Nuts is more beneficial for men?

Such foods, such as nuts, often to meet a normal human diet. Still, do not forget them drinking each class or kind of walnut is beneficial, own and possess a unique composition and used for the treatment and prevention of specific diseases. To consider Read More.

First of all, we love nuts, a nice taste, rarely think about the cell nucleus that contains substances which. First of all, nuts — this is a handy product for a quick snack, toughness, gives for a long time. They are used as cooking and recipes of traditional medicine. As mentioned above, you have the nuts, a different composition, unique in its own way, but for each type there are differences, which I'll write about later. What brings the fruits:

  • Numerous vitamin E.
  • Macro and trace minerals: magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, manganese, and others.
  • An extremely useful work, that nuts contain large amounts of fatty acids in the heart and blood vessels. This Omega-3 acid. Before they accepted, harmful, still fat, but later it has been proven a positive impact on their job status, and the organ of the stock market.
  • Other organic acids large numbers, providing a positive action only on the body.

Rarely is a product which is Haram for men are nuts. Only in the case of the individual intolerance as well as some diseases.

In favor of this product long description:

  • Use nuts leads to a reduction of peripheral resistance by increasing the blood vessels. Therefore, it is advisable their high blood pressure.
  • Which is rich in carbohydrates and fats, all varieties, nuts, thanks to be converted into energy in our body, and particularly magnesium content item.
  • Nuts are a great Snack, as they contain the diet that she's getting fat, nuts suitable for slimming diets.
  • Omega-fatty acids to give h The ability of our body to overcome hardening of the arteries, to get rid of excess cholesterol. These two factors both work and prevention, cerebral arteriosclerosis, the heart muscle, angina and myocardial infarction.
  • Nuts are recommended as one of the most useful products for diabetics, they are low blood sugar.
  • That's what is a product, and antioxidant properties. Them a perfect protection for aging.
  • The high vitamin E content, as well as micro-and macro-gives health and strength of nails, skin and hair is ideal.
  • Strengthening the body resistance, recovery, including severe communicable diseases.
  • The work piece effective effect on the reproductive system.
  • Prevention such as cancer.

How popular potency useful for the nuts

For men the most beneficial nuts — almond. We highlight one of the most valuable components of an amino acid indispensable arginine, vitamin E, fiber. The ability to accept clear beneficial properties for men with almond, blood, bile ducts, and liver. Choleretic action has some almond reduces the level of blood sugar, therefore diabetes as he or she nutrition.

The difference, of seeds nuts it contains certain substances, the kidneys to clean the sand, increase strength, and to normalize a dream. Nuts for violation of this advice, the study of the nervous system irritability.

Next peanuts. Perhaps the most popular type, the most common form of salty snacks and fried. The men's record holder in the peanut content as well as vitamins B1, B2, and elements (calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and potassium). This composition, with walnuts, fighting diseases, heart and blood vessels, increased blood clotting, an important bleeding only when necessary. Peanuts are also rich in antioxidant substances, therefore, it is clear, that its main function — training of malignant cells and prevent aging.

Which nuts are most useful for the men? Water in place of hazelnut for men. Contains vitamin E and B6, which amounts in the body, such as the activation of the immune properties of normalization the study of the nervous system. There is potential for effects nut? It is thanks to you guys I trace element zinc. The Basic for the synthesis of the male hormone testosterone, the reproductive system on the work piece with a low amount of normal impossible. Both sterile and non the effect of vitamin E at the same time is important if you suspect that male infertility. All nuts, hazelnuts positive effects on the heart and blood vessels, calms the nervous system, helps overcome insomnia.

Other varieties of nuts, more useful for men

Other potential effects of nuts are there? Would be extremely helpful for men nuts. They're just nice to have for their loved ones and enjoyable, but at the same time significantly affects the potency. The thing is, a natural plant hormone that contain pistachios. You can mark the other necessary components, vitamins E and B6, and minerals manganese and phosphorous. This lineup them indispensable in diseases of the pulmonary system, weakening the power of the violation, sex drive prostate pathology in the form of a violation of any frequency heart rate tachycardia.

Another walnut, a slightly different composition — cashew. A lot of iron. This moderate amount of calories and fat. Almost all the B group vitamins in cashew, as well as an extensive inventory of minerals: magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and selenium.

Open benefits of this fruit pathology, blood diseases, heart and vascular, anemia, teeth and gums in normal condition, to lower serum cholesterol. With cashew nuts may be anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect.

The trace element selenium is the most content rich walnut with Brazil. Apart from that, you can take Brazil nuts, zinc, Iron, potassium, calcium. Selenium has properties, sometimes it seems vital: to relieve the body of toxins and decomposition products reduces the risk of cancerous tumors offers anti-aging properties. All nuts, Brazil reduce blood sugar levels because great content to improve a general condition, useful fats, Omega-3 fatty acids.

Pine nuts

Your favorite and most delicious nuts — pine nuts. Maybe he's just nuts, can be consumed safely as people prone to allergic reactions. Despite this intolerance product.

Pine nuts are also rich items, therefore useful for patients with cardiovascular diseases, kidney and bladder pathology. As noted, pine nuts and sleep for men normalizes the nervous system.

He had money for nuts, it's true. The border between benefit and harm, extremely thin, therefore a handful a day than you eat. May be nuts, heavy for digestion, an appropriate Allergy. Compliance very good with nuts, dried fruits, nuts, sour cream useful for the power to give your body immediate energy and zinc. Remember, a pup is not good, this product is not for you, terrible some useful properties.