Increased potency in men over 50: tips dr


Adult power

A man who wants all, and I feel old full power and sexual energy. However, despite this, we still have 50-60 year old future of desire at the subconscious level then sure-will have to say goodbye to life by age and sex. Sure men's health after the age of 50, an influence is necessarily bad, mercilessly falls. But is it?

Never imagined templates! Be assured, if you continue to you year on the slopes with your strength, protect yourself is an indescribable feeling of health and Vitality, strange, young people. And of course, follow the tips below. We can talk about all the ways for enhancing practice doctors.

Why potency decreases in men after the age of 50?

And all the factors are here very much but, unfortunately, is not always possible. Features such as external and internal causes of low libido doctors. This reasons lead to metabolic degradation. As a result, the strength, and is dropping rapidly in men after the age of 50.

Reduce the power of external causes

Sedentary lifestyle. If a sedentary profession, and you have to spend a large portion of the day in the Chair, there is nothing surprising that for a short time the blood flow will stop and pelvic organs. Poor blood circulation which causes lack of oxygen, and corruption activities, prostate and testis. And increased strength, and men after the age of 50 – this makes it more difficult, it more reduction.

Alcohol and cigarettes. Comments here probably is redundant, because everyone knows, how harmful is it, men, power, nicotine, and alcohol. If it moves slowly nicotine, alcohol, abuse them provided a talented men's health is too fast for your damage.

Гиподинамия causes of excessive weight, a pressure, organs, and the genitourinary system dislodges them. As a result, power, pain, and general welfare.

Stress. All diseases "nervous" - and indeed it is. Constant stress and mental workload of internal organs and adversely affecting the condition of the tread. Because of the change in the psychological condition of men lost the desire for sex, sexual contact, you cannot save the state of rare. As a result, blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

Nov skeleton. With age it loses that power, efficient place, Nov weakness and, as a result, the sexual bankruptcy. Important as an active lifestyle, do exercise.

Reduce the causes of the internal potency


To reduce the power due to internal reasons, including problems with the body's organs and systems. These inflammatory diseases in the first place, the reproductive system, detected many younger, but experiencing proper treatment in the chronic form. When it starts to negatively affect happiness, such that extremely precise prostate how is power. Is more difficult to treat after the age of 50 in men at a younger age.

In addition, men uncomfortable pressure, hormonal malfunction, degradation, metabolism. It happens often lately, and the result is diabetes. Drop in testosterone levels and cause diabetes complications are among the many. In this case, an experienced endocrinologist, will appoint treatment.

Attention! Why power may be a violation of, hernia, spinal.

Certainly, if there is a decrease in sexual function, consult a doctor cause and install. This helps to more quickly return to an active sex life.

How to develop power? Dr tips

Remember a few simple rules you need to adhere meticulously.

1. More movement and more often in the open air. Select the advice of doctors moving to the sport, talented, improve blood circulation of pelvic organs.
2. Smoke less, and if at all possible do not use a harmful addiction.
3. Of alcohol abuse. Lowers testosterone.
4. Follow weight.
5. Let's level increase, blood pressure and cholesterol. 6. Buy anabolic steroids. They can lead to impotence, even at a young age.
7. Avoid stress. Stress cannot hide abstract but to learn.

To follow at this point will support it, and the power to reduce the problem and adequate levels of testosterone touches.

Also, there are still a few methods cause rise in potency in men 50 – medication, exercise, and massage, prostate massage. To consider in more detail each of the elements.

Contrast bath for potency


Then try 50 if potency decreased contrast Bath. That increases blood flow to the sexual organs due to the effects of cold and hot water. Sink and fill each one take 2 is water. One cold, the other warm. To begin with, sit down, hot water, cold пересядьте hold it after half a minute. Repeat this process, about a quarter of an hour.

The food... and along the way, collect libido

It's no secret why some of the products increased strength, and males (50). These products include the following:

1. Seafood as source of zinc. In general, I have recommended foods and more protein eggs, meat, cheese.
2. Legumes.
3. Nuts and seeds.
4. Herbs, especially parsley and celery.
5. Such as crude oil, natural beneficial and stuffed with salad. This may be, olives, sesame seeds, flax seeds and other oil.

