Products for potency - more to feed to increase male libido, list, and recipes

Accelerated rhythm of life, adverse environmental conditions, regular stress even the most powerful of Health undetermined this talented man. The representatives of the strong half of humanity in power factors. To avoid problems, proper nutrition that will help in the sexual area. Useful products for potency and active life of a man to forget about the problems throughout the intimate space, that directly affect physical and mental health.

fast action potency products for men

What is power

The ability to appreciate the power of man to continue long to breed. Today, the word "might" has a broader meaning than that. It's not important for the modern male, just to be a dad, but at the same time meet a sexy woman. Sexology good strength, and has the following features:

  • parter and the ability to meet in order to obtain satisfaction;
  • time sexual contact;
  • the appearance rate of erectile function;
  • talent discharge;
  • sperm quality.

What impact to improve the strength

Decreased erectile function only creates problems in the intimate sphere, but beats and male makeup. However, I took care of Enhancer for food and useful products in the men nature others about it. The list is extensive. Do you need to enter to your sex life healthy diet products, vitamins of Group B,C,E, A, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc. Testosterone production rises daily meal has a positive effect on strengthening the male power.

Improves products, strength

To eat right, male potency complex, this does not necessarily mean cooking meals. Strengthen the libido and capable of the usual fruit and vegetables. Remember, about the benefits of honey bee. Daily use, in small amounts, especially along with other products, that affect hormone production, strengthen the power of the individual. Is a spice that is worth paying attention to. Fireworks sexually active men, if you feed him dishes, flavored, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger. Consider a more natural aphrodisiac, develops, and male power.


To answer your question, which foods are beneficial to male potency, primarily fruit mention. Sexual impotence for prevention, the recommended daily consumed food banana "called the fruit of passion and sensuality". Double yellow fruit will help to save the day, voice will give you the body charged with sexual energy. Banana categorized as aphrodisiac, potency magnifies. Team more a boy or a daily diet many fruits such as:

  • orange, lemon, and labor contributed to the hormone testosterone;
  • apricot, reduced impulse easily;
  • avocados contain folic acid, providing longer lasting erections.

Milk and milk products

Dietitians recommended to remove the power consumed dairy products. Sour cream, yogurt, cream and cheese the perfect companion for a struggle with sexual dysfunction in men with. Thanks for the existence of necessary amino acids and vitamins, goat's milk, the effect of the male sex drive. This tool has been tested for centuries. Egyptian Pharaohs and Roman generals took goat's milk before going to bed. Recommended daily two cups of drinking and the result of the amplification in its pure form.

fast action potency products for men parsley


Promoting sexual energy, such as many vegetables, garlic, carrots, turnips. They promote blood circulation and body rejuvenation. The tale of the apples garlic that works like magic: increases strength, stimulates. A rich composition of vegetable vitamin D, C, B, essential oils, minerals and beneficial unsaturated fatty acids. A diet your sex drive, fresh turnip. Fresh carrots grated with a Mac, get rid of the genitourinary system diseases of root vegetables for a talented guy only a month of daily use.


A natural aphrodisiac known to extend and strengthen your sex drive. These nuts – essential for the growing strength products, and every guy necessarily included in the daily menu. The power to control them, the mechanisms that regulate sexual activity, ejaculation, erection stimulant. Just 50 grams of nuts a day off, a man a satisfying sex life for a living. Sexual activity that contribute to improving:

  • walnut;
  • almond;
  • cashew;
  • pistachios;
  • peanut;
  • it's nuts.


Especially that are useful for developing potency celery, spinach, coriander and parsley. They are rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, Iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. Apigenin in parsley, an action inhibit the female hormone estrogen, adversely affecting potency. Rich in zinc celery because testosterone is responsible for the synthesis of this important trace element exerting a positive influence not only get an erection, but male reproductive. The power to the greens, better food, raw as well as thermal processing is reduced because the number of useful nutrients.

