Increased strength, and in men after the age of 50

Increases with age, chance, developmental abnormalities, genitourinary system, why a decrease in sexual function in men. It applies especially to these people, over the age of 50.

At this age the body is more prone to decrease due to the development of various pathologies and irregularities in the source organism. Therefore, acute a question of how and in what way men can be made that the increased potency of 50.

Erectile dysfunction, with age


Some of the most common pathologies of the visible representatives of the stronger sex, of sexual function disorders.

According to statistics, half the people over the age of 50, such as pain and discomforts. This is a higher probability that developing them will be a great man.

After 50 years of power cause pathological changes, age, character, observed in the body.

Starts disorders the age of 45, it's fast. For example, the chance that a person will impotence, 40% 5, but already in 70 years 20%. There are numerous research on this topic in the United States.

Why is a rapid decline in power after the age of 50 in men, due to the following factors:

  • Age-related changes as weakening, Nov tonus and elasticity of cells and tissues.
  • Development of different pathologies.
  • In this era of increasingly shaped medicine side effects required to accept.

Hormonal regulation

According to research, between the ages of 45 and then a decrease due to less production of testosterone in the body his. As a result, increased female hormones.

But these are only one of the reasons this kind. Another factor reducing the elasticity of collagen fibers by forming a layer of a white penis.

It's happening atrophy, a flat-Nov, part penis.

As a result, instead of collagen 2 collagen 3's development, erectile dysfunction. Due to the decline elasticity and sensitivity that you have, the Toros cave.

It's worth knowing! Decreased elasticity of the smooth muscles, may cause ischemic changes in all localized in this area.

Penis change in the works

work changes---sexual-member

Other causes observed a weak strength, and in men 50 years of age, biochemical and physiological adaptation penis. A decreased level of sensitivity due to its neurons reduce an amount of mechanical impact, talented, spend synthesis, nitric oxide.

In addition, the deterioration observed in the cave of blood flow. Himself causes an unacceptable decline in age and strength, and he just increases the chance for development of the genitourinary system disorders.

If you have hypertension that opens the power to fall, which decreased the amount of NO. This article (nitrogen oxide) in the body necessary for erection.

Therefore, reduce the effectiveness of an enzyme responsible for the synthesis itself. Other causes, coronary heart disease, development of arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis of the artery.

The spirit of pathology, diabetes

In the category of psychogenic erectile dysfunction is accepted as an important factor in depression. That the possibility of diabetes increases with age, and sugar depends on can find.

This disease increases when you are prompted, luck, nerve damage, small blood vessels in the sexual organ go. High blood sugar provokes epithelial glycosylation, nor is reduced. NO in the body.

Half more powerful than sex, prostate hypertrophy erectile function violations that cause pain over the age of 50. This disease is regarded as the organ of the most common factor, provocative, sexual impotence and, accordingly, impotence.

Impotence drugs

Strength in the elderly to upgrade the necessary ones into consideration an aim to increase the production of drugs, the body the sexual organs and increased revenues that can be used to encourage blood to the hormone testosterone. However, their use just a pinch of assigned by doctors because of the short-term effect, and most likely don't get used.


Erectile dysfunction is when a male is available, however, reduced libido, doctors work for patients prescribed the use of PDE-5 inhibitors. But their disadvantage is a short term effect apply. Such a medication can be used as only to provide long-term treatment of situational erectile.

An essential part, allows us to develop highly effective drugs for erectile function, increased density circulation. This leads to blood pressure level, strong headaches and other negative effects.

If you want to use to avoid reactions of the organism like a good improvement, natural remedies, any synthetic drug a priority.

Dietary supplements

Medicine, made from natural ingredients, though I have a weak action, but it is used a male aphrodisiac to increase a lot after 50. But what allow you to eliminate them, complete erectile dysfunction. The reason for this, if any, serious pathologies such drugs is weak.

Treatment methods


Also to improve drug use, the government required 50 years to stabilize sleep, nutrition, as well as a special exercise to perform on a regular basis.

Or a serious disease, to improve erectile function if you want to perform, follow these simple steps:

  • sports (gymnastics and exercise);
  • visit massage;
  • adjusting diet assignment, diet food.


An option, Alternative Medicine, health regain with which of men, after the age of 50 this point massage. His aim last increased susceptibility to stimulation blood circulation the pelvic area reproductive organs.

Typically, intervention specialist, and hospital environment, but it can be done at home and a water algorithm:

  • Necessary to RUB the palms for about 5 minutes before the lumbar region.
  • Massage in circular motions for about 10 seconds next 3 with a dot in the area of the sacrum.
  • Then the palm-pure foot, toes mash in about 10 seconds, score center stop. One of them, first the heel, a second foot on the top of the side pads.


As another method, then raise power to 50 – regular exercise. Especially important are touched in the pelvic muscles, these exercises that are used by the body as well as provoke testosterone production, so the power load.

Toned gluteal thigh muscles to protect requires that holds a friendly gym. Normalize and allow you to recover from a workout similar to an erection, genitourinary System Health.

For this purpose we applied the following basic exercises:

  1. Sitting on a flat surface, pulled the leg, then the move in this position, sitting on the hip. Approach required to carry out 3, 30 steps.
  2. Standing 3 foot by 20 sloping approach.
  3. To do "birch" in such a position to be 3-10 minutes. 3 approach to perform.
  4. Make a standing canopy. 3 20 all 4 sides inclined to make the necessary approach.

Healthy eating


Required to improve male potency in old age to set up a diet. That have a big impact not only hormonal background, cardiovascular system and blood flow but the situation overall.

To do this, it is necessary, for the diet was sufficient in the following items:

  • Zinc include seafood, nuts, and pumpkin seeds.
  • Different groups of vitamins as well as containing Omega 3 and 6 fish, fruits and vegetables.
  • Animal protein.

Important! The portions must be small, and Frequent meals. This is important to avoid overeating.

Alternative methods

To apply the various tools and also accessories, in order to increase in power after 50 years.

Meaning to meet the goal of acupuncture, thin needles in specific body parts special, help control energy flows. In this way, are eliminated more quickly, and various urinary system diseases.

If a violation to talk about erectile function, in this case the needle is placed on abdomen, back and legs. Eliminating the problems after the return of erectile function, energy flow in the correct direction.

To restore male sexual function is also a vacuum pump that is used. A negative pressure device to create an account for them incite relaxation of the blood vessels in the blood to fill the penis causing them.

In this case, the constrictive ring the erection will be made at a specific time, which allows generated. 'This creates a barrier to produce blood. For such a vehicle is not a cure, if only temporarily, allows you to artificially raise genitalia.