And Power Beer: how to drink this, masculine power

Some fans has to prove that it is a drink with a priceless benefit, there is another claim that only hurt. Recent research, the positive effects of many beneficial ingredients that are included in this drink, nervous system, circulatory and other systems. However, this type of results that will have a permanent character, for the start if you abuse them.

beer and potency

Addictive, which is why even begin with all the problems that such a weak alcohol. Risk hormonal imbalance, destruction of the central nervous system early impotence. What you need to know to avoid such incidents can't drink a beer. In addition, this foam drink recipes out there, many helpful people, have curative properties. You enjoy them, and even strengthen, our health, and he will not hurt her.

Potency and adverse effect of the body as a whole

Many representatives of the stronger sex have an effect on how we think the potency of beer. While drinking real, quality drinks, malt and hops, of course there are benefits. First rich protein and minerals, the second enzyme containing a lot of have an impact on analgesic, disinfectant, calming effect. However, within the time numerous colorings, sweeteners and other chemical properties useful to nearly zero.

A small amount of toxic substances in combination with alcohol, etc. as heavy metals. They have adverse effects on the endocrine system, i.e., crafting the sex hormones.

Endocrine system

Systematic errors occur on the background of hormonal use a man's beer. Contains herbal hormones similar to the female. A gradual feminisation of male them body:

  1. Oil starts invested and female type
  2. Changing tone
  3. Increased breast cancer
  4. Growing taz
  5. Very weak or erection disappears completely

Phytoestrogens particularly negative feature transformation a pathological tissue, testis, and adrenal. The amount of testosterone them to produce more, i.e., reduced potency and sex drive. Without this hormone, sperm quality, resulting in infertility. Approximately 0.5 mg of female hormone produced in the body, containing 0.15 mg of a pint of beer with him (hidden in a way). Therefore, sufficient doses of men all chance shape and a feminine character.

Nervous system

Rotary another negative effect to the brain. At least not much of a beer ethanol still her enough to handle a devastating effect on nerve cells. The amount is reduced depending on when it occurs, the energy of the body, into all the action blocked. If this also fails, then normal sexual please.


Direct damage when receiving drunk a drink comes out. Even a term, dependent people who called this organ is cattle or Bavaria. The walls of dilated veins that them thinning, miyokardiyu is bad and may not function normally. The men had a heart attack increases the risk of shock. This event is a good person. Like Signs Symptoms:

  • Heart palpitations
  • High blood pressure
  • Excessive sweating
  • Insufficient air
  • Chest pain

All these adverse effects, potency, and in most cases, the prognosis recovery unwelcoming. Prolong the work life of doctors and the patient to the complications you can get, but in advanced cases, a person dies in 3-5 years.

Field devices and instruments for your wife

Carbon dioxide in beer, because this is very distracting and the intestinal wall, pressure extends. Secretion the stomach stimulates the production of bubbles, therefore the higher the acidity. Men with gastritis, ulcers, colitis, so beer drinking is contraindicated. This is alcohol that causes obesity and also being overweight does not affect the positive power never many calories.

Adverse effect, and other aspects reflected in the beer:

  1. The urethra interrupted system
  2. The heart wall thinning, size increases and this grew fat
  3. Several times increases the risk of liver cirrhosis, gastritis and other gastrointestinal pathologies
  4. Falling personal assessment, people, insult, or his or her mental faculties
  5. Increasing due liquid into the blood, dilated blood vessels, valve system begins to work badly. In the end this route, and arrival heart attack
  6. It stimulates appetite, and yes, high-calorie foods are so readily obesity

If a beer than to start during adolescence, you have every chance to be 30 years old, is inconclusive. Of course, much more depends on your environment, lifestyle, nutrition. If chmielna beverage - can have effects your only weakness, and it's that serious. To reduce them more, better to try only natural for me to drink alcohol with the option to combine foods or herbs useful.

Drink dignity

It's not that bad but may seem like. Valid for beer, if not to exceed a dose of Health for men as it is in his power, no threat. On the contrary, calm, relieve, insomnia, and many the Prevention of disease. Due to the effects of these substances are provided, such as a part of him. To reiterate, it's not about the alcohol in question is collective, analogues of his store. What the components of a beverage:

  • Hops essential oils
  • B group vitamins
  • Mineral elements

If it hums to contain essential oils, caryophylle, Farnese. The aroma hops for the first item given, however, his main healing properties, anti-inflammatory effect. To caryophylle has a calming effect, relieves depression, relieves depression and emotional instability. Hops itself with analgesic, diuretic and anti-allergic actions and passed you a drink.

