Enhancer instant action in men for natural products

Health effects of food. The person who brought it may cause you to favor, but fatigue, obesity, impotence, etc. the list of diseases goes on and on forever. I don't run into similar problems, you need to eat right.

The basics of proper nutrition increases your power or other products:

  • nuts and honey;
  • seafood;
  • fruits, vegetables and herbs;
  • meat and meat offal;
  • quail eggs;
  • herbal teas and tinctures;
  • freshly squeezed fruit juices.


Healthy eating should be moderate and balanced. If a person gets enough vitamins and trace elements with food will not have problems with potency.


Rich aphrodisiacs, and men seeking sexual activity and increase that each B group vitamins should be included in the diet.

The sea increases the list men's health:

  1. Oyster – useful for its seafood is a known aphrodisiac. Improves digestion and good digestion, not only of power, but the ability and reproduction. As well as oysters are rich in zinc – This item not only helps the brain "work" better, but it stimulates body, increases blood flow to the penis and cavernoso. Speeding up the process of excitation an erection natural male oysters) and increase the duration of sexual intercourse.
  2. Mussel – rich in vitamins and zinc, but the oyster down indicator. But cheaper and more common. Mussels is well absorbed, but if you have a problem, or instead of the stomach and intestines is best to limit their use oysters, shrimp or crab. This seafood is rich in nutrients and other beneficial ingredients: magnesium, selenium, potassium, etc.
The great lover Casanova starting the day with breakfast of oysters and white wine.

Shrimp, crab, squid and other seafood — food warehouse. They are easy to digest and not excessive organs, the digestive system. However, these products correctly you need to cook. Otherwise, the effect on the consumer.


Vegetables, fruits, and greens

Everyone knows that vegetables and fruit is useful for your health. They are rich in vitamins, fiber.

List of vegetables to increase the potency of:

  • turnip;
  • ginger;
  • celery;
  • garlic and onion;
  • asparagus;
  • it's a salad.

All the vegetables should be especially careful in the city, ginger, turnips, and opium. Use this product for their undeniable men such as renewal, cheese, and in any other way. This vegetable enhances the libido, have a certain effect on the hormonal background. Promoting stabilized blood testosterone levels.

special features attributed to opium, some experts say an analog of its natural Viagra. That increases the power of the fruit list:
  • dates;
  • banana;
  • strawberry;
  • mango and grapes.

Different fruit, low-calorie, they are rich in fructose (carbohydrates and a source of energy), vitamins and beneficial nutrients. Fruit eating, diet, salads, desserts, and the food that we consume them raw.

Special attention and in banana dies. It is useful for them to encourage the necessary enzymes and substances into the process of power production semen.

If to talk more bananas these are rich in potassium. This trace element is useful for the heart and blood vessels. Consuming an unlimited amount of bananas but worth it, their is very high in calories. A single banana is 200 kcal. This include fruits and vegetables in your diet between each other and another good excuse. They are also the perfect complement to the main dish of meat or fish.

Nuts and honey

Honey and nuts — these products has a special significance, not help to remove overall body tone, but the effect on the reproductive ability for male.

Perfectly blended with nuts and honey. Them every day, but first you have to make sure of any allergies to these products.

Eating nuts to increase the potency of which:
  • peanut;
  • coconut;
  • cashew;
  • walnuts, hazelnuts.


There are nuts, only 1 minus, that they have high calorie. 2 Palm nut instead of a full-fledged dinner.

Increased potency honey and walnuts recipe :
  1. 100-130 grams. shelled nuts crushed with a blender or coffee grinder parts.
  2. The mass obtained is thoroughly mixed with a wooden spoon, a complementary amount of milled flax seed.
  3. Poured honey. Once again mixed thoroughly in a cool place for 2-3 days and give you the tools to stand up to.
  4. The various components of honey and nuts complete: s dies, dried apricots, prunes, figs, etc. the use of this product will increase even more
Cashew nuts, yoghurt with a cocktail recipe:
  • 250 ml kefir or yogurt is required to approximately 30 grams of hazelnuts;
  • cashew nuts ground in a coffee mill, then poured, yogurt or kefir;
  • complete cocktail honey.

