The vitamins in which you select the improvements to male potency?

By taking the power vitamins for men to develop symptoms only to eliminate erectile dysfunction, increase libido and also strengthen the immune system, and to get rid of a psychological thriller. At the first sign of sexual impotence, it is not recommended to rush and a mechanical application of drugs with central action. First inspection and violations.

Why do ordinary potency degradation sometimes fatigue and exhaustion, nervous system. Able to quickly recover back to a properly chosen complex man power and satisfaction sex life. To increase the effect, you must enter at the same time is a power that develops a range of diet products.

the potency of vitamins

Need any essential vitamins and everyday

Dull sex life in the past about the problems of showing the first symptoms to apply the best natural vitamins cumulative usage by seasonal vegetables and fruit. Them better in their own backyard, but appropriate for the summer season and purchased on the market.

Worth to buy winter-grown vegetables under natural conditions. Useful male potency of the ingredients very small, but nitrate is harmful for your health is full. Make more sense to take cold medicine complexes, developed to ensure the operation of all body systems. For men between the ages of 18 and 59, and the average employment intensity in the norm to have a difficult time vitamin needed for daily consumption.

Name The recommended dose per day
Tocopherol — E 15 ME
Calciferol — D 100 IU
Consectetuer or niacin (PP, B3) 20 mg
Thiamine — 1 1,9 mg
Folate — or folic acid 9 200 mcg
Pyridoxine — 6 2,2 mg
Retinol — A 1000 mcg
Askorb yours or with ascorbic acid 78 mg

Focusing on the table and revealed their lack vitamin products knowingly used in a number of examples in the male body. Balancing tools and help to compensate for the shortage of pharmaceutical diet.

Depending on the needs of election preparations, why, why, sexual weakness. It helps to identify them, the doctor a urologist or a sex therapist for individual surveys.

It's not worth it to myself and to navigate positive comments about vitamins only prescribe them. Drink only the specified doses and a limited pharmacy drugs prevention course.

Attention! Uncontrolled intake of vitamin A, toxicity and violation often happens why why the male body in the system.

vitamins for men

Mechanism of action and maintenance products

Doctors, also known as men's vitamins, substances, talented, positive influence vascular copia sanguinis, toned muscles, nervous system, brain, and spirit. Enable keep for a long time it helps in their daily diet the ability to get an erection and prevent impotence. Each product and vegetables usually contain many different nutrients, but particularly rich nor an component.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Full sexual life is not possible without a main potency of vitamin C, ingredients which are a source of vitamin E, tocopherols, offered 7 kinds of. Their main function, stimulating Sexual Glands and Nov activities. When it is insufficient, lack of tocopherol in the body, male hormone a lack of the urge for the opposite sex, and as a result, erectile dysfunction.

Is not digested without vitamin E in the body other fat-soluble complexes, especially containing retinol. Smoothes rich in all kinds of vegetable oils, especially soybean and corn, but the Sunflower version of this component is the most active form. Yesil is also a substance filled with edible parts of herbs and spices.

Note! Vitamin E, 170 degrees high temperature under the influence of uv and endure destruction.

Thiamine – 1

This ingredient complexes designed for relieving mental stress and nervousness, including all the basic eliminate. Effects of B1, orgasm, Nov Tonus, in men, improves sleep quality, and stress. The content in the body decreases in the treatment of antibiotics, diabetes, and alcoholism. Regular ingestion may restock:

  • nuts;
  • peas;
  • 2 types of bread;
  • seeds;
  • beans;
  • Nov and side dishes, cereal grain.

If necessary, you can quickly enrich the male body with thiamine, doctors, prescriptions, dry Brewer's yeast. 5 mg every 100 grams of product contain in this article.

Better to keep to ready meals vitamins potency Group 1, of the rules that must be followed is very simple. Salt, semolina, pulses and grains when sending better already. Bread crumbs frying and preferably consumed fresh or dried from it, at room temperature.

Important! 1 of vitamin C had been destroyed almost completely when using deep freeze and thermal processing, the temperature is 130 degrees. What constitutes loss of 70%.

Meals, preserving an antioxidant function of vitamin maximum. And potency to reduce any harmful effects that tobacco and alcohol drinks.

vitamin B

Folate or folic acid – 9

Sexuality and sexual intercourse for a direct effect of folic acid at the level of uplifting satisfaction. But those increases metabolism and blood, promote a healthy body and better erection. 9 semen quality of men should be taken when you plan for children.

Folic acid component:

  • walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts and almonds;
  • any greens (spinach, parsley, dill, salad Yesil);
  • offal;
  • grains, cereals;
  • onions, zucchini, carrots, and turnips;
  • all kinds of meat;
  • dried fruit;
  • mushrooms and beans.

