Strength, and age 60 in men and development: right action

Changes in the genital area should be soft, this is not the end, a sincere life and her new phase. The difference is the important issue, and it's a good suggestion to get the doctor to uncover the cause, prevention as a result of impotence.

after 60 years of power


Age – ta that cause impotence occurs. The basic factors why erectile dysfunction, consider:

  • low testosterone levels associated with age, weakening glands functional;
  • it's a bad situation, the blood vessel leading blood to the penis. The walls of plaques that is associated with a metabolic disorder, wrong diet;
  • harmful habits (smoking, alcoholism);
  • psycho-emotional factors (feeling loss worsening of relations with appeal the lack of a partner).

The listed causes decrease of potency after 60 years. Erectile dysfunction symptoms may be questionable, this is a feature of.


This retirement-aged to excite a man more time than necessary from time to time, younger. Penis rises, less dense, an erection is unstable. Characteristic symptoms, consult a doctor, the following:

  • arousal penis reaches the size at the summit;
  • have to go to achieve a stable erection to perform tricks to get extra stimulation;
  • orgasm is very noticeable;
  • after ejaculation, the penis rapidly poured, and the next they must the sexual act for a long time;
  • the testes loses its elasticity, shrinks;
  • sagging of the scrotal skin.

The function 60 decreases after the age of reproduction – sperm bad move, produced a small number of. This means that the chances of paternity is reduced.

Ways to improve

Therapy must be comprehensive, and each phase is important. The most effective techniques:

  • the treatment of chronic diseases medications, surgery. This is especially important for troubleshooting / Stop Diabetes Mellitus, hypothyroidism, liver pathology and prostate cancer, hardening of the arteries;
  • to stick to the diet, improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol, blood saturated in oxygen, beneficial trace elements. Proper nutrition medicine, not just impotence, but also other "age" related issues;
  • increased physical activity, with a special emphasis – pelvic floor Nov. The doctors learn more about Kegel exercises;
  • normalization of the sexual sphere. Need to increase power, educate him. To desire, long-term pauses between intimate contacts. Okay, once they pass within 7-10 days;
  • for the treatment folk remedies (decoctions, fat liquors, candles, ointments) containing natural products. To prepare or buy the drug pharmacy.

Pharmacy chains we offer tons of drugs, the active range of motion, strength, however, without your doctor's advice a short term pills, you need to take action – that have a negative impact on other organs. More peaceful, more secure, recipes, your current home:

  • tincture of eleuthero, ginseng. An accepted course. In the first day, 1 drop / 100 ml of water, the second 2, and so on until 28 drops. The second lesson is 3 months and a Dec. Long-term treatment. Contraindications: hypertension, heart disease, blood vessels;
  • powerful and power – a mixture of honey and nuts. The ingredients are mixed 1:1 to 2 tsp in the morning and in the evening buy;
  • mix 1 tbsp. rowan berries and sesame seeds and pour 500 ml boiling water, beaten in 6 hours! Al 100 ml morning and night. Course – 30 days;
  • regular use of cabbage juice a positive impact on men's health.


Problems in the intimate sphere bute male self-esteem, so it's better to avoid such an improvement. Doctors give to develop recommendations for power after 60 years, improve your overall health:

  1. Visit a sexologist. The reasons the doctor will say, how to eliminate them is an intimate neighborhood of an effect.
  2. To have sex on a regular basis. Desire – a constant partner.
  3. Is a suitable sport to make more moves.
  4. To avoid excessive workload, physical and emotional.
  5. Quit smoking, consume less alcohol.
  6. Control of body weight, choosing proper nutrition. It should be more garlic in your diet, seafood, eggs, chocolate, legumes, nuts, and honey.
  7. Adhere to, graphic, work, and Recreation.
  8. Acceptance sessile contrast baths.
  9. Fees for herbal to take action, to do gymnastics Kegel.

There is a mass of drugs with potency, promising quick problem solving. To select any value only after consulting with your doctor, because it depends on the cause of every problem. Took the medicine, age, features, body, presence of a disease, it's a lifestyle. Necessarily observe instructions specified contraindications dosing needs to read it.