How to back power: medicines and folk remedies

Sooner or later almost every man might be faced with a problem that can reduce and often very unpleasant surprise, a young man. Representatives of a strong half of humanity, the power to find an answer to the question of how many contracts a PhD and back in a hurry, strength, and a friend or online. Desk specialist to install and actually can help the solution of this problem is the reason why. How best to power back?

power back

The effect of the object

Cause sexual dysfunction in men potency impossible without installing the recovery. If low power is going to only in a few cases, perhaps, need a man, or just relax, relieve stress, premature ejaculation, erection impotence, but a systematic decrease or a sign of a serious require treatment. Of the main reasons effecting reduction, sexual power, includes the following:

  • Endocrine diseases.

Common drop is the reason for male potency, hormonal imbalance, which in the body by reducing the production male sex hormones, especially testosterone. Why lowering this hormone is responsible for sexual arousal and erectile function can be different etiology tumor, trauma, chronic diseases. Reduce the power to identify the cause and assign adequate treatment in this case, the doctor-endocrinologist.

  • Action some drugs.

That potency may be the result of intake of certain drugs, the repressive activities of the nervous system, especially of an uncontrolled medication is taken. Deterioration of erection and sexual arousal may also occur due to intake of antidepressants, sedative drugs, as well as hormonal drugs, prescription treatment for oncological diseases.

  • The disease is a neurological character.

Pathology that may be associated with neurological disorders the cause of decline of male potency, especially if they are associated with the disorder, blood flow, spinal cord and brain. These diseases include:

  1. Epilepsy.
  2. Multiple sclerosis.
  3. The problem blood flow to the brain.
  4. Parkinson's disease and some other.
the potency of these effects

Neurological diseases that can cause impotence, difficult, challenging fix most of these diseases cannot be cured, skills, and modern medicine only limited methods, some talented, to facilitate the patient's condition.

  • Psychological factors.

Power in the background of constant stress, fatigue, bad relationships with that you are experiencing is very characteristic for men, especially for the young. Often disorders, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation related to the income of the various complexes, uncertainty, fantasy, horror, unwanted pregnancy. In such a situation that will help you to set up a conversation with a psychotherapist.

  • Other factors.

There may be problems with potency, several injuries after dealing with problems after surgery in the urogenital system, for example, prostatectomy or removal of the spermatic cord after arrival. And also private power may be the result of problems with blood vessels, or heart disease.

There's also a serious testosterone side effects, harmful habits: smoking, alcohol, bad eating behavior. Male potency largely depends on the right lifestyle, physical activity and ecological environment.

Already an expert you need to define the cause erectile function, and proper diagnosis and prescription of treatment carried out on the basis of those test results.

Are needed to solve

Potency as may be one-time and ongoing for a character characteristic symptoms of this condition include:

  1. Have a decreased sex drive.
  2. His lack of erection or weak.
  3. Premature ejaculation.
  4. Reduced sensation during orgasm.

The symptoms specified individually or as a complex man, all the listed signs that are observed for a long period of time every time when you try to avoid sexual contact, experts, impotence and this condition is require emergency treatment or doctor sexologist-andrologist.

Back strength the following test methods:

  • It is treated with medication.
  • Invigorating massage and physiotherapy practices.
  • Enhancing medicines folk.
  • Consulting sexologist and psychologist.
  • A lifestyle change, bad habits leave.

Possible to repair quickly and in an integrated manner with power use these methods, but only a doctor to get the best treatment.


Drug treatment

In modern pharmacology, its the potency of drugs to increase the arms showcases all of these medicines from any pharmacy. Like many medicines, aggressive television and print advertising is on everyone's lips, but the doctors always alert, not blindly believe the tools introduced to, and I'll tell you it's not a commercial, possible side effects and contra indications. To increase the potency of any drug should be given with all the physician individual patient and the reasons why he is omnipotent.

What means aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiac this current a large amount of money is naturally talented, to significantly increase the strength and quality that increases sexual intercourse. About preparations on the basis of the most effective aphrodisiac plants of languages:

  1. African tree bark Yohimbe a powerful tool to develop the most power. Basic drugs significantly increase sex drive and improve erection yohimbe extract, a possible fast recovery power.
  2. Pumpkin seeds – pumpkin seed extracts containing drugs, your power only increases, but also increase the overall resistance of the body and to a degree prevent prostatitis and development of talented men, against various infections.
  3. Pelin – known as an aphrodisiac since ancient times, oil was heavily used to increase potency, Wormwood, anise in a manner that is particularly effective with oil. Numerous are manufactured to increase the potency of folk remedies based pelin.

An unusual type of direction

To increase the potency of folk remedies, it's always a pleasure, thanks to the immense popularity, their status, naturalness and minimize unwanted effects.

Back to the question of how male power and potency, boost the reputation of the best remedy for formal admission and recovery and alternative medicine – ginseng. Commonly available dosage forms pharmacies based on ginseng, but you have the opportunity to buy the natural root, yourself to eat better. Folk remedies-ginseng based when you are preparing alcohol-based, water or honey. Mix the chopped root tincture traditional cooking methods, the vodka is such a tool ready 40 days after the infusion in a dark place.

Folk remedies, including various herbal teas and tinctures, St. John's wort, ginger, thyme and many other herbs.

public methods

Using recovery in addition to folk remedies potency of various herbal medicinal plants include the use of bubble baths, as well as recipes for various dishes. For example, the blend have a good effect, Walnut, fig, lime, honey and white grape medication you need to take such a delicious on an empty stomach for a month.

The potency of folk remedies is unlikely to completely back, but all these methods have a very good activity an integrated part of therapy.

In problem solving, how quickly back strength, and a need to rely on expert opinion only that can be accurately determined, or can I use another vehicle. Quite wide arsenal of methods: pills, folk remedies, physical therapy, and other. At the first sign of a problem have the potential to be a value that is not drinking pills immediately and uncontrolled self medication, better consult a doctor and get expert help.