For exercise, for men of power in the house

Many men, after the age of 40 experiencing problems, reduced potency and erectile dysfunction, often gymnastics is to improve. For men of power specific exercises that can help. Some pursuits that the hotel improves not only the physical shape, still eliminated phenomenon, a stagnant body parts at the same time, help the blood flow to the sexual organs necessary to get.

exercise for male potency

What is power

Sexology the term "potency", these are just male sexuality. Representatives of the stronger sex sexual definitions of this concept. Penis characterized by a certain degree of tension, Power, View, rate, erection, day sex. The ability and desire of power, exercise, sexual intercourse. Sexual problems in men that can arise in many complex, psychological barriers, diseases of. External symptoms approximately a normal potency definitions:

  • warm hands;
  • normal weight;
  • not super laoreet muscles;
  • self-confidence;
  • a clean and smooth skin;
  • developed a sense of humour;
  • an energetic walk;
  • high Intelligence;
  • a good fragrance;
  • in a low voice.

In which you exercise your power to increase

People lead a sedentary lifestyle necessary to join a gym or swim in the pool. This course will improve the condition of men's genital health and avoid recession. Though already an issue that appeared in an associated decrease in strength, swimming, and various workouts will not help anyway. Therefore, you will have to use the power to uphold specific exercises. There is a range of activity, type this:

  • execution Bridge;
  • pumping the PC muscles;
  • exercise "butterfly";
  • the pendulum;
  • squats;
  • sinav kneeling.

Data from physical exercise, increase your sexual power. When performed regularly and on time can be prevented and drug them to keep for a long time erectile function is enabled. Typically, stimulate blood flow to the pelvic organs aims to develop charging, more long-term sexual relationship. Have the power to exercise, the following positive points:

  • step in the production of testosterone;
  • in the body out of the recession;
  • incentive payments experience.

Exercise to increase the potency of

This bring back a man to a normal sex life sexologist, a layout contains all the activities we have developed the following exercises to improve your influence:

  1. Arch. To sleep on your back, hands along the hull we're bringing them. Up the pelvic floor and slowly release. Pressed spin remains. To perform 10 times.
  2. Storage stone. Standing outside of the legs. Consider the knee to clamp a ball or stone. Tighten your muscles like you're trying to keep subject. Do 10 teams of 5 seconds each.
  3. Pelvic rotation. Position: feet Shoulder width. Done in the standing position. 30-40 times on each side of the large amplitude necessary to rotate the pelvis.

For each exercise should be done silently and slowly gain power in men is a growing burden. The best, of course to make with a few repetitions to start, increasing up to 20 times their number. To achieve an effective result necessary for you to do the exercises in a good mood. We must remember about the visit in class gym and running.

exercise to increase male potency

Physical exercise to improve the power

Problems that contribute to the different power factors are:

  • malnutrition;
  • chronic diseases;
  • a wrong lifestyle;
  • harmful habits;
  • corruption, internal organs.

Exercise to improve physical health to prevent impotence and prostatitis male auxiliary power, you can perform easily at home. There are complexes that developed the trainers and the doctors, with which you can save for a long time physical and sexual health. This is capable of course, in order to strengthen and increase the overall strength of the male body.


Both work and prevention, prostatitis and prostate recession, executing the shuttle. Promote the exercise of this kind, protection, genitalia, buttocks muscles strengthen. Best to start with crouch 15 times. That power necessarily involved complex recovery for squats. This plié squats and sumo, classic, dynamic, and shallow. Squats and power squats to intensify effective because the muscles of the perineum are connected to each other able. Need to correct to do the exercise for:

  • put feet Shoulder-width;
  • a deep breath and exhale slow, stunted;
  • when reached, the sub-points, we need to get his hands between his legs parallel to the mat;
  • handful of neglect the ground;
  • stop and take 5-10 breaths below;
  • on breathing to rise slowly;
  • in the original position, breathe again, breathe out.


The easiest way to protect in excellent physical shape, running, especially for people who want to get rid of overweight. Reduce obesity many doctors usually shows that sexual activity and therefore plays an important role in potency for jogging. This exercise will help to strengthen the spirit and the body man. Moreover, such a sports, there are the following their effects on the body:

  • it strengthens the nervous system, enhance resistance, depression and stress;
  • and increases endurance;
  • energy and strengthens the immune system;
  • in a tone that helps to keep the body;
  • trains, heart, quote;
  • it improves blood flow to the pelvic organs;
  • helps to prevent insomnia;
  • it strengthens the sexual system of men;
  • the level of testosterone;
  • elevates the spirit.
man jogging exercise the power to

Necessary run, in the open air. Jogging overcome the obstacles with self-esteem improve; long distance running is excellent training, Nov all and improves blood circulation, sexual organs, they help prolong sex. Intermittent jogging and walking fast to merge must be running first. Out the best lessons in the morning, time, exercise duration should be 20 minutes a day. The muscles must warm up before running. To breathe during a run must be smooth.

