How many years it usually begins to decrease power

Different opinions about at what age the rate of deterioration manifested a new power power. Someone is thinking, this ability is preserved in old age, some of the negative changes that occur in the middle years difference already. Why does this happen? What causes reduce the power? How can you improve it? What factors will a bad effect on men's health?

When the reproductive function decreases

when the reproductive function decreases

A male every day it is exposed to external factors, the most common adverse effects to her health. Power first connected with hormonal background. A demotion, the male sex hormone may peak.

Not all men can boast of his ability to birth, in old age. Still, to hear the news sometimes, someone became the Father 70-80 years. In most cases, low-power, anyway it's 50 years later. Future how fast, impotence, is affected by many factors, and often this figure the effect of this man.

The causes of decline in sexual activity

As mentioned, come in men, impotence, changes in sex hormones when crafting. Representatives of the stronger sex even healthy, every year after the age of 30, the levels of testosterone decreases of approximately 1%. If a man, far away, and comes before some of the risks it is exposed to a negative change occurs, impotence. It's not age, it is always an important factor.

Examined, the causes of decline and strength, and to prolong the apparent life of a normal sexual activity. Impotence in men could begin because of the following factors:

  • a wrong lifestyle;
  • the disease of the body;
  • stress and obesity;
  • a harmful job.

Effect of lifestyle

effect of lifestyle

Very little men sometimes, watching your own physical condition and allow for normal overload. A lack of rest, hormone levels, and result in a slow decline in potency. If no problems with the sexual life of attention to your program. That load should alternate holidays, and sleep, because to keep a watch out!

Male potency depends on harmful habits do you have in your life.

Smoking, tobacco, drugs and alcohol that affect the health of man. In particular, there is an air of the problem is often with the potential of beer lovers. This greatly lowers the concentration of women and drink increases the level of this male hormone.

For delay the onset of impotence, you need to follow the man who takes which drugs. Its own testosterone production gradually prevents normal reception of artificial hormones. This cause what age does impotence occur before.


On erectile function of the disease not only affects the reproductive and hormonal disorders. Often problems with potency emerged, and it's about as far as men age, but as the diseases they suffer:

  • acquired diabetes mellitus;
  • stroke;
  • blood vessel problems;
  • the inflamed organs of the urinary system.

Not to mention sexually transmitted diseases. It's not some one power, just faster diminish, but I don't. A sharp decline of irregular sexual activity sexual intercourse may occur in case of illness or arthritis.

The effect of stress and obesity

As for chenille impotence came, then, a man at a young age emotional state with you. Nervous disorders should not be allowed, long-term depression. Must focus on the positive.

A business why strong negative emotions, it should be noted that health is more important, and maybe change to an intense character. The right attitude, it will affect not only the sphere of sexual life, at the same time the condition of the entire body.

Though closely associated with power and age, nutrition plays an important role in-style man. Obesity makes the body weak. Exercise must occupy an important place. A sedentary lifestyle and eating large amounts of fatty foods need to be avoided.

How to study such effects

how to study such effects

The most common problems with potency in men, where he worked in production for a long time with chemical substances that come across them. Interrupted due to the effect the entire body of toxins, including activities, work, and sexual organs.

What are the symptoms of the disease

Knowing what age, income, impotence, notice the problem early. Boy or help him in time to listen to your body. As is well known, an uplifting influence, perhaps some old age.

If impotence in men begins with this type of symptoms may appear:

  • weak erection;
  • lost morning erection;
  • ejaculation the beginning of the waiting period;
  • downward feeling;
  • incomplete an inflatable penis.

Beginning and advanced age does not have to be extraordinary to cause the decline of sexual activity. The ability to save fertility, and impotence in men depends to a large extent you can wait until you want to age. Knowing that, by understanding the Frequent problems in men of every age and any competent health take care of should be avoidable.

Recovery of sexual activity in the elderly

As we have seen, some studies suggest that the increased strength in the elderly it is possible! The reason for this low power can start, not just age-related changes, but because of poor lifestyle habits and bad people.

Many men age is not a approach to solve the problem is not from a professional perspective, turning to the doctor. They think which you have the right to impotence and there is nothing to do with it. In fact, with the help of treatment that are currently available support a man health and the reproductive system is maintained thanks to the power.

Knowing that, the ability to refinance how much first sexual intercourse is a way of life for a man's watch. To maintain a healthy, important an active lifestyle, exercise, food and rides for a rational regular sex life. Support overall body tone, and you feel confident you every day you want to old age!