Mint masculinity effect

Mint – a plant, a popular and favorite in many countries. Successfully use essential oils in this rich many industries: food, cosmetics, drugs, etc about sports, there are men such effects the potency of mint for a dozen years, but a unique solution could not be found. Representatives of the stronger sex the fragrant weed is harmful or beneficial depends on how, how much, guys, we're going to do this.

Properties of aromatic plants

Properties of aromatic plants

Mint how to understand the effects of male potency, to understand the properties that you want to examine, which brings damage to the body. As women since ancient times, Mint grass. Today scientifically validated this view: it contains flavonoids that female sex hormones contribute to the crafting, so an application to increase the size of her breast is right or you are struggling with excessive hair.

But these features, a little utility for men, therefore, that the stronger sex are other positive point: the Mint is capable of effectively calm inflammation and the fire excited, nervous system. This is a plant with sedative, including many drug charges, medicines, accident as well as spasm, pain and inflammation, prostate cancer.

According to medical research experts and the evaluation data, impact on male potency depends on the mint, and in what quantity it is used. Any strong material, a limited amount of that can cure certain pathologies and hung – can cause serious health problems.

A positive effect on the sexual system

Mint the potency of such effects in male

There is a complex mechanism erection and potency in men. His Foundation's health and pelvic blood flow towards the sexual organs through nerve fibers. The physiological factors to reduce or to upgrade the quality of the sexual process, i.e., fundamental changes in the systems functioning correctly, and psychological. Buy the last case of a sexual relationship impossible, because the number and quality tension, stiffness, stress, mental blocks and phobias.

Develop mental and emotional state it will be the facilities such as Mint are very good. So, with the addition of two to three leaves tea, spicy herbs, with a refreshing drink or will you accept that as a part of him, or that unnecessary tension does not affect the purely physical abilities of a man.

A general positive impact on the notes and mint the Working of internal organs and systems. So, we encourage the correct application fee as part of a plant that is peppered with:

  • low blood pressure;
  • liquefaction of the blood and to improve blood flow;
  • sleep normalization;
  • sections of the works improvement of the digestive system.

Mint effectively relieves pain symptoms different pathological conditions, soothes, relieves inflammation and comfortable as the conditions based on the symptoms: cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, etc.

Have similar characteristics and Melissa – degree relatives of mint, but menthol concentration – the main volatile substances, melissa less.

Damage to health of mint

Mint negative effects or masculinity? Into account the data if the experiment conducted by American researchers have a definitive answer: yes. Thus, the mice used within a certain period of time allow you to drink clean water instead of a solution of mint. Mint yielded as a result is capable of:

  • reduce the synthesis of the main sex hormone – testosterone;
  • violation for the healthy functioning of reproductive system;
  • low libido;
  • incentive for infertility.

All these factors have a direct path to impotence, most men and cause fear. But here, there, "the trap": the menthol concentration. These kinds of changes started to develop in the body the stronger sex, instead of all the drinks you'll need an infusion of peppermint leaves and add the plants at least 300 grams a day the amount of food constantly. To maintain such a "smelly" men, it is not possible for a diet.

A similar experiment, becomes a legend in eliminating the dangers Mint for men's health: non-hazardous plant itself, excessive excessive concentration. A negative impact is also exaggerated, with the articles of menthol products and tools daily: toothpaste, lotion, after shave, gum, and sugar cough.

A negative action can occur only confirmed really used menthol – able to reduce sperm motility. You can use this feature but positive: if a man plans to be the Father-to-use, Mint helps to reduce the risk of understanding, so here's a kind of contraceptive effect (true of very low efficiency). If a double-menthol going to be a mother diet must be completely eliminated.

The power for Traditional Medicine

As can be seen, the age-old practical to use, sweet mint, and lemon balm, these plants, when used correctly you are able to improve the healing effect and power to give the entire urinary system. Is considered to be the most popular recipes:

The power for Traditional Medicine
  • Infusions herbs. Dried mint leaves mixed with equal parts of baking (son grass), hypericum and clover texture. Mixture 2 tablespoons of boiling water poured a cup and drunk a quarter of an hour. Filter and cool to room temperature beverage.
  • Decoction. In the composition of mint, St. John's wort, and thyme. You need to get each plant a teaspoon, pour a cup of hot water and to boil on a steam bath for 10 minutes. Then drain, cool, add honey if you want you can.
  • Tea. His Foundation – thyme (2), a piece for her outfit, mint and rosemary, half a tablespoon of seed. The mixture is poured into 300 ml boiling water and insist 30 minutes. A drink instead of the usual tea or coffee.

Defending turf and in addition to all these recipes, medicinal plants, making them less menthol concentration. But this is sufficient quantity to reduce the voltage limit to improve sexual power of men.

Contraindications Mint

How many myths about has nothing to do with mint, in reality, it can become the stronger sex again his use of some negative effects. So, to the list of contraindications include:

  • Genesis menthol: this may cause serious allergic reactions, edema, respiratory tract infections, and death of men;
  • hypotension: blood pressure is capable of menthol to reduce the pain, thus, menthol definitely has a limited amount that you need to consume pathology.

Knowing how it affects on male potency Mint, some guys starting a high volume of menthol consumed. In such an application, may increase male power, but to play a bad joke with a relaxing effect: an overdose of ether that causes drowsiness, and this can spoil a romantic evening.

Mint – strong plant, a strong impact on the body both positive and negative. Proper use inflammatory and pain, soothes and heals, male power is a refreshing summer and a warm winter. But in high doses can cause decreased testosterone synthesis, in turn, influences sperm. Therefore, by solving for pepper plants by using the power to improve you should consult a doctor, and definitely the dosage specified in all recipes.