, however, and the body to improve the situation. This is easy, try it!