To increase power of a vehicle in the elderly: how, treatment, prevention

Any funds should be allocated a doctor. Only she knows, the power increase improve erection in men.

increased potency

Natural ways

A weakening of if the difference low sex drive, review, lifestyle. Adverse effects, long-term living, harmful habits, lack of physical activity. Driven factor necessary to find the best deals and get rid of it.

Old people often develop the problem in the face of power. Their sex drive decreases under the influence of hormones and diseases.A healthy lifestyle is a good factor, to increase the effect of treated.

What is wellness

The concept of a healthy lifestyle, each in their own way.

Therefore, physicians pulled out a few basic rules:

  1. Last regular medical examination. Necessary to timely diagnose and treat any diseases, especially sexually transmitted. Negative movement sexually transmitted pathology, reproductive system, features they oppressed, why impotence and inflammatory processes. Is there any inconvenience to refer to the cost of medical care.
  2. Potency adverse effects of being overweight. Let's obesity and extra weight radical diets should not be applied – you need to reset slowly, using exercise and proper nutrition.
  3. Leave your bad habits. Smoking causes blood circulation disorders, alcohol stimulates sexual function, and crushes. If you think it Night help to relax with a glass of wine to complete sexual intercourse, it is not. Prostatitis is contraindicated alcoholic beverages completely.
  4. Therapist carefully follow hypertension pressurized drinking prescription drugs.

Physical activity

Exercise cope with stagnation, blood, organs, pelvis. Also to protect an active day. Recommended:

  • running;
  • departure riding;
  • hiking;
  • breathing exercises;
  • is yoga.

Every morning you should do a few simple movements, the blood of overclocking. You can activate a familiar course, a school, a physical education exercise. Walk for 10-15 minutes in the evening.

Fight chronic fatigue

Any experiences of oppressed sexual function, therefore, every effort necessary to better cope with stress. Motion rules:

  • not to give himself to draw back scandals and operations;
  • bay leaf decoction or chamomile in the evening with the addition of a bath to get;
  • setting up darkness and silence for 8 hours of sleep to spend time;
  • relax over the weekend – not invented, do yourself a spend time with my family;
  • try to avoid overlap friendly, honest conversation about the issues;
  • eliminate avoid the kind of immortality, the environment, people will always complain.

These rules will help you cope with stress. Adhere to their advice without exception, even young people, non-libido problems.


A change in diet

First what you need to pay attention to when a problem with sexual attraction – eating habits. An adverse effect on all body systems can increase the chemical fertility of fast food and needed to eat. Optionally, use the natural aphrodisiac products (natural sexual amplifiers):

  • nuts: myob, forest, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans,;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • bananas, papayas;
  • ginger;
  • fish oil;
  • flounder;
  • citrus, especially lemon;
  • mackerel boiled;
  • seafood, oysters;
  • chicken;
  • veal;
  • turnip;
  • vegetable oils: flax, olive, pumpkin;
  • eggs, quail or chicken.

Not necessarily to eat a handful of nuts a day – vitamin B and vitamin E, high amounts of protein, selenium, magnesium, zinc, iron. Cum stimulate the synthesis of trace elements, developing indicators of sperm.

Diet foliage a lot to be male, vegetables, fruit. Eat every day, whole grains, low-fat fish and meat. If you have excess weight, other health problems necessary to select a dessert, honey and dark chocolate.

Folk remedies

Infusions and decoctions to strengthen the man power you can use. The best recipes of Traditional Medicine recommend a doctor. Proposed remedies based on herbs:

  • ginseng root;
  • schisandra Chinensis;
  • St John's wort;
  • thyme;
  • Hawthorn;
  • stinging nettle.

A season of fresh parsley small disturbances sufficient dishes, also has a positive effect on potency.

The need of taking the herb long-term courses of 2-3 weeks. Instead of drinking tea or howto smaller portions (if you buy ready-made infusion).

Top 5 ways men improve potency natural ways

Current technology develops, the tonus Nov name-returns region and the sacral sexual power. A lot of them, so the most effective. These methods to develop an erection without the pill. You do not use them if you have an active sex life.

Effect the base of the penis manual

Leading Taoist technique, there are special points the growing erection is the effect on the base of the penis. How and massage to the body which increases blood flow to the penis. The technique applied according to the rules:

  1. like you impose grasp the bottom member of the tourniquet;
  2. donning a condom during squeeze, the first friction do not capture;
  3. release your fingers and notice law.

Sexual intercourse when the penis is filled with blood. If this does not help in this way, it's not like the penis is in no way responds to the impulse beginning. Full impotence is necessary other methods.

