The power there is potential for effects such as cigarette smoke?

Non power — this part is prone to the harmful effects men's health, tobacco. Numerous carcinogens in tobacco smoke, each one has a serious disease that can cause all human systems, ranging from allergic reactions, and post-emergence diseases, cancer, some transactions have heart or liver pathologies.

smoking and potency


Research shows the harmful effects of smoking all the modern men of power.

The inability of men impotence is determined, such as doctors, exercise, sexual intercourse. The most common symptoms of this disease, decreased libido, violation of ejaculation, to limit the production of the male hormone.

Permanent impotence is a disease, so men in this situation most of the negative emotions.

The number of doctors, used cigarette any special role in the formation impotence. So, have the potential to affect such as smoking? Vessels that.

Nicotine contained in cigarette smoke and resin. Many adverse effects of smoking the process, the human vascular system. Every time a person smokes, carbon monoxide, smoke free, prevents the body get oxygen and this, in turn, adverse effects and circulatory system. Nicotine constrict blood vessels in the body, cigarette, it's a spasm. Atherosclerotic disease development, fragility and defeat it the nicotine that causes all of the obstruction tissue, heart muscle, and brain.

Such an effect potency of non-scientists and doctors only:

  • dystonia vessels (erection of vessels and determine the condition of the voice);
  • view plaques plaques in the arteries atherosclerosis isn't filling the normal tissue, so that an erection happens);
  • inadequate hormone production, low level of sexual activity (sex your life just a convention, the full power of the endocrine system does not work).

So the answer to your question Does smoking affect, strength, and positive.


Dangerous for men because sperm quality can vary in a cigarette. Reduced sperm quality, the path to change, genes, and this, in turn, can be caused by congenital deviations and development of puppies.

The effects of smoking duration and quality of sexual relationship. Scientists think that a person's sexual intercourse smoked cigarettes for about 6 months, happening once in a person who has sexual activity several times higher. Average sexual intercourse duration, smokers, men, about 4 minutes. Remarkable and sexual satisfaction: a non-smoker more satisfied and happy couples in the process, more smokers.

And power are interconnected, so if a male smoking a lot of smokers, and there will be a lot of sexual problems. And even mind in this case, some scientists have maximum effect the sexual power of young people and smoking after the age of 35 to think about goods: connected impotence youth or maturity. Smoking for spread of the disease and whether there is danger at every age the male genitalia of the fabric.

Almost everyone loves a hormonal background of corruption and smoke, reduced pressure, sexual organ.

It is worth noting that the greatest danger male impotence existing hypertension. Nicotine is a harmful sexual act with a toxic resin and high pressure function.


how to back power

Health workers the answer to this question is clear: for the correction need to quit smoking. There are studies that show that if a non-about 7 hours ago is not strong enough for sexual intercourse, cigarettes, potency will increase. Categorical but purely for the pleasure of man power they need to leave this deadly habit.

However, during the stage of the disease is neglected, the waiver won't bring back a single tobacco ' too masculine power, but this would be a first step back.

If a person quit smoking smoking, because tobacco does not make him right a healthy denial of potency — is a complex process. Stress or psychological problems that may occur: nervousness or irritability, aggression or apathy. In such an environment, your sex life is very pleasant. Over 1.5 months of work but vessels appears normal, correct, sound and rhythm make a difference in their job and sexual changes: increase the duration of a harder erection to occur, sexual intercourse, libido, more powerful.

Power failure during the healing period men in tobacco, do not abuse stimulating vascular Tonus, for example viagra or its analogues. Area drink after a long process of thin blood vessels may behave unpredictably.

Each health care about getting a man to understand that you are the woman I love happy and healthy child with correct covers and it consists of a selection full disclaimer habits. Because of the negative effects of smoking sexual power is unquestionable and it has been scientifically proven.