Beer male aphrodisiac like effects: myths and facts

Adversely affects any alcoholic drinks, and as a male aphrodisiac. But beer contains phytoestrogens in the composition, in this study the greatest damage to the male reproductive system, and reproductive characteristics. This fact has been proven during several large-scale research. We'll, beer, and the strength of such effects men the body condition in general. Chmielna drink and how much could it be permissible to be consumed without harm to health can help.

aphrodisiac effect of male beer


Alcohol beer was the mandatory attribute of life many men. At the same time as the holiday not only to accept her drink, a cold drink, or to relieve stress at the end of the day. In the meantime, there is a last drink of beer that gives the same to the harmful effects such as men's health, and strong drinks. But there are positive moments are used, and beer.

Gaius Julius Caesar spoke more: "beer, the high and lofty one drink". I found him having a positive impact on a significant number of beneficial ingredients for the body, including strength.

Of hops, malt and yeast the beer produced, vitamins and minerals. A part of them is destroyed during fermentation, the sparkling drink, but many passes unchanged.

  1. In Crafting, including magnesium and calcium is the main male hormone – testosterone having a positive impact on the power and the feature genitalium.
  2. B group vitamins improves the cardiovascular system, strengthen blood circulation, improve sensitivity, the sexual organs.
  3. Cancer cells stimulate the formation of estrogen in the body, and the possibility of the fine diabetes (sugar disease without violation of power is one of the reasons).
  4. Testosterone deficiency leads to inevitable problems with zinc and selenium participate in Crafting, with the power.
  5. Xanthohumol – a flavonoid found in hops, the effectiveness of cancer by blocking enzymes that cause the oppressor, development, cancer, and urogenital system.

Therefore, the beneficial components contained in beer, protect against cancer, contribute to, develop, the circulatory organs, and promoting labour testosterone is the male pelvis. This results in increased libido, improve erection quality and seminal fluid.

So are there any benefits to drinking beer? Then where the potency of the myths about the harmful effects of drunk? It's not really that simple: the number used has a large value, beer and appetizers with an escort.


Beer is rarely used in small quantities. This literally spilled a river with friends: a few liters to drink. Heady drinks negative health effects of regular abuse. Under a blow hits and male potency.

The thing is, for a beer female sex hormones phytoestrogens analogue. Their intake suppresses the production of testosterone in men, responsible, and stable sexual function. So beer has had a detrimental effect on hormones in the male body of power begins to dominate, something slowly disappears, begins to sexual desire, erection problems, ejaculation with complexity.

The situation that can aggravate the harmful effects of ethanol. 2 L of 5% alcohol beer much of the concept, and how much is 250 grams of vodka. When the liquor so heady as will be seen the same side effects of abuse for potency:

aphrodisiac effect of male beer myths
  • circulatory disorders of the pelvic organs the normal rush of blood to the penis erection is insufficient;
  • a slowing metabolism, in the body leads to the development of obesity (only to reduce power factor);
  • reduce the sensitivity of the penis;
  • corruption, by the liver begins to produce enzymes, substance, testosterone;
  • gradual damage of subcortical brain structure responsible for the success and brightness orgasm;
  • decreased functional capacity of the testicles.

Causes significant damage to the body, and with appetizers and drink beer. Drinking, chips, sausages, sausages, dried fish contribute to the formation of cholesterol plaques in the walls of blood vessels, makes blood circulation more difficult, why not realize that there is still a big problem.

Frequently used possible fast growing large amounts of beer, drinking beer. Over time, this is a man that could be causing impotence.

Use the rules

Doctors warned, excessive alcohol beer sooner or later, will be reflected in men's health. More frequent and more intoxicating drink, occur less frequently, sexual desire becomes less and live orgasm.

Drinking beer has brought only benefits and does not affect potency for men, the doctors follow some rules:

  1. The beverage selection high quality control, shelf life.
  2. Not to exceed the allowable dose: the amount of the volume of the foam body safe Bank 0.5 liters a day.
  3. It should not be used more often 2-3 times a week.
  4. At least 2 days should elapse between every drink.
  5. Not snacks, beer, avoid fatty foods, smoked meats.
  6. Not to mix alcohol with other species.

The suggestions are simple, but many men to perform them is quite difficult. Wont liters of beer every day-fat food it's not so easy to eliminate. You need to understand just what abuse may cause the inability to drink, to have children, and impotence. They don't call him in vain: "Beer awakens the desire to, but impossible implementation".