It is advisable to drink every day before breakfast. It will only improve digestion, but also will increase strength.

Meat and offal

Affecting male reproductive the product list in a useful way to start, good meat. Because meat protein that provides the body with the necessary energy.

Food rich in protein, needed by the body, its intake should be regular, but moderate. It generates excess amount of protein is a huge burden on the liver.

What consumes meat worth of food:
  • veal;
  • beef;
  • and I still cook lamb.


And here, it's better to give the lamb and pork. It's Turkey instead of the chicken not consumed foods and sausage. Their composition a lot of doubt.

What is cicurina

To develop an erection natural products listed above, the stomach of the camel is a very down event. naccas trahuntub was accepted for centuries that left a single machine in a special way, almost aphrodisiac.

Cicurina will be very popular among people for using. Erection problems in men be consumed on a regular basis, giving him food and a new complaint.

Alcohol tincture recipe with coagula tequilacat durant:
  • vodka 500 ml if necessary;
  • 100 gr. stomach camel.

durant liquefacta coagula pre-crushed, then poured vodka and tincture for up to 14 days to give a cool, dark place.

A beverage can then be consumed 30 minutes before sexual contact. So, this effect will be stunning.

Other health products, male

There are a number of other products have a certain effect on, Might and erection men, you can connect to them:

  1. The Mare curdled milk, kefir (dairy products strengthen the immune system, normalizing the process of digestion, metabolism heart and blood vessels and increase of your business).
  2. Chocolate (a single sweetness, giving has positive effects on fertility there are men, but only dark chocolate).
  3. Fish (rock low-fat varieties are rich in beneficial Omega — 3 acids food: salmon, trout, mackerel and flounder).
  4. Cedar nuts and pumpkin seeds (increases strength, and improves your body's metabolic processes a bad Oyster).
The Spice man:
  • cinnamon and saffron, develop, manufacture pheromone that are conducive to attracting the kind;
  • anise, parsley – help increase the duration of sexual intercourse the erection of the stimulus;
  • positively affects the male body, and pepper.

A good aphrodisiac is a mixture of several peppers, dish and new colors to paint with an enhanced love life.


To increase the potency of drinking

Has drinks may affect erectile function. Now I must say, alcohol is not included in their number.

Well, how about the drunk guy:
  1. Tea, ginger, honey, and Google.
  2. Celery juice and pumpkin.
  3. Cocktail quail eggs.
  4. Fruit juice, watermelon, and carrots.

Prepared with ginger tea recipe: grated root crops crushed, then poured boiling water and let it sit for 20 minutes to give a drink. Then the liquor is added. a spoon of honey, fruit juice and rose hips, lemon – flavor, and healing properties of the tea to develop these components.

Juice the celery root and squash are easy to cook, cost to grind the vegetables in a blender. Then put a gauze to get him to use more layers, such as a filter. Squeeze it gently to drink a little honey and drink stand is a complement to export the content.

Quail eggs – another powerful aphrodisiac. Eat 15-20 eggs, breakfast. If anything, such an amount no one in the house it is advisable to do a simple cocktail eggs: 3-5 eggs, break the yolks and mix with yogurt or a yogurt drink. If you want to insert a value beverage, and other components.

Tightening with watermelon juice and carrots to cook. Diluted fruit juice with carrot juice, watermelon, additional honey, and drink. It is recommended that you prepare such a drink on a regular basis, this additional cost is beet juice or celery. Fruit juices, which exist as a part of vitamin E, the positive effects of erections, and also is considered to be an antioxidant. They "inhibit" the aging process in the body.

Increased strength and an erection is not possible without failure, bad habits. It doesn't have to just give up the usual rhythm of life, but to make drastic changes to the System Power. This helps to develop an overall healthy body strength.