To develop methods and tools for public power man

Consult a health professional for expert to refer to if there are obstacles, and it may be with the treatment I've tried, but it wasn't appropriate and the desired result back to the remedy potency that may be folk wisdom. Doesn't hurt that exact effect even unexpectedly can have very positive and effective.

But the problem is if it is already running, then having folk remedies for treatment along with medications.

public methods

Public methods

In the past the trouble you had partial or full male sexual impotence. But most likely, not on this scale, as it is now. For general tips on folk medicine impotence prevention which gives?

At least alcohol

Better overall sexual function in men and alcohol because the negative effects of the habit. This total abuse alcoholic beverages on a regular basis may result in loss of sexual capacity.


Previously, non-tobacco current least - and then, these has been harmful. But now there tobacco, to develop a fragrance to enhance the effect of chemical reagents is fun.

Therefore smoking of tobacco products in modern industry - impotence surefire way, Yes, and more serious diseases. At the same time, contained resin, tobacco, and move to destroy the production of hormones necessary for.

A regular contrast shower

Better to do it every morning and evening. In this case, special attention when examining the sexual area. Such a good overclocking Shower of blood, reinforcement, its effectiveness. Always finish your Shower cold, and then triturating with violence necessary towels.

From time to time, go outside the city and nature

Usually the desire of urban conditions, ideally to carry out more time - this is very soothing. - Walk barefoot, or at least their site and grass, sand, stone, any natural material.

Stimulation of active points in your feet throughout the day has a positive impact, all fields, including health and urinary space. These natural remedies - health and nerve strength of a soft recovery is a great option and the cycle order.

Pay attention to diet

Less fat, especially animal. Puppies should also be less products - harmful to harmful carcinogenic potency produced frying.

How it may sound corny, but there should be more fruits, greens and vegetables with a nice tool for the whole body health. Better will be if all this natural wealth and raw. Dairy products, cheese and Curd every day to men absolutely must be on the table.

Less stress

Buy sedatives, avoid uncomfortable in an empty place, less tense. You must try to minimize the stress, or due to any other cause the most distressing consequences.

Most importantly, comfortable enough to work with stressful external stimuli react.

folk remedies

Folk remedies


Useful to improve impact strength, using crack intensify to a point, because walking barefoot, in the case of such a possibility at the present time, a similar effect can be obtained in another way. So, with the help of mustard plasters. The procedure is the following:

  • Few hot water enough to moisten a mustard plaster
  • To install the individual wear thick socks on the feet
  • Keep the compress for ten minutes mustard

Finally clear of mustard, rinse with cold water until the redness strongly feet and grind them towels it's hard.


Most likely, many well-known folk remedy - honey and walnuts. These two articles together as great aphrodisiacs in and of themselves - they can only help.

Daily it is recommended to take approximately 50 grams of honey-walnut mixture, preferably after meals. The daily intake of 25 grams that need to share two servings, about a tablespoon. About a month later I'm already feeling the first positive results.


Grass thyme for purchase freely any drugstore or loose filter bags. The method of preparation is simple: pour a cup of boiling water to steep the dried herb 100 grams. Let it sit for the necessary and then liquid-cooled, instead of drinking tea twice a day, after meals.

Proven and effective tool - recommended for its use in traditional recipes.

Grass lovage

Russian was used as a folk remedy. Weed is dried you can add it as the guy that eats all the food. The grass warms and desire prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse.

Single - you can't add him, milk dishes, may not have the desired effect.

Decoction of dried nettle

Acceptance among the public, a sort of stinging nettle type Viagra. Dry leaves, brewed as a tea and drink with honey. The regular intake of this tea for a few weeks - and even completely during the initial phase of treatment for impotence.

Black tea

The source of normal tea, familiar to us, a very powerful and effective tool to develop power. Just putting together welding is required Cup saffron, cloves, and ginger does not prevent it.

A spicy Oriental blood in the body and they open the entire process step tool. That would be useful for the prevention tea and impotence.

Tea-based hops

Tea infusion of hops cones with the best known tool. You need to get him a proper meal, one tablespoon of finely chopped onions, and then pour a cup of boiling water 5 minutes on low heat. Then you must wait, the shelf getting cold water, and drinking half a cup three times a day.


Garlic tincture

With spicy vegetables with a special scent, a man that is beneficial to your health, him, add spices for various dishes. Tincture also a good meal to cook of the vegetables.

The path is the following:

  • Three liters to get to the Bank
  • You will need approximately 1 kg of garlic. Finely chop that - a profession, of course, is not a nice thing to do, but the final effect is very impressive that promises a cure
  • The garlic put it in a jar, pour boiled water up to him and
  • A mixture of insisting you need every day for a month, shaking the jar
  • Accept that you can start expires within one month after tincture: enhancing a teaspoon a day to achieve a goal. And thus continues without drinking a whole jar

Treatment result: almost guaranteed also recovers, normal sexual function in men, more generally strengthened health: tincture helps to prevent colds, respiratory infections and other virus attacks.

Ginseng tincture

When preparing a vehicle proven highly effective and alcohol-based. Can be purchased as a finished product and pharmacy. Requires taking 25-30 drops of tincture to increase the potency 2-3 times a day before meals.

But remember, it is better to take before going to bed because ginseng tincture marked with a tonic effect. For this reason, it is better to take at once the last day for him to sleep for 4 hours. If you have him, have some significant side effects, so before you buy, read the instructions in the drug package insert to the tool.

  • Ancient Chinese emperors used Ginseng tincture, and in general, especially the Chinese people, respect for her almost universal benefit
  • When it comes to the male sphere, tincture talented to get rid of erectile dysfunction in men to increase the production of testosterone, and it increases the activity of sperm has a positive effect on both viability and reproductive function
  • And that helps better to cope with numerous tools, soft, soothing, nervous system cleaning itself, one of the main reason to reduce power. No wonder the ginseng in China, a title translated as "the root of all is love".

All folk remedies - good roads, a very soft action, natural and safe they are. They're just for someone important, perhaps the downside: to feel the impact, long enough for me to get the necessary funding. But the effect is not long a time and that will be considered.

If prescription medication irregularly, from time to time, don't expect this benefit too. Necessary for a stable application, a complete course, regularity - the desired effect will surely come.