The influence of male aphrodisiac could it be hemorrhoids?

Most of hemorrhoids is a common disease. Equally Frequent women and men who suffer from this disease. The stronger sex often the question of interest does not affect, hemorrhoids on power?

According to the Urology, male disease, a negative effect of the power. Hemorrhoids stagnant blood from the pelvis, interrupted functionality, prostate, visible self-doubt. Additionally, the sexual contact itself brings hemorrhoid, it's less fun.

But there's a way out. And hemorrhoid treatments that have the potential to avoid problems, you need to pass to the patient the appropriate treatment. Conservative treatment of edema and inflammatory processes used by nodes of hemorrhoidal. Hemorrhoids is assigned to the scene 3-4 a surgical intervention.

Types and causes of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids – varicose veins and thrombosis is a disease proctologica expand taxpayer Vienna. Pathology is equally prevalent between men and women. Even teenagers and children who suffer from hemorrhoids.

The disease sub-sections, types and stages. And classification stages are simple – just there 4 the severity of disease. Each stage has its own specific symptoms. Kind when it comes to hemorrhoids, their three – internal, external, and combined.


Usually attracted to men, what are the causes of hemorrhoids? The inflammatory process of the veins of the rectum the main contemporary factors, including:

  1. Hereditary predisposition.
  2. Sedentary lifestyle.
  3. Lifting weights.
  4. Chronic constipation.
  5. Unbalanced diet.
  6. Harmful habits.
  7. The presence of excessive body weight.

Statistics, hemorrhoids are the most common among office workers and people includes the works of long-term living.

Symptoms of the disease

We'll know before, effects on male potency characteristic symptoms consider hemorrhoids. Above, we've already talked about, what, 4 severity, hemorrhoids, respectively, at each stage of severity and symptoms will be different.

Hemorrhoids 1. basically the symptoms of that may not be degrees. Itching and burning sensation of the anus patients only the occasional grind. Sometimes the disease which manifests itself as long-term constipation.

Over time, the symptoms are more pronounced. Featured this characteristic hemorrhoids include:

  • Violation of the digestive process. In patients appears continuous, constipation, diarrhea and in what order.
  • Presence, bleeding, discharge from the anus. 3. and 4. in some places even a bit of stage hemorrhoids massive bleeding.
  • Itching and burning during and after a bowel movement.
  • Intensity walking.
  • Pain anus. The intensity of pain depends directly on the size of the furnace). In some cases, gradually the pain is just unbearable. In addition, sensations or physical pain during sitting work.
  • Hair loss, inflamed hemorrhoids outward.

When you are prompted to go to the proctologist to appeal and differential diagnosis the symptoms above, preferably immediately.

The relationship between hemorrhoids and impotence

Could it be there is a potential to affect the hemorrhoids? Definitely Yes. The first important factor, this psychological condition is a male. Own shame before so it's hard for him to relax selected patient lives.

Also, drip the trust, it will be a boy, introverted, and in every way prevents sexual intercourse. All of these factors that may lead to psychogenic erectile dysfunction the development over time.


  1. Stagnant in the pelvis cause hemorrhoids process. Breach causes the blood flow to the pelvic area during sexual intercourse a sufficient amount of blood to the penis arousal of the cave the body.
  2. Male, pain, hemorrhoids, the resulting pain during sex. So, that works for the patient refrain from sexual contact. The pain intensified, especially during the time of orgasm the muscles of the perineum, decreases.
  3. Hemorrhoids usually developing a stagnant prostatitis in the rear. In such cases, the power is more common.
  4. Can be male during sexual contact, jam, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, anal bleeding may develop, or simply; the anus inflamed nodules. All these factors reduce quality and sincere life.

Thus, we can conclude that about hemorrhoids erectile affects in a negative way. In male patients, this disease, impotence exposed – this is a fact.

And hemorrhoid how to get rid of erectile dysfunction?

Conservative treatment hemorrhoids

The potency of effect hemorrhoids examined. Again, the disease can have a negative effect on the ability of erectile. Same to correct the situation? According to doctors, to do a good erection, the man completely cure hemorrhoids.

If confirms the diagnosis of stage 1-2 disease treatment at home without resorting to surgery. Conservative treatment to rapidly improve the quality of life, patient and prevent the development of complications.

Therapy provides:

  • Use anti-inflammatory for topical application of ointments and candles. It can be to strengthen the pill, arrival, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antispazmodik.
  • Diet. From the menu, cleaned, fried foods, prepared foods, smoked food, sweets, fizzy drinks, alcohol.
  • Follow the rules of hygiene. Washed in cold water after each bowel movement anal hole going to be sick. Do not use toilet paper for pleasure.
  • Moderate exercise.

Of course, the above suggestions quickly achieved emission hemorrhoids.

Sometimes doctors are late, which resulted in conservative treatment helps the patient accesses. In cases like this, hemorrhoid treatment, immediately. So far, many techniques, help to get rid of once and forever it's a disease.

Applied and minimally invasive radical surgery. Effective minimally invasive methods of haemorrhoids 2-3 degrees. The disease has passed the Stage 4, The patient not only shows radical surgery.

The most popular and effective methods we can mention the following:

  1. Cryodestruction.
  2. Hardening.
  3. Hemorrhoidectomy.
  4. Tubal ligation.
  5. Longo Operation.
  6. Laser photocoagulation.

The patient then surgery and rehabilitation you need to pass to the holding course. Time that it may take 2 weeks to 4 months.

Power recovery measures

If you have problems, strength, and appropriate treatment for the patient. Again, you need to obtain initially remission hemorrhoids, then continued therapy, ED.

Well, what you need to do, for, recovery, libido and potency? First, to set this up, it's a lifestyle. Excluding alcohol and tobacco, otherwise the effect of activities.

Swimming pool

Other points:

  • You need to stick to a diet the patient. Must be current on the menu, fruits, vegetables, berries, greens, grains, meat, fish, seafood, dairy products.
  • Stay dry, keep active, and movement activities. Yoga, hiking, Nordic walking, swimming pool, perform Kegel exercises.
  • Physiotherapy treatment. A very useful potency problems. Not bad, proven, leech therapy, Su-Jok, the Thai system of healing, acupuncture, electrophoresis.
  • Drugs to increase potency in men. For normalization of the sexual function you can use selective PDE-5 inhibitors, homeopathic medicines, ointments for topical application of biologically active additives.

There are a number of restrictions. Definitely dress warmly and to stay dry is contraindicated patients hemorrhoids and impotence. There is also a sauna it is not recommended to participate in. Vessels quite harmful for any temperature difference.

Set features mode is also highly recommended. Sleep and recovery are needed for the study of daily life of all men. 6-8 hours of sleep is Optimal. It is recommended to avoid a long walk in the fresh air after work and where is a static location in time.