Exercise for potency recovery

Men that are experiencing for the first time to reduce the problem, sexual function, help, male potency, physical rehabilitation exercises. The most affordable and easy way to increase a drive, a walk away, excellent boosts blood circulation, sexual organs. In this course, what testicular stimulation study. To be performed in every day you should walk to reach a conclusion with a speed of approximately 3 km. There are other exercise and for recovery from the Almighty:

  1. It's a big step. Required can walk in a place at least 5 minutes (then the time may increase), while they are pulling your knees to raise extremely. To hands head. Execution this exercise warms up the joints.
  2. You jump. Starting position – knees bent with the feet. To start jogging in place of socks, it should be pressed to the ground, and alternatively you need to lift up the heel. You must specify when you run quickly forward knee exhibit.
  3. Butterfly. Feet flooring should summarize the hip. Putting the side of the foot knee and hand genus. Bel cannot be separated. Carpet you must try to touch knee joint. During the transaction may be help. The breathing workout is done smoothly, however, the tension of Nov. The breath of the pivot foot, but if this helps, and opposed.

Exercise prostate

The strength of the effect during exercise improved significantly to strengthen muscles such as the pelvic part. In addition, the reduced form of abdominal pressure, resulting in natural, massage, prostate, develop, foreign exchange transactions, and increased blood flow to the prostate gland sexual organ. Prostate exercise still help develop business for the nervous system, adrenal function, inflammatory processes the problem.

Exercises for massage, prostate

There are a great therapeutic value for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the prostate prostate massage. Holding provides an important influence authorities necessary for the blood to flow. Even a couple of hours prior to sexual intercourse to pass the procedure can help to ensure that a stable erection and removal during power on. The most effective exercise for prostate massage:

  1. Back stretches. Starting position – standing, kneeling. The chest bend the necessary facilities to the ground 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times.
  2. Retraction anus. To do this, throughout the day anywhere, while sitting or standing. Heavy draw necessary throughout the anus 10 seconds. Again the approach 3 times.
  3. Legs chest. Flooring you need to tighten his chest on bent knee. To stretch your hip and waist muscles. Hold – 10 seconds.
  4. For the back muscles. Kneeling abdominal stretch muscles necessary. At the same time an arm and a leg to upgrade. Hold – 10 seconds.
exercise for male potency kingpin

Kegel exercises for men, prostatitis

Well-chosen exercises help improve the condition quickly, the potency of men, the pelvic floor muscles of the penis and an erection. In addition, increased volume and ejaculation power is lost, premature ejaculation. Prostatitis is regarded as the most effective Kegel exercises for men. Is it to have a gym like this in the house to perform provisioning in popularity. A few Kegel exercises:

  1. To be performed for approximately one minute the contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the perineum. We need action, again 10 times, slowly increasing time cuts. No more than 20 seconds.
  2. Nov relaxation and contraction in the groin area. You did not follow, and rectum by inserting strain and hip muscles. 10 times you need to do is approach slowly to 50.
  3. Little need of words. Necessary to suspend at least 4 times to try jet. In this case, filtering is not necessarily Nov.

Exercise to increase libido

The concept, sexual, psychological, power – physiological. They are closely linked. Because usually diminished libido and erectile dysfunction due to stress, psychological trauma, fatigue, anxiety, exercise, therefore, always here to help, men for power. You may need to consult a psychologist and sex therapist. Though, there are complex activities that includes an exercise to increase libido:

  1. Lying on your back. Must grind handful. His head and neglect his right – hand and left- we demonstrate for genital. The anus and straining leg muscles, and sexual organs compressed, gently pulling. Perform this exercise 20 times.
  2. Body building. Of course weightlifting helps the body to produce testosterone. In this case, only to perform a few sit-ups and sinav.
  3. Brisk walking barefoot. This is not walk in the house, carpet, stone or grass. There contra-indications: skin disorders.

The information presented in an article in the nature discovery wears. The materials the article in the call to treat on your own. Only a qualified doctor make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations to a patient on the basis of specific individual properties.