The positive effects of B group vitamins, nervous system, normalizes digestion, increase resistance to stress, reduce blood sugar. Their work depends on the status of the immune system and cell division processes. Disappears their lack of appetite numb the limb. When it comes to strength, and with them increases testosterone synthesis, the nerve endings starts to work better. Therefore, the conductivity increases faster fiber and an erection coming.

The beer is missing minerals. Most useful erectile function, zinc. Testosterone that is essential for the formation, normal operation, prostate, strengthens the immune system. The last is important because it reduces the risk of infection, any infection or a virus. Magnesium strengthens blood vessels, makes the process of filling the penis with more blood coordinate. Involved in the process of blood copper and iron, therefore is very important.

Positive features like beer and a positive effect on the whole body overall. It would be easier for a man against common diseases, accelerated faster metabolism and rejuvenate the fabric. Provides beverage to keep it for longer time, bone density and flexibility, stimulates the release joint, gastric juice, cleans the kidneys, cleaning and stone them.

drink dignity

Excessive use of causes?

We sorted it out, beer and potency may be both positive and negative relationship. Let's see now, let's causes of abuse is wary. The symptoms in addition to agree to the waiver of a man's worth, are as follows:

  1. Beer drinking, frequent and abundant
  2. Every time the dose increases
  3. Sleep like a visible memory loss
  4. I want to drink in the morning then drinking again
  5. A hard time sleep at night, daytime drowsiness torture
  6. Just refreshing beer
  7. Initiatives to reduce the consumption end in failure

Beer alcoholism and Drug Addiction very dangerous. Compared to them often, because the two species grow very fast and difficult to treat. 0,5 l, 50 ml of ethanol the same amount of alcohol found in a weak vodka. But ultimately, many a very small volume of half a litre, which doesn't stop them. This believes a moral person becomes an inveterate drunkard , because in such a case, those people with high sloped just a drink.

Bad beer leading to the formation of a large belly. In particular, this result is carbon dioxide and starched link. They irritation the stomach wall, to a large extent to an increase in appetite. Excess weight negatively affect the stronger sex the same sexual abilities of a threat to development diabetes (sugar disease reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings), and decreased the synthesis of sexual hormones (direct effects erection and ejaculation). Other outcomes may be considered:

  • Hepatitis and pancreatitis
  • Neuropathy
  • Spinal cord pathology
  • Disorders, visual and auditory systems
  • Brain cells are dying

Quite often, male, chmielna extremely addicted to drink, apathy and dullness in the later stages. Without the nervous system impairs normal thinking that is very effective memory. Yourself side is connected to the first psychological and then physical. And if a second reason, but the fight with the first it's very difficult.

Useful dosage

It has been proved by modern scientists can not harm body 2.5 liter beer week means have no effect on the potency. Who drank 7 liters more more frequently developed more than 2 times per week, stroke, and deadly into thin air. Beverage Castle but beware, a man of some weight himself. Lt can be very harmful for someone and 3, and another 2 will be critical. It is better to give preference to the dark classes, because they contain more iron.

Even the non-alcoholic types contains hops, which are phytoestrogens, which one, therefore you should not abuse them.

If you drink 1 liter of beer at a time yourself 20% daily requirement vitamin B2, as well as 30% vitamin C, vitamin B6. Additionally, this develops a good blood circulation is comparable with the effect of vasodilator dose when I exercise loads. Better start drinking, then adolescents and young people to earn a very high rate of infertility.

Recipes, beer with funding to increase libido

Then we saw how beer affects the potency of these effects in a positive way and how to reverse, how to give you some tips for making a beverage from a real cure. The power of the most effective recipes are as follows:

  1. Buy natural beer (shelf life up to 2 weeks) - fat sour cream. Then add 200 g Milk 300 ml sparkling beverage product mix thoroughly. Cocktail drinks a day. Drink more than 2 servings a week
  2. For enlarge, you can add spices-strength beer. Buy 1 litre of liquid roll into several tablespoons sugar, and lemon zest, a little cinnamon and cloves. Is taken the mixture over low heat, and then boiling (immediately, so better to prepare in advance) add the whipped eggs with sugar until foam. Not as thick as you keep firing
  3. Another popular recipe – beer quail eggs. Optionally, add honey.

A rather unusual soup dish you can to increase the potency of beer. To do this, boiled with 1.5 liters of beer, bread crumbs, sour cream sugar and egg yolks cared for him then the clothes (3 eggs 400 GR). According to taste add salt, sugar, spices.