Exercise for exercise, and Nov pc coccyx

Spoon to normal blood circulation and strengthen the muscles, organs, pelvis using exercise. Is considered the best, treatment methods, physical education, and complex Kegel. Exercise list, talented potency increase:

  1. The classic squat is oriented to be incomplete until the end or shoulder-width foot.
  2. Walking in place, which rises to the knee, the highest.
  3. "Bicycle".
  4. Relaxing muscles and compression in supine position legs bent spoon. This compression hip while exercising. Correctly perform the movement, the pubis in the visible region.
  5. Jogging in place.
  6. To keep the jet while urinating, urinary excretion then continue.
  7. Long-and short-Nov-voltage pubis at any time you can pose. Kegel this complex is obtained a good education. You need to do it a few times a day.

Exposure blood churn without sex

Erection depends on how much stronger poses. You may experience problems during sexual intercourse if the current from below. Good contact during vertical positioning of the body, the blood after you won't be disturbed. Poses that you can use for this:

  1. The rear common value on all fours and a man kneeling behind her or standing.
  2. Face-to-face when a lady's leg throws the shoulder male.

These options are output, blood, sexual organs will be almost destroyed. The first symptoms is recommended especially for them old men who suffer from sexual impotence.


walking barefoot

Points located on the feet of the business responsible for all human bodies. There are several ways to warn them:

  1. often walking barefoot, especially on grass, stones, sand;
  2. mustard moistened with warm water for 10 minutes by applying the soles of your feet (wear warm socks top);
  3. foot rub with a coarse towel, then the contrast of the spirit.

Outdoor excitement

Another man recommends to reinforce male power stop excitement Taoist technique during urination. Rules:

  1. save and a correct posture;
  2. back not twist;
  3. a low urine output, breath;
  4. the outside;
  5. stretched buttocks and abdomen.


Cannot be independent of medication use. Though these medicines are sold in pharmacies, not prescription examination and necessary tests before taking them.All drugs have side effects and contraindications. You can get a reverse effect, you do not know about them.

PDE-5 inhibitors

They have the best drugs against impotence. They strengthen the penis and blood flow to the body, why a strong erection. This difference already after taking a pill.

Hormonal drugs

The power of testosterone deficiency leads to corruption. We are investigating the hormone levels in the blood the doctor so often, and then prescriptions, medication, skilled can change.

Synthetic hormone drugs should not be taken without a doctor's prescription, the study of serious violations that may result in their intake-body systems. The drug can also be purchased in tablet form, gels and ointments.

Biologically active additives

Herbal remedies lighter. They can be an additional primary treatment, but ineffective power to improve yourself.


A preference is not for men to see the doctor, and trouble strong for the first drink of Medicine. The first to try protective methods re-Power will help to prevent psychological impotence. These preventive measures include the following:

  1. A change in diet. A large number of eating a natural aphrodisiac.
  2. To follow the rules of intimate hygiene. Possible wash the penis with soda, is that it prevents this fungus.
  3. Receiving a vitamin complex enriched with zinc.
  4. Restriction the amount of herbal mixtures to drink more tea and coffee.
  5. Regularly walking exercise in the open air.
  6. Walking barefoot is the hardening and regular help strengthen the body overall.
  7. Give up bad habits.
  8. Normalize sleep and rest, get rid of stress.
  9. Attend regularly, a steady partner for sexual intercourse to reduce the risk of infection, sexually transmitted diseases.

Don't abuse drugs fast pharmacological erection. Renew your sexual contact a healthy lifestyle, get rid of the problem is premature ejaculation.

Time stops, the ears prick up? Doctor's advice

Alarming symptoms:

  • lack of lack of sexual drive;
  • difficulty urinate;
  • no spontaneous erections;
  • no gain erection during sexual intercourse;
  • weak erection, his indecision, apathy penis during contact;
  • inability to complete sexual intercourse.

In this case, you should consult a urologist, to determine the cause of an irregularity. Self-medication is not recommended because it can harm or prostate hypertrophy. After diagnosis, your doctor will choose for you, Drug Development, capable of power and hardware physiotherapy treatment plan or methods. Urological causes of eliminate the doctor, with the guidance of a sex therapist.

The doctors look optimistic man power saving, even in old age. When it occurs, it is important that you adjust the difficulty deficiency disease affect sexual function.


Responsible for men's health potency treatment is an important part of recovery. Maintain an erection of the technique described to improve quality of life. They are suitable for people different age. Most listed exercise itself could be a man, unassisted.