Potency for nuts: nuts, pistachios, cashews, pine nuts, recipes

Sexual power and attractiveness is directly dependent on, human health, lifestyle and nutrition habits. Independence how often does a man need to know about sex, and nuts such as aphrodisiac might affect these resources and more useful it is for him.

nuts for potency

Use nuts

All the necessary items for a full body work nuts: vitamins, minerals, essential oils, arginine, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and vegetable protein. Kind and many kinds of nuts. A certain dose male potency the positive effects of the ingredients they contain:

  • Promote natural testosterone production is zinc;
  • Calcium prevents premature ejaculation;
  • Phosphorus increases libido;
  • Affects the amount of vitamin E, and ejaculate quality;
  • The formation of activated arginine nitric oxide strength increases.

This is an intimate sphere, hazelnut enhances the immune system, cholesterol control current to establish a connection, a business, clean the body of toxins and the circulatory system. However, without limitation to the consumption of nuts is not worth it. Wanna gain strength and these products can cause weight gain. Hazelnut for men daily rate – 100-150 grams.


Leadership position in the list of the most useful nuts for male power occupation Walnut. They really keep a good portion instead of a unique protein composition.

This walnut valle lindo concentrate a large amount of zinc necessary for the formation of testosterone. Sex hormones protect the norm, save that the body should receive enough this norm of the element of potency and libido. For this reason, the nuts must be present in the diet, men regularly.

Especially useful young Walnut. Aggressive at the beginning of the autumn season it is recommended to eat 10 "Yesil" nuts days.

Almond and coconut

The question is, which will solve the problem of premature ejaculation hazelnut, this unique, nutmeg, almonds, walnuts. Special strengthen these nuts in essential oils, tactile, visual and auditory sensitivity, incentive, business and movement the central nervous system of a kind of natural aphrodisiacs. Nuts arginine has a positive effect on blood vessels, in turn, activates blood throughout the body.

Pine nuts

The most expensive nuts, so it's not very common to use. But for precaution, and the removal of immunity once a week enough for maintaining men's health to eat 100-150 grams of product.

Nuts and cashew

It differs from other types of nuts, nuts, low-fat, but they lack many beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Meanwhile, Turkish men are always nuts for food that day, planning an intimate closeness.


Creatures excellent contribution to beer – nuts. Eating a delicious delicacy, very little to think him a perfect recovery food additive pistachios useful features for power.


Between a product the most nutritious and calorie peanuts. Erectile disorders often appointed on the menu, I can remember treat infertility and prostatic men. Regular use peanut recovers hormonal balance, it increases the activity of sperm and testosterone production.


cake recipes

The most important advantage before other products I don't need to bother cooking with nuts – take this and eat it raw. Delicious, simple and useful! For those who want to diversify their daily menu, various recipes for the rise of power-based nuts. Great useful features together with nuts, sour cream, honey, meat, various vegetables, fruits, spices, and spice.

Added nuts, salads, main dishes and cocktails, desserts cakes and decorating them, I use them a snack independently.

Natural remedy

The most simple recipe enhancer for men together with honey walnuts. We take in equal proportions mix the ingredients and the refrigerator ship. This recipe is a complete partial ginger. Sexual desire to increase gain and to increase the duration of an erection, sufficient for sexual intercourse consumed in a mixture of 1 tablespoon 2 times a day.

Walnut milk

100 grams chopped walnuts (20 pieces peeled), pour a glass of boiled cooled water. The mixture to simmer for 3-4 hours, and filter. This walnut does not have the limitations and possible add the milk and the taste of honey obtained. Very useful for such a drink, young men positive effects such as development of the sexual organs.

Cocktail with sour cream

Thoroughly the lower mixer, 3 egg yolks, 250 grams of them later we are adding sour cream and stir until smooth. This mixture of finely chopped parsley leaves 50 grams chopped nuts and a high calorie complement. The cocktail you need to drink 2-3 hours before intimacy obtained.