Affiliate alcohol and potency

Very often the first occupation, sex, drank alcohol and alcoholic beverages a couple in love how to think about interconnected on potency. I will try to answer these and other related questions in this article.

Alcohol relaxes the man, adds, trust in him, it's liberating. However, let's not forget that it can be, if only in very small doses to use use alcohol.

the influence of alcohol male aphrodisiac

Dosage and negative effects of alcohol abuse in case of failure of male potency. This effect is clearly noticeable especially in Alcoholics. A male impotent or erectile function have serious problems, among them a very large portion.

You need to understand which processes in a male body, after arriving with alcohol. A small amount, to customize a truly gifted he relaxed and romantic mood. However, surpassing a safe dose negative consequences for not only power, but also for your health generally.

Are accepted as valid, the dose equivalent to two glasses of wine. Even a small excess of this amount require the infringing functionality of other organs of the heart and vascular system, Sexual Disorders.

Alcoholic beverages that have such an effect on the body:

  • Then sucking blood, alcohol, it enters very quickly and all the organs. Affect on the central nervous system, reduce nerve impulses she provokes lock, parallel and penis sensitivity. Promote this extension, sexual contact.
  • On the level of sperm in ejaculation low sensitivity because it contains a negative toxic compounds.
  • Poisoning is a very serious stage if the blood flow slows down, the internal organs of all the systems in the inhibition studies, respectively, and sexual.
  • When alcohol stimulates the rush of large amounts of blood genitalium organ. The result when this happens, fast erection. However, vasoconstriction happens already after a period of time, indicating a reverse effect.

The potency of such effects with alcohol

Shame we don't most men think I miss a bottle of beer. They don't even realize it, what's the harm to their health.

Sexual power for men is responsible testosterone, the male sex hormone. The stronger sex, which is necessary for existence itself. But another answer of puberty the female hormone – estrogen. Them something here and fancy a beer.

Estrogen in the male body in the seat tend to accumulate. Content mercilessly testosterone is reduced. Therefore males only manifestation of feminine qualities, but also developing impotence.

It is wrong to think that a harmless drink beer. The beer is really addictive why more, not less powerful, it's a drink. It should be noted that the treatment of alcoholism, provoking beer, it's too heavy.

the influence of alcohol, the power

Alcohol and potency in men 40-50

Power over the influence of alcohol, especially if you consume when, frequently and in large quantities. Increases as the number of negative moments that grow toxins in the body. This process 40-50 years it would be a disaster.

Accompanying him in the following symptoms:

  1. First, it is no longer erotic dreams of the imagination. Dream obscene with 1-2 months is considered the norm. Because of this low libido.
  2. Sexual contact is complete when no logical increasingly, ejaculation, or a significant delay.
  3. Exposure to toxins, contribute to the development of alcohol it contains, indifferent to status. It will be a boy applies during stay indifferent, and sex.
  4. Binge provokes constriction of the blood vessels, slimming Lumen. These pumps blood out of the recession in the pelvic area and, as a result, the cause is prostatitis.
  5. If a guy is himself, and eliminates the harmful habit, can not be ignored, a full impotence.
  6. The affected reproductive system. Over time, liver cells die, only the results feels very heavy.

The chronic stage of alcoholism for men, exciting, and experience of, Meet, have sex with. 9 10 alcoholics themselves is inconclusive.

Alcohol provokes the loss of men's hose. The suspect who entered the place to be seen for my partner now selects links to. Such a trend leads to the increased risks of infection, AIDS, HIV infections and sexually transmitted diseases.


There the situation and tendency of alcohol is strictly contraindicated eat:

  • additionally, relatives of patients alcohol or other addictive;
  • there are other factors, like alcohol issues within the family;
  • worried her friends or family amounts of alcohol you consumed;
  • you've got a greater quantity of alcohol the total, Eid schedule;
  • alcohol availability "warm soul";
  • to the world of thought becomes an obsession;
  • then present a feeling of deteriorating health condition of alcohol consumption;
  • there liver disease;
  • diagnosis of peptic ulcer or gastritis;
  • existing diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Why drink before having sex

Why does a man drink?

Alcoholic drinks are turning to for help most often representatives of a strong half of humanity, bad sexual experience. They, I believe, be used a little alcohol to make them more attractive and durable.

The situation drink of choice for men:

  1. the feelings that accompanies sexual contact;
  2. fatigue;
  3. the depressed state or nervous tension;
  4. the fear of failure in bed.
alcohol effects such as male aphrodisiac

It often gives the opposite effect and increase the contribution of alcoholic drinks. Therefore, this as a way of relaxing, important enough to weigh it's pros and cons.

Sex before not to use more than 30 grams of alcohol. This dilation of the vessels amount to deal fairly, configures process, and vitality will be faster experience.

Recommendation 1 sip sip of cognac quality. The sudden contraction of the vessels's consumed the beverage, therefore no harmful effect heart.

No, forget or ignore, in fact, has alcohol in even small amounts, it is extremely an undesirable effect sperm. Therefore, the planning approach, eliminate alcohol completely.

