Men's health is the result of a healthy lifestyle after the age of 40

Increased strength, for men after the age of 40, an urgent task not only for the stronger sex, but also for doctors. The potency drugs developed every year to keep her back like a large arsenal or too old.

Adult power

Any service development the motivation for sexual disorders, psychic disorders. Sexual health is the foundation for the welfare of not only emotional, but also physical, therefore, the question always is taken the power in the first place. Change leads to the formation of a neurotic sexual disorder for a long time, which is its own power comes to the fore front.

After 40 years of power changes how

Of course, the age affects the quality of erection and the day. The difference is that in older men, decreased blood flow rate, the level of the testosterone hormone, which significantly deteriorates the flexibility of the vessel wall, as well as the sensitivity of nerve endings. In spite of this, these natural changes, no other erectile dysfunction, a man front of the body and cause chronic diseases. Therefore, experts impotence if the cause lies another physical illness.

Almost always associated with the presence of power after the age of 40, hypertension, atherosclerosis, or diabetes.

All these diseases to changes in vessels. Decreased flexibility, the lumen narrows, the organ needs oxygen and it doesn't match the room, therefore income anoxia organs. So, 40-50 years, approximately half of the men arteriosklerotik vascular changes, pain, blood.

After 40 years of power changes how

Characteristic changes in 40 years for men, hormonal background, i.e., reduced testosterone synthesis. This is called before - the male climax, another term that is used now "hypogonadism". Ima lower androgen hormone levels with age. By reducing hormone production is slowly dying, and even to old age a small amount of the bloodstream. Over 40 years, about 17%, who suffer from a decline in men's testosterone levels, lowering potency in the way they perceive themselves.

Occur if the symptoms of impotence in men over 40 years, the level of testosterone reaches the lower limit of norm. But hypogonadism can start at any age. There is a level of male sex hormones decrease specific symptoms, all symptoms are on an individual basis.

After 30 years begins the aging process, the body is male. To reduce symptoms of hormone production you may like:

  1. Urogenital system disorders.
  2. The ability to is reduced, and the male fertilizes.
  3. Changes, and the autonomic system, vascular tone: flushing men themselves, you're blushing, it's hot, maybe upper body pour blood.
  4. The resulting fluctuations in blood pressure, there will be a shortage of emotion is involved.
  5. Not changing the hormonal background, touch, and emotional status: the men became restless, fatigue takes place much faster than before it's the insomnia that's bothering you. Hypogonadism possible, they reduced the man prone to depression, performance, health is deteriorating.
  6. Hormonal imbalance leads to the findings that decreased mass Nov, visible, visceral obesity, abdominal obesity medicine, skin thins and walks thin hair cover.

Increased potency in men over 40

After 45 years of male potency fails. But all the men, of course, irreversible changes in the body hormonal balance which are risk groups that are present before it occurs:

  1. This male had disorders of puberty and sexual maturation.
  2. Genital organs of the disease. May be this birth, during puberty.
  3. Genital surgery or injury.
  4. Sexually transmitted diseases, and "hurt" testicles.
  5. Of chronic pathology of any organ. This may be diabetes mellitus, coronary artery disease, hypertensive heart disease, as well as harmful habits, alcoholism and smoking.

Heavy subject harmful factors men's health after the age of 40. If healthy living with a man, impotence is not a threat to him at an early age.

Increased potency in men over 40

How's the treatment potency?

Power is an irreversible phenomenon after the age of 40. But still the real reason why erectile dysfunction, prescribe medicine to treat. Usually this hormone replacement therapy there are no contraindications. This is a hormone that is used for synthetic testosterone. Treatment scheme are calculated separately. Assigned to the drug in the form of injections, patches, and pills. The outcome of hormone treatment, increased libido, sexual satisfaction. As shown, the observation, then, is to reduce or eliminate hormonal therapy in men with psycho-emotional disorders, vegeto-vascular disorders. To get one more year if testosterone increases bone density, to reduce the frequency of broken.

Phosphodiesterase inhibitors the most promising and effective treatment in recent years to find a plan. They are similar composition and selected for individual action based on the characteristics of an organism.

After 40 years of power, likely a result of lifestyle and care about their health more than men, the result is aging.