Home how to increase male aphrodisiac

How to quickly increase power in men at home? For this, consult your doctor and try and help remedy drug and can not improve sexual activity, using a variety of tools, which is familiar.

Several factors that affect the strength of men starting from the ending of stress and diseases of the nervous system and blood system. So how to solve the problem, and how to help others whether or not there is potential quickly back old medication?

General recommendations

how to increase sexual power,
  1. Give up alcohol and cigarettes, tobacco. Nicotine and alcohol adversely affect the flow of blood to the reproductive organ, cause vasoconstriction and increased general poisoning your body.
  2. Exercise (physical activity improve blood flow in tissues and organs significantly strengthens erections).
  3. Power to abide by the rules (not consume greasy and fried foods, calories consumed the following amounts).

Who's at risk:

  • people with obesity (excess weight in a negative way affected person);
  • the age (time the potential is reduced and this is normal);
  • diseases of the nervous system and blood system (blood flow erection disease that occurs in violation the pelvic organs visible problem).

To avoid the need to monitor the status of several complications, body, behavior, the right lifestyle, take vitamins and do sports. This will be sufficient for shall remain in force for many years. You can try to increase any power but if you already have a problem with the a variety of methods.

For men grass

Useful plants and herbs with the potency to upgrade the help you need can be done at home. Male plants are recommended to be consumed decoctions languages:

  1. Thyme (ground is helpful because if an effect has a strong representatives for the reproductive system in general).
  2. Thyme (helps normalize, blood circulation and helps in the reproductive system diseases can cause impotence).
  3. St. John's WORT (a natural herb is regarded as a powerful antioxidant and antidepressant).

"Cocktail" is a desire to increase aid these herbs. But only in the hope that it's not worth it since other drugs that treat impotence herbal remedy can help.

A more diversified diet

Gotta aphrodisiac in the diet – this article the positive effects of the natural origin, the body is male.

Aphrodisiac list:

  • oysters;
  • avocado;
  • celery;
  • nuts;
  • Greens (dill, parsley);
  • red and white wine (in moderation).

The positive effects of oysters and other seafood, status, reproductive system, sex drive increases they are rich in natural ingredients. Artifacts, contains shellfish, to help cope with the problem, "feed", beneficial for the body ingredients. Desire, oysters are eaten 2 times per week regularly.

Avocado the fruit, there has to be a male. Avocados rich, beneficial oils and components, is easily digested, and normalized the only business body.

Celery, vegetables for the main, men's health, useful the juice of this plant, and shoots. Add celery (to him the most useful substances) grate the root and add to a salad, or drink fruit juice these plants.

Combine them with any useful a can of nuts, honey, or milk, but there is such a "cure" is recommended in the morning for a small amount (not body weight). Given required in the daily diet of nuts, dried fruit good rapport with them.

Parsley and dill foliage to decorate the table such as a meal necessarily, but the herbs of drinking water each day, diluting the drinks carrot juice, beet or any other vegetable, to a future effective stimulus strength.

Dill, parsley and celery fit with ginseng, men are also useful.

Increases the supply of moderate amounts of alcohol thins the blood, various organs of nutrients and vitamins. Alcohol increases the pressure, but the veins the movement is pretty rough. It is therefore recommended alcohol there is a small amount for use, otherwise possible adverse effect.

Contrasting procedures

products and to increase potency

Contrasting procedures that we need to use a natural way to help increase potency. This authority improves the blood flow, oxygen and nutrients, enough to buy fabric and at what cost.

This in the following manner:

  1. Pour the liquid with a capacity of 2 different temperatures (one hot, the other cold).
  2. In order neglect, sexual organs, each capacity.

The duration of treatment 15 minutes, cold and hot water all the time against the cost of an organ which is to increase the number of minutes in every capacity when it comes.

Bathroom the bathroom also help normalize the situation with Laurel lava or procedure and improve your body potency.

How's the procedure:

  • pre-prepared broth, a few laurel-leaf;
  • a tub with warm water and then himself;
  • a decoction of the leaves is poured into the Lavra and get it the tub-e 10 to 15 minutes;
  • then transactions lotions, body with your hand or a towel.

High efficiency different massage, massage, make that you can make yourself rub the area of hips, waist and hands by pubis circular motion.

More your feet warm, let alone get them in hot water, then donning socks, foot rub, slowly rising Them knee and hip ratio.

For men Ginseng tincture

You can purchase this medicine from our pharmacy chain. You can combine Ginseng tincture long term is considered according to the different drinks (of alcohol).

If the girl with a scheduled meeting to take the tincture in drops, then tincture optionally accept once again. To strengthen sexual desire in women.

Exercise for erection

A few workouts that will help you improve strength, you can own your home:

  1. To sit on a chair, your hands and to upgrade the seat, hips straining these muscles during the back and waist.
  2. Lie back, bend your knees and put them straight, thrusting the arm along the trunk, pelvis and lower him to raise in the air a few minutes remaining.
  3. Squat, legs shoulder-width separate, sinking it's not a full locking position for 30 seconds.
  4. Jogging in the morning. Only for a morning run that helps get rid of the problems, that have the potential to, but at the same time erection problems may be a cause for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Vitamins for men

Improve your health and using vitamins. They can easily get them to buy a pharmacy, and pharmaceutical dependency that calls there is a relationship.

Vitamins that can help the guy:

  • Zinc — this trace mineral violated applied with success in the body's metabolic processes. Upgrade zinc that helps the male reproductive cells, and encourage, strengthen and Re-production processes in the body.
  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that gives an aging body. Promote, upgrade, improves body cellular transformation.
  • B vitamins B — is useful for encouraging active immune system, the nervous system and improve the effectiveness and the brain.
  • Selenium — an essential mineral in the male reproductive system is actively used in this process semen.
  • Vitamin A — this substance is called beta-carotene, metabolism that is located in it helps to normal body state, in the process of training attended by sperm.

For normal operation, the male reproductive system a comprehensive approach is necessary to solve the problem. Preferably take vitamins restless, as well as proper nutrition, do sports.

Sex drive and erectile of testosterone in the male body activity directly related to the functions of quantitative content. Failure of this hormone leads to a decrease in strength, sexual desire and its capabilities.

Can occur at any age the power to demote, but in most cases, such problems can be easily corrected. Also consult a doctor if you, lifestyle change, we have to get a good result, to combat this problem.

You must wait for the result after a couple of days but it started the "treatment" treatment has its own properties such a character, that flows on long-term wear and tear of the bulk structure, i.e., a few months later will be released.