How chronic alcoholism the power back?

Alcohol addiction is a serious disease, which under the force only to cope with most alcoholic. His sincere desire alcoholic beverages, abandon abuse that will be nothing. It was a difficult decision and back that if the person getting ready a full life, then you need to ask, counseling specialist.

A comprehensive treatment usually includes:

  1. Absolute and unconditional Prohibition of the use of any amount of any kind of alcohol.
  2. The last complete survey. Genital lesions to determine the degree of intoxication of the organism the level of necessary system disorders, and reproductive functions.
  3. The excretion of toxins, cells and tissues. By executing this medication.
  4. A tattoo mode, sleep and rest. Only full and prolonged sleep it is possible to improve the effectiveness of the treatment. Alcohol addiction is a long holiday for a while excretion advice.
  5. Recovery of erectile function and sexual cleansing of the body then the normalization of relations and communication for a healthy life you should start by taking stimulants. The effect is characterized by brevity they are, the poet you need to get them before you begin sexual intercourse. Before using the important list of the drug, contraindications and consult your doctor about the possibility of getting advice.
  6. Complex therapeutic measures, the last value given diet. Diet should contain a balanced and varied food. Fresh vegetables and fruits consumption should be increased vitamin and mineral that contains a large number of substances. Product knowledge with special emphasis, in the composition, a zinc element, Utilities, Power Recovery. This can be: seafood and nuts.
  7. Make your lifestyle more active in your daily routine to include a walk in the open air Sports possible. The blood of this recession, which will help eliminate the pelvic organs.
  8. Get rid of bad habits. The effect of cigarette smoking, the harmful effects of alcohol than the body at least.

Strictly that will lead to your doctor's advice just to achieve success helps to normalize sexual life.

Recipes that can contribute to recovery of men's Health, traditional medicine, because natural components are used only here.

The most effective recipes:

  • Honey and onion. Onion seeds mixed with natural honey Chichewa, bonds rates. Tool, get 1 teaspoon twice a day. This method effectively and infections, prostate.
  • Tincture garlic water. The grind, the slurry 1 kg of garlic. Pour into a 3-liter bottle with boiled water and put a glass at room temperature. To tightly close a plastic cup, Tue, put a piece of paper or cloth to a month in a dark and cool place. Men, not garlic regularly so you will need to shake a bottle of Titus is at the bottom. Then for a period of one month will be ready for infusion. We need to get him, as follows: add a glass of slightly warmed milk, add 1 teaspoon of tincture and mix well. To drink on an empty stomach for a time.
  • Mix juice with agave walnuts and honey. Finely chop 300 grams and nuts, preferably walnuts. Add a squeeze of fresh leaves and 200 grams honey 50 grams of water. All the ingredients mix well, add freshly squeezed lemon juice 4. Stir once more and get to three times a day, 1 tbsp. spoon before meals.

Body alcohol no benefits, so the choice to stop in this way increase your self-esteem, and relaxation. To see more intimate setbacks if on a subject there is a fear, frankly, is a partner at this point. Together you will surely overcome that unpleasant moment. Loving support of his confidence in a man and a woman always finds a way if you have a need, then help him. And alcohol is not the best remedy.

male aphrodisiac effect on harmful habits


Vyacheslav, 36 years

We spent a lot of time during his college years in a dorm. Like that who isn't? Naturally alcohol is poured into the river, and no one ever about the dangers. This time I had my first serious girl and we met with admiration, when executed together, we often sit down and have a joint company. Sex is almost always passed the head of the statement of alcohol. And it's tomorrow.

I didn't notice the alcohol it was like a part of my life, met a friend or even just comes into the shop, I would definitely buy one bottle of beer. And that was like a tragedy.

Time passed, and I began to notice this before having sex a drink, blunder. He was afraid and that he every day more. Every sex as sexuality, long-term, and the girl completely satisfied. And time went by.

Forced to think in that case, every time a child on the street in the past, her mother, loud enough to him, she asked, "Mom, this uncle – is he drunk?" Without realizing, looked around, degrading the search item, you didn't have anyone... a child just asked me. Me 29 years old.

Coming home, the first thing you looked at yourself in the mirror and I saw for the first time, actually I look. Awareness electric shock pierced me. By the time already firmly sat drinking alcohol, less 0,5 liters of vodka a day. No girl

Rehabilitation has taken about 8 months it's been, but I've made my decision, to make a difference, therefore, in the end it worked. At this point I don't drink 6 years. He is married and has two children. No I don't use alcohol. Everything is perfect in your sex life, love a good doping.

Oleg, 49 years

I would like to express support for the glass of cognac. Even improving potency, or sex. This drink has a strong influence on the body. Expands those blood vessels, it helps in a fast way, reduce blood pressure, improves the appetite and in a regular fight illness and revitalizes.

Yes, and yes again, sex is really a qualitatively different level after a dose of cognac. It is important to know measure. Abuse, alcohol, and in small doses alcohol – drug.