As such, to extend for 50 years of sexual activity


How sexual stimulation occurs

Very subtle and complex process of power. Several different body systems that take place in the formation. Emergence, sexual arousal depends on work systems:

• Hormonal background;
• Vessels;
• Blood circulation;
• Nerve endings.

The first process that is engaged in a hormone system. The original activation of the hormone-testosterone. Fragmentation makes your impulse to occur. When the coup came, the hypothalamus. These activated nerve endings penis. The system to irritation of the roots male. Blood vessels dilate, their walls increases. Groin blood in the artery have been developed. Under the influence blood circulation occurs, the filling I cavernos corpus penis. That covers the skin is stretched, the penis increases. Compression of the bladder and sphincter from time to time has an erection. Required to avoid seminal fluid in the cavity of the bladder. The explosion of testosterone that causes the prostate gland to orgasm. Those images hidden semyavyvodyazhie seminal fluid way. Secret sexual displays and mixed cells to the urethra. Visible discharge.

Also has the power of participating in the formation of the psychic system. Psychological status has an effect on men and sex drive. If you have various psychological factors, the male sex drive may decrease, or exacerbated.


Why is impaired sexual arousal

Significant changes that occur in the body after the age of 50. Weak body's metabolic processes. For reasons such as due to the power of corruption, such as:

• External;
• Internal.

Among the external factors, there are several reasons. Professional male has the main effect. Long-term nutrition troficheskie the pelvic organs is disrupted in a sitting position in the Chair. Blood circulation slows down, the oxygen of the room is reduced. The study, prostate and testis as hell won't. This body weight can vary significantly. Health genital organs are also a pathological effect of the increased weight. The pelvic organs are compressed and the layer of excess fat under pressure to change its location. Male pain, not just the power, however, and general health.

External Reasons for changing current and psychological status of men. Job stress, high mental load, fighting, family cause a worsening of brain. Men became restless. Lost her sex drive. Rare sexual contact might exert harmful effects. The deterioration observed in these patients, blood circulation in small pelvis.

Nov skeleton men after the age of 50 is failing. Also it doesn't make sick many sport exercises. Nov sexual weakness when deterioration occurs. Must be a power to recover, lead an active lifestyle.

Depends on the internal reasons, general health, men's. 50 years later problems that arise with various institutions or systems. Many patients have a marked increase in blood pressure, endocrine system disorders worsening the working processes of change. Also notes ascending the course of chronic diseases.

Due to internal reasons can be connected and various inflammatory pathology, reproductive system. Special attention will be given diseases, prostate cancer and mochevivodyashix organs. Affect the power on different causes of prostatitis. Its danger lies in chronic disease. A period of time between symptoms. The development of the complications observed in many patients, erectile dysfunction is one of.

And hormonal of power to dangerous crashes. Such violations often in patients with diabetes mellitus. Violation of metabolic processes in peripheral tissues and organs in these diseases. Change is a process the cause of the violation difficulty functioning prostate gland and the hypothalamus. Changes in hormone levels. A The amount of testosterone in diabetics, significantly less, than a healthy male. An experienced endocrinologist that will help to solve this problem.

All these pathologies are accompanied by various symptoms, you need to pay attention. If that looks a strength, and need to uncover the cause of its distortion.

The diagnosis


50 years of the infringing power you need timely seek professional help. Which helps the doctor correct diagnosis and an appropriate treatment will be for you to install the prescription. Applied to the patient for ultrasound diagnosis, a variety of tests that should be.

Initially you need to define a human pathological changes on the blood line. The patient's blood diseases of the genital glands increases the amount of white blood cells. White blood cells are responsible for the output of antibodies from the body. In a normal case, an amount of the white cells less.

You will also need to examine the status genitourinary system. This is used for an ultrasound. An inflammatory process in the tissues and can be detected on ultrasound or affected. If there are pathological changes, assigned, examine additional hardware.

You need to install true sexual arousal and seminal fluid composition. After 50 years of age decreased testosterone synthesis, the secret and the composition of seminal fluid affects the number of reproductive cells. Changing the appearance of eyakulyat difference male if him necessary spermogramma.

Suspicious and inflammatory diseases, urogenital system recommended Delivery the swab to the urethra. Smear of various pathogenic microorganisms or their products can be life.

If the potency of deterioration is more of a background pathological processes, experts have to pass an additional sinav.

On how to improve Twitter

50 years later, specialists, execute, routine, Annual inspection. Organs working slow with age and chronic diseases have been developed. An active sex-life for many patients is not recommended. At a young age leads to deterioration of stagnant seminal fluid, and strength, and is the exact reverse of this process for 50 years.

Also recommended to set, do the following:

• Nutrition;
• Physical activity;
• Pick up and necessary treatment;
• Level of vitamins and minerals in the body;
• Quit bad habits;
• Avoid strong temperature variations.

Men 50 years selection carefully exercise his power. It should contain various vitamins and minerals. Recommended to improve the impact strength adjust the level of zinc, calcium, phosphorus and protein in the body. Zinc, which is required for true and a long-term study of the hormone system. Produsirovanie regulating testosterone. Wheat contains a large amount of zinc in krupe, meat, turkeys, Cedar nuts and beans. Calcium supports bone health and joint tissue. A large number of кисломолочной his product.

Protein foods increase male spermatogenesis. But to take into account the presence of comorbid disease. Foods forbidden, such men, suffering hypertension and heart pathologies.


Potency depends on the patient's physical activity. A lot of men over 50 years malakhitova to why it's a lifestyle. Increased mobility of the tissues of oxygen and to strengthen it with nutrition. Pass heat sufficient oxygen to the reproductive system.

A man within 50 years, comorbidities, should be done, you treat them. The treatment assigned is definitely talented. Exactly what you need to comply with your doctor's advice. It will help eliminate several potential complications and side effects.

50 years of various harmful habits that you should give up. Why semen drinks that contain alcohol violation. Compound formation of seminal fluid. Also bring drinks such corruption, the cardiovascular system. If you have hypertension, cocktails that contain alcohol are contraindicated completely. Throughout the property has a negative effect, blood vessels. Filling the active smokers corpus cavernos I will be missing. To recover using this complete nicotine cessation. If you have a different problem with the bath or sauna it is not recommended to participate in the sexual organs.

All these rules extend throughout sexual function in men. Potency of 50 years is easily broken. Fit, reduce the risk slimming power is possible with the right lifestyle.