To emphasize the experience, some of these products are consumed each day. You will see the result very quickly.

A few folk recipes

Also, fitoterapevt the following advice to try a few recipes, will help you develop general overall health and prostate, especially.

Honey and nuts. Connect, crushed walnuts and honey in equal proportions. Eat 2 tsp of this mixture in a month. half an hour later to eat. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator.

Red wine and dried fruits. Buy fiction, prunes and raisins, the amount of 100 grams, add sugar (1 tablespoon) to taste and sprinkle with a blend of cinnamon, cardamom and gvozdik. Composition pour red wine and cook on low heat without the lid for about half an hour. Then in the same time - with a cover. The syrup you need to drink 1 calendar. l. 3 t/day.

However, there are more "chemical" way to raise the potency.

The power to develop drugs

Currently a very large amount of sales-based drug Viagra, increase your sexual power in a fast way.


Mechanism of action of these drugs is based on expanding the veins. Sexual organs and this causes blood flow and longer lasting erections. In this case, they have a list of action side. Mostly occurs as a side effect, flood, adverse effects to blood and other organs and tissues and their business. As a result, drug intake able to, together with tinnitus and headache, nasal congestion, nasal cavity and respiratory disorders.

Nitroglycerin and other nitrates are often prescribed to people with heart problems it is important to know cardiologist, together Viagra and its analogues. Possible cause sudden drop in blood pressure simultaneous intake of these tools.

Massage and increase the potential

More potency in men increase after the age of 50, The above tools? Of course massage! But the massage contention.

Relaxing massage at home. To do this, you definitely need help dear woman. Ask him foot and calf massage to relieve stress and help to relax the way thanks to exposure to specific points of sexual stimulation. This most valuable points (3):

• at the base of the thumb;
• forniks foot;
• between the little finger and the heel of the foot the exterior.

Additionally, a large amount of biologically active points located on the back and the abdomen. Массажисту is the best professional to do this, a re-body only (sexual organs) on a full recovery. Filled massage reduces stress and helps the necessary energy for life. The woman noticed,then massage them men are more successful.

So helpful, not only chemical drugs - increased strength, then why such men and 50 sounds like a secure method.

Doctors also recommend prostate massage, and in particular from time to time. It is desirable to do so in a specialist medical centre. Prostate massage – good for prevention of impotence, you have however, when prostatitis is sufficient, doctors strongly patients. What, if any, detected prostatitis, turned raising for the treatment of impotence, immune and him, no warning.

Exercise to increase the potency of


Exercise for men after 50, which lowered the power, to improve pelvic blood flow.

Important! Exercises should be done regularly, otherwise you will lose data. You will see result in an average month. However, if he continues the effect of a longer period of time after the application for tablets power.

1. Podtyagivanie on all fours. Easy feet, back straight, arms. Then slowly sit down on your hip and caviar, припав face to the ground. The forward arm is extended.
2. Thanks, proper breathing, and Nov power to squeeze. Wait a few seconds and breathable relax in a seamless way.
3. Do squats, push, hips, and in the last position for a few seconds. The forward arm is extended.
4. Lie down, tie your hands placed to take a breath, lift your foot and explain the vertical position O-rings clockwise (2-3 rounds), then counterclockwise.
5. Lie on your back, bend your knees, and put your palms on top of them. Slowly, her hands exerting the knee with the side of them, a tangible resistance to muscles of the foot.
6. Lie on your back, feet, elbows, knees, arms along the body. Keep the Remove on the pelvic floor. in this position.

Many claims to assist them in the correct level with exercises that force the power to protect the iron. But this is the best medicine, the power then "accept", which increases.

50 the potential for an increase in men why drugs, of course, agreed, but even more safe and effective methods. And remember, most importantly, to stay young in spirit, and then we will try to match your mood for your body itself. Remember, sports nutrition is relatively proper (and much more difficult for women to stick with men) try if possible to give up harmful addictive. And of course, love that woman!