60 years, and a normal power

Recording all men in adulthood erectile function is up to date, without exception. The reason for this is the natural aging process of the body. If a sufficient amount of testosterone produced by 35-40 years, 40 years later, his production gradually decreases and decreases with the age of 60 is almost never a half, less mobile sperm, the testes are reduced in size, orgasm is less obvious.

Power How back 60 years. Every man in adulthood of luggage because it requires a serious approach to this question is already specific diseases. The first pain, the heart and blood vessels. Built to stay for as long as possible, definitely we should keep an active lifestyle leads already, but it shouldn't be like that carelessly to join gyms. Strength exercises had to stay in.

A good strength,collateral, a happy life

At this age, very good scuba diving, hiking, yoga, fitness. The charger and in the morning – at least it will give a joy. Revision diet and adding vitamins and trace elements as one of the ways to improve strength after 60 years. Treatment may be more specialist and sex therapist. Ideal to give some professional tips to be able to a family and a new push in the development of a sincere life. Whenever you look fresh from the side is useful.


In order to promote the circulation of blood during aerobic exercise the care, without which normal erection is impossible. This exercise is good for all your cardiovascular system. Correct breathing used in the training process, a positive impact is like oxygen to all the organs.

Specific exercise for the muscles of the pelvis. You have to try to pause the process during urination men. Repeat this exercise several times a day to strengthen those muscles significantly.

Yoga classes provide psychotherapeutic effect, this is extremely helpful.

A special Mini-to increase the potency of a series of exercises:

  1. Plow. Probably everyone remembers, as you have to perform in the school gym, but before. Start this exercise here is partly similar. Location is routed up the leg slowly while lying on your back then. This is where the pelvis comes in. The position of the body reminds me of the side plow. Have to stay in such a position for ten seconds. After graduating can not exercise, suddenly get up.Does not tolerate any form of exercise.
  2. Cobra. The snow slowly raise your head and the waist of the body from a lying position. All the inspiration. You must try the most backward bend. Ice cream must try this pose for 20 seconds.
  3. Yay. If you exercise, the position abandoned. Bend your knees and try and catch with his own hands, slowly by pulling the body and head up. Then, a strong tension, return to the starting position.

You need to avoid a very serious injury that should be treated with such exercises and stretching Oct. Oh, no, too much work, time each exercise is a man must poop. It is recommended to warm up muscles and joints before apply them good, always on an empty stomach to achieve them. Better if in the morning or before bed for a few hours. And another important detail: before to execute complex without consulting a doctor.

How to increase in power for 60 years diet help

Should be revised to wellness and nutrition. Of improvement depends on the strength, and proper nutrition. In the first place, cholesterol lowering foods need 60 years for men. Installing breached the walls of the arteries blood circulation, the immediate response of potency. This means that butter-fat and milk products except cheeses in the diet. You can use the same thing, the lower the fat content. No dietary fats cannot be ignored. Also, reduce your intake of salt.

The norm should not exceed 6 to 7 grams daily. Salt increases the blood pressure, edema in the legs, fluid in the body opening incentive detention. This behavior is a large load, kidney. A man of power recovery after the age of 60 much more effective to be done to get rid of excess weight. Testosterone promotes the accumulation of fat estrogen synthesis fading occupy a place like this is no easy task, and this, regardless of power. So, the learning process obesity body correct and a moderate set power.

Exception diet white bread, pastries, and rich, sweet, smoked, and will help to improve metabolic processes, acute

Popular food instead of more of the same. Have to forget, pasta and potatoes. Instead of them should come from vegetables – raw and boiled. As possible more. Stuck oil, they have a role to fulfill them. Wheat, boiled rice and lentils also eat during the day and diversify. That's not all limitation. You need meat to fat to leave the past. Lean beef or veal instead of him should come from meat (pork, forget about it forever), and better go and only a chicken (duck) - chicken, turkey or rabbit.

The table should prove to garlic once a day for lunch necessarily. This helpful in every way! First, familiar and delicious spices; secondly, it thins the blood; third, back potency. And that's not all that useful features! He destroys, bacteria and viruses, prevents the development of tumors, is applied for the treatment of diabetes.

Lots of garlic based tinctures, potency strengthen

To enter the time heart diet foods to maintain potassium and magnesium. The products list are as varied. This lean meat, fish, carrots, bananas and nuts.

Increased potency has a big impact, the main male is the trace mineral zinc. Daily rate, containing zinc, pumpkin seeds – 50 or 60 days in total to solve this problem.

Increased strength, and in men after the age of 60, making it requires continuous and intimate life. Harmful to do at this age is the biggest holiday. Bad for a month of fasting that affect men's health. That should help him in this lady. Activity are included in the manifestation of his task as spouse worry, you can have orgasms and exciting slowly over the years, and only aggravate the situation.

Man why don't you "go" and fails to start the analysis

You must try understand together more, if this is an isolated incident. There was a failure to remind and maybe my husband at this young age, when stricken is a problem. Important sex must be reasonably regular. Immediately refer to medical drugs-system stimulating. Just a trend, inability to have sexual intercourse, consult a doctor. Power back is always more difficult, you can save it.

Therefore, this axiom, If in a normal situation, this result is true lifestyle. Potency is reduced due to the lack of testosterone in the body, you can't do anything about it, of this nature, but every man who is weak to speed up this process own irrational actions. This is old now, quit smoking and alcohol abuse. Drink, of course, it may be, but a good dry red wine instead of alcoholic beverages, lying on the couch walk away.

You will be the man more, move better

This warranty of the recession in the pelvis. When you are in the same situation must apply the system, stimulating the doctors you need to take the hint after a thorough review, an independent assignment that can be caused by medications as a result it's sad. An increase in blood pressure and – most sad option.

Ginger and honey

The power for the drug, in essence, only the current policy: increase blood flow to your penis, thereby increase the sensitivity. Disadvantage-FEE HELP. Impotence is a cure, not a treatment. There are couple of it's a stimulant – hormonal medicines, homeopathic medicines and phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDE-5). No enzyme inhibitor as it does not recognized as an effective means of guanosine-monophosphate required for erection.

Folk remedies

Meat juices and infusions also help to improve erections.

Ginseng root – an unforgettable stay alcohol based tincture, which reaches the result you want to drink each day use

Ginger root, rich in vitamins and trace elements should be consumed with recommended to take. This can be, and tea and spices in a meal, as pickles even!

Useful fresh celery. Cook him in any way. Eaten will add energy to stalk! If desired, squeeze juice, but the juice and other vegetables.

Walnut will be very beneficial, and the power, and the body as a whole. They can be consumed both separately and mixed with honey.

Bee products like honey and one of the first places in solving male problem. Some believe this honey is the most beneficial, men.

Increased strength, for men after the age of 60, this is not a whim, it's a fad! This need, which is impossible without a more full life.