Egg yolk and milk and 9 more vitamin C is also available. Pharmacy folic acid content already assigned to the man the cure potency, you should reduce these foods from your diet. When calculating the daily consumption of folic acid should be taken into account during heat treatment loss 70-90%. Excess folate, which can trigger nervous disorders, digestive disorders, kidney outages, and why.

– Askorbinka

The main vitamins for men should emphasize ascorbic acid. That is involved in hormone synthesis that helps to activate the immune cells and the joy of it. Effects vessels vitamin C, toning, increased endurance, and improves flexibility walls.

Askorb joins yours, and the incentive to quickly fill tissue metabolic reactions and blood. This permission will increase the level of male sexual organ the potency of a good corpus because I cavernos hyperemia. Grant activity acceptable ACID properties as a bonus, adrenaline and fever, the symptoms of stress. The leader and the contents of this article, rosehip — 470 mg 100 grams of edible parts. Second place sweet pepper (red) 250 mg. The third position can be divided between black currants and sea buckthorn, 200 mg, 100 gr. Male daily diet if these products, pharmaceutical vitamins we need to increase the potency. Askorb among other sources:

  • Brussels sprouts;
  • parsley;
  • strawberry;
  • spinach;
  • red cabbage;
  • Orange;
  • veal liver.

It should be noted that containing vitamin C, meat, fish, dairy and grain products in very small amounts. That's completely missing eggs, grain, flour, and most of them are fat, like fruits and vegetables then though in small quantities, but always present. Ascorbic acid is actively destroyed during the interaction with metals. The best enamel to use for storing cookware during cooking.

vitamin D

Calciferol – D

Vitamin D is especially necessary for potency. Alerts, training, and normalization of testosterone the libido glands not only encourage, but also improve it. All the products has a part of him, as of animal origin relevant. Leading content for the skin and hair growth — oil cod liver and tuna.

Vitamin D excitation centers of the brain to activate the required quality. Oily fish men, 82%, butter and homemade egg, maybe if you suffer from heart disease, but why a healthy sex life, thirty years.

Important! For the skin and hair growth increases when exposed to synthesis in the body, the skin protects against the sun's Rays.

Consectetuer – B3 or PP

Nicotinic acid is added, the processes in cellular respiration and protein metabolism improves. Under the influence, B3, in the body develops when blood and oxygen to the body tissues. At the same time, active brain, adrenal glands and other glands.

Consectetuer is capable of giving power by providing a full tide of blood to the tissues in the penis by expanding the blood vessels in a manner and with high quality. The man that feeds in nature, this vitamin C, systematic dishes and show Cooking offers:

  • birds;
  • beef;
  • veal;
  • animal kidney;
  • wheat germ;
  • rice bran;
  • is Maya.

This is true for nicotinic acid, thus sustainable vitamins. He hardly ever damaged baked, ice cream, and storage and are affected by oxygen, acid and alkali.

Retinol (A)

Man to save the power when you need to fill to equal the amount of the body's vitamin 1000 IU every day. This daily rate is healthy for a human being. To increase potency, it is necessary to increase male dose of 1500 IU.

Retinol — this fat-soluble vitamin is animal products which are present in the pigment carotene, the vegetable form and ready. Its main sources are showing a mg content of 100 grams of product:

  • red carrot 9;
  • liver, beef 8,2;
  • spinach 4,50;
  • pig liver to 3.45;
  • rosehip 2,60.

This substance in plants in the form of pro-vitamin A and retinol are converted to only human or animal body after he was shot.

6 (pyridoxine)

The prescription to improve sexual dysfunction during erection this vitamin that are associated with pathologies of the nervous system. Pyridoxine increases the metabolic processes and helps absorb fat and protein. What time men became restless and badly his lack of sleep. This leads to problems, bed and aggravation for a negative situation. The concept of pyridoxine, a small amount in almost all foods, fats. Injections are commonly prescribed in medicine to improve potency. Pyridoxine may increase content in the body, drinking, all kinds of offal, beans, tomato sauce, bonito, and millet.

use vitamin

Benefits minerals and their sources

It is recommended to take to improve potency vitamin with minerals at the same time. Pharmacy complexes is generally a well-balanced amount of both. Enrich, the body of these substances and by doing a correct diet. Minerals are particularly useful for active men among the amenities:

  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • selenium;
  • zinc.

They improve erectile function, promote the ejection process testosterone increases libido, sexual partner. Their influence increases, this compromise with the vitamins. The ingredients that you buy separately is useless.

Depending on the needs of election preparations, in which the necessary vitamins the body. Prevention and protection, men's health, better for drinking and combined tools.

Forced to buy an item inadequate monotherapy with simple names (ascorbic acid, retinol, fish oil).

You need to eliminate your intake of vitamins during, risk factors, erectile provoke violations. Smoking cessation and alcohol, exercise and a healthy diet assist in keeping the power of the actor in the coming years.