Effective ways to improve potency in men

It is not possible for men full sexual intercourse, low libido unstable erection, premature ejaculation and the feeling of seeing you fail. People regardless of age corrected these issues. The survey then andrologist, sexologist or any other sexual activity the list of activities to a specialist recommends an appropriate opportunity to gain profile separately. The generally accepted ways between drugs, or other public methods to improve libido.

Increased potency without the use of drugs


High-quality sex life for a man that need follow some rules in the first place, to encourage and strengthen erection. A weak potency for prevention to observe that functioning, endocrine, nervous system, the purity and integrity of the arteries, capillaries, health the corpora cavernosa, Nov, tissue, penis. In the Mean Time examination and treatment endocrine, cardiovascular, genitourinary diseases.

To improve, strength, and stability at a good level to help maintain an erection emotional relationship with a woman.

Positive thinking, an optimistic man syndrome constant mood swings and a lady going to save the first time (a meeting), or the desire to engage in sexual failure to strengthen make love more often. Make recommended for sexology for sex at least once a week.

Increases libido in men regular exercise. Exercise stimulates blood flow, activates testosterone production, strength, and nervous tension, self-esteem develop. Along with exercise, proper nutrition, proper distribution, and recreational activities normal working of the reproductive system.

To strengthen Libido using diet. Useful male potency honey, perge, citrus, pomegranate, strawberry, quince and apricot, raw vegetables, carrots, radishes, lettuce, cabbage, beets, eggplant, tomatoes and peppers.

Natural aphrodisiac:

  • seafood;
  • beef;
  • eggs;
  • spring;
  • garlic;
  • celery;
  • dill;
  • pasternak;
  • parsley;
  • ginger;
  • nuts;
  • Palm.

By eating regularly, these products, men potency and quickly restored normal hormonal background. To give advice as much as possible to protect yourself from bad habits, general health and functioning of reproductive system in particular. Smoking, the harmful effects of excessive alcohol or drugs, blood vessels and glands of the organism.

Drug to increase potency


Appeared in this exam pathology, that affects the functioning of reproductive system, prostate adenoma, hypertension, other diagnoses, the doctor prescribed treatment disease is identified. If necessary, medication are prescribed, booster, libido and step-up erection.

Strengthen the power to, drugs, for whom local tissue irritation action the penis the blood flow to his muscles loosening. Also using other drugs affect sex drive and erectile function endothelial to upgrade.

Raise the vehicle on a male aphrodisiac which:

  • PDE-5 inhibitors –drug-based Viagra, or sildenafil, vardenafil;
  • Dietary supplements;
  • hormonal drugs.

A group of drugs that should not be forgotten IFDA-5 unacceptable because they are under high pressure to cause a hypertensive crisis. Increasing levels of testosterone hormone pills a contraindication to the use of applications (capsules, plasters and the like) increases the potency of. It is not recommended to consume medicine without consulting a doctor.

Enhancer medicine folk medicine

Genital glands, increasing the activities of natural ingredients, improve blood flow, texture, durability and increase the body's energy source. Strengthening potency herbs – are allowed to use that method in the House.

Herbal remedies to increase libido between the appropriate incentive to apply:

  • tribulus;
  • lewisia rhizome;
  • ginseng root;
  • Eleutherococcus;
  • lemon.

Increase the power in the house by adding boiling water, strain, and shilajit in a Bay taking bath, drinking a cup of tea every day male composition into equal parts parsley, blueberry and raspberry leaf. Douches libido useful apply.

How to increase your power in old age


Then at the age of 45-50 should be as closely related representatives of the stronger sex, certain drugs, prevention, and cardiovascular disease. For example, tranquilizers or anti-hypertension drug or circulatory disorders due to atherosclerosis, diabetes may cause temporary erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, in order to strengthen male potency more before you act, the proposed re-investigation Andrology, endocrinologist, cardiologist, neurologist, and if necessary – registration, and other professionals phlebologist. Eliminating pathologic causes of a low libido, doctor will choose the best medication is a win for you.


Gain pills and capsules according to the manufacturer's annotations or the power that is consumed for a doctor's appointment. Self-medication or ignore contraindications to any changes in the dosage can give the reverse effect and make the situation worse.

Local tools

There is power to the normal creams, ointments and gels use tool loboc why is your hair massage movements. The body of penis erection increase the flow of blood through the cave.

Perhaps, the elderly, and weak erections during sexual contact and provoked psycho-physical factor: movements due to discomfort or pain during vaginal dryness. If the power drops in the process of sexual intercourse because of similar feelings – throughout intimate gel or oil (lubrication) for outdoor use, developed a new shift.

Physical education

Strengthen the potency of drugs aside from the elderly, to strengthen erectile function and increase the urge to exercise therapy along exercise, to improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

  • Knee took place in the high Marsh.
  • Relaxation-tension in the gluteal Nov After Nov spoon.
  • Yuksel alternative to heels from the ground, bent legs on.
  • Often compression the anus standing up or sitting in a chair.
  • Based on the climb lying in the pelvis, foot, shoulder.

Instead of exercises at an average rate of twice a day. Dynamics, since it increases both amplitude movements, only the physical data and the doctor's advice.

Also consumed foods rich in zinc to improve male potency in old age, the need, to get allowed BAD prescribed by a doctor and vitamin-mineral complexes.

The difference is, male, health saving from an early age to follow a regular routine of physical exam and treated in time, the detected diseases – rare after 40 years faced with the weakening of libido. Increasing the power protection for consulting doctors and men of action must be accompanied by regular, active and healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and other measures.