The best products for potency

No less important in men Enhancer products power animal. Gives enough energy to eat only vegetables. Also fish and meat dishes in the diet must be male. I need the body to distribute the nutrients saturation depending on the time of day. So, you should eat breakfast that are rich in carbohydrates foods to increase your libido. Better protein foods to eat for lunch and dinner light for a plant. Nutrition for increasing male sexual power impossible without opening the diet, vitamin and mineral complexes.


Vegetable protein diet not only men, but animals. Meat – a main element forming tissue with this product. This is necessary for male health, trace elements, vitamins, minerals (phosphorus, potassium, iron, and other). Will be the best choice for low-fat varieties: rabbit, chicken. Such meats are perfectly absorbed, it contains lower cholesterol, the recommended consumption, and therefore many therapeutic diets.

Camel stomach

In the east, the camel stomach 1. ranked among the products performance-enhancing force. This is right, because the worse the effect of Viagra, often the body is not harmful. A powerful healing effect on sexual function include stomach camel in bees it's a special recipe. Advice before using this product of power to sexual intercourse. You need to improve your sex drive instantly with only 3 grams of food the stomach of the camel (a piece about the size of a small pea).


Sea best product, capable increase libido, oysters acceptance. Shellfish is known to the effect of a stimulus on the male organ, which occurs because they contain dopamine matter be able to raise the production of sex hormones. Most suitable for men Oyster lake in spring. Scientists have identified, this season the concentration of zinc in shellfish are very high there and amino acids, actively proliferate.

Quail eggs

Protein, protein, much more the concept of raw quail eggs, more chicken, so that the male body is more beneficial for them. A place that protects the presence of inflammation, interferon, prostate, increased sexual stamina, improve sex drive. Preferably consume raw quail egg, the egg – this product has already undergone heat treatment, therefore, useful to own a portion of the nutrient loss.

The testes variegated you drink regularly (3-4 months) will decrease recovery time after orgasm when any sexual contact between you will have a sharper and brighter. However, it should be noted that allergic this product, therefore, is not an abuse. Allergies it is advisable to avoid drinks with lemon water (15 g), quail eggs (3), honey (15 g), cognac (20 g) and mineral water (100 ml). It is helpful to drink a cocktail for strength 2-3 times a week for like 3 months.

Products potency for fast action

It is recommended for marine fish and seafood cooking a quick solution, sexual problems. All varieties, nutrition amenities, such as:

  1. Mackerel. Contains easily digestible protein. Acorn concentrated in iodine, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus. There man a fish diet guarantee regular opening this is improved erectile function.
  2. Flounder. This not only taste great, but also fast acting erection. Most useful is considered the halibut, steamed. Half of the fish salted and in dried form loses their useful properties.
  3. Mussel. How useful for a rich masculine power and oysters has been installed. Due to its content of high protein and zinc use, fast erection that encourages shellfish improve the quality of sperm.
fast action potency products for males eggs

Male potency recipes

A simple meal to develop the most power – with nuts and honey. A combination of such products to serve a dessert perfect for every day. Daily use, with nuts and honey after taking the main course after a month will help to solve the problem already sexual. Mix equal parts sweet enough to prepare the products. Something else useful for potency a platter – put eggs. This is a favorite treat of the male population in the Caucasus. Cook eggs easy to follow, and fry them with onions in olive oil for 15 minutes the treatment is over.

Ginseng tincture help to increase production of testosterone. Her cooking is not difficult. Chop the root, then add her vodka or alcohol (1:20). Let the mixture sit in a dark place for 2 weeks then to the village. Then, drip infusion before meals for take 25 a month. To drink not only helps to increase sperm count at the same time, normalizes, psychological status, nor for men's health is important.

Why give value

The mere existence of power increases and diet, the right product, but rejection harmful. Constitutes a recommendation menu of products, adversely affecting the state of men's health practices:

  • - fat meat;
  • canned fish;
  • butter, margarine;
  • liver pate;
  • - fat cheeses;
  • sausage;
  • smoked;
  • pastries;
  • sugary carbonated drinks;
  • fast food;
  • caffeine;
  • alcohol.