Increasing potency in men: causes a disease or is it normal?

Problems with speech, strength, and the lack of the most common ima or partial loss of erection. The risk for this pathology more sensitive mature and old men. However, there is a diametrically opposed problem of increasing potency in men. Defined normal to the boundary, and more a treatable disease?

increased potency

A disease that is called?

The term "might" mean the ability to just a sexual relationship, however, women sexually and satisfaction, the ability to conceive a child. A disease observed in males persistent erection, called priapism. On the background of existing pathology in the body of this thriving and threat, serious complications without treatment. After a prolonged and painful erection confuse the growing phenomenon of stimulus potency, vanishing after a perfect sexual relationship.

Priapism – illness requiring immediate medical attention. Him exposed to approximately 0.2% male, pain, sexual disorders, or there are some diseases. Age doesn't matter hit you, facing him, even as a child.

The disease occurs in circulatory disorders in the penis and can be very different reasons:

  1. Psychological – increased potency that may be accompanying the eye, nervous and mental disorders: neurosis, epilepsy.
  2. Neurogenic – shake serve pathology, brain and spinal cord trauma, organ, oncology, encephalitis.
  3. Somatic – this including leukemia, allergic reaction, and anemia.
  4. Poisoning and degradation products in blood, increases an erection, alcohol, narcotics, and psychotropic drugs.
  5. Medicamentul – state provokes long antidepressants, and drugs to increase the potency of psikostimulan.
  6. Hormone – high testosterone levels that leads to an increase in sexual desire.

Reduces pain during sexual intercourse and may be accompanied by erection. Penis looks intense and tense, hung upside down. After a while it becomes cyanotic color, markedly edematous foreskin.

Norm or pathology

The increased power at a young age was an option. This guy lives if you have discomfort or pain. If that occurs in the background congestive effects, the time depends on their symptoms: may be continued indefinitely without causing erection can occur after sexual intercourse or masturbation. There are all different types of pain: marked as weak.

4 hours ago the erection of pathology can be seen in a few months. This side of a bow bent penis-shaped abdomen. In this context, the process was interrupted urination and bowel movements.

In addition, chronic priapism, priapism or sleepy. That are seen less common and difficult to treat. During development of diseases, such a man lives, painful erection in a dream. A short duration, a few seconds or minutes. The thing I remember a man in the morning. His violation occurs, sleep stages, depth, in turn, causes neuromuscular and psychological problems. The necessary treatment to prevent the development of Neurologist, neurosis, depression, schizophrenia.

Reasons testosterone

Total testosterone is considered the Norm: 11-33 nmol/L free – 4,5-42 pg/ml.

Physical attraction is responsible for the increased hormone synthesis, sperm, Nov lean mass, proportional development, Nov-participates in the change of the skeletal system, calcium, and nitrogen.

Indicators testosterone varies: one day, the highest value in the morning, less at night. Ripple affects the amount of physical exertion, smoking, emotional situation.

reasons, high potency

Symptoms develop

Mature male hormone imbalance accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • emotional unrest;
  • sleep disorders;
  • headache;
  • increased excitability;
  • longer lasting erections;
  • excessive hair growth throughout the body of the surface of the head;
  • prints.

Effects of testosterone levels in the body

Distinguishing the physiological causes of the error (length mode violation, malnutrition) and somatic (adrenal pathology, genetic abnormalities).

Can serve as a trigger the following exception:

  • disease Itsenko-Kushinga, because of the imbalance of the adrenal glands;
  • prostatic hypertrophy;
  • oncology testis;
  • similarity woman;
  • early puberty;
  • taking steroids regularly.

High damage testosterone male, body, provoking a series of diseases in the body. This disorders, sexual and encourages development in the area:

  • disease, liver and bile ducts;
  • he's trying cardiovascular system deviation;
  • increased prostate cancer;
  • to raise your cholesterol levels;
  • violation metabolism;
  • low concentration and attention.

You know, men exhaust more witness blood testosterone levels, own before a physiological source, and, therefore, and is getting faster.

The survey needs to take in which?

The first examination is in the direction of collecting patient information (history) external examination the external genital organs. Attention, accompanying diseases, there is a business centre that could: here is the increasing power of the indirect effect.

Last up in the blood to determine the level of testosterone in the blood gives up the dashboard diagnosis. Recommendations, with blood donation:

treatment, high potency
  1. The analysis is taken on an empty stomach. Last meal 8 hours, two days should be deleted alcohol, cigarettes.
  2. Also, before checking the hormone levels necessary emotional, and physical inactivity.
  3. Accept drug intake, Doc, hormonal drugs is contraindicated.
  4. Sinav like the best pass in the morning until 11 in the morning observed a large hormone level in the blood.

If the rate is exceeded, sinav necessary. To rule out the existence of the tumor determines the number:

  • a specific hormone (ACTH);
  • somatotropin (STH);
  • prolactin and estrogen.

Further research includes the study of methods of thyroid, ultrasonic diagnostic organ, abdominal ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, brain, electrocardiogram, blood chemistry. Then you may need a full examination counseling psychologist, psychotherapist.

The effects of organic disease which is detected with increasing strength, and you need to eliminate, in addition to deviation. Only symptomatic treatment that will facilitate a situation.

Treatment ways

With the development of a pathological condition, it is necessary to go to a doctor. And maybe conservative therapy is unusual. The most common situation can be reversed, and the reason is, his thought-provoking psychological. But exceptions also bodily diseases, you should contact your urologist.

Sometimes hormone levels are normal adequate to cancel the reception drug, stimulating the production of testosterone, for example, dietary supplements. Long-term acceptance, you may need steroid hormone replacement therapy.

First aid

Sought if expert help the patient during the first phase of development of the disease effective puncture assignment I cavernos corpus penis. To do this, peeled the tissue swelling with ice, then drained of blood. Used as medication, sedative drugs, and adrenergic receptor.

Time is not a drug, that is shown at the command prompt to cope with a task resolution. Surgical intervention will increase blood flow, which is a member of.

Unusual ways to monitor power

Vehicles, when there is no current somatic pathology and alternative medicine after consulting the doctor. Popular weeds and plants with complex action:

  1. Neutralize the excessive the amount of testosterone mint. It contains menthol, reduces the activity of sperm.
  2. St. John's wort plant – increases blood pressure, accelerates emptying reduces the systematic use of the power.
  3. Low libido in men lemon balm and thyme.
  4. Motherwort, Valerian, a nervous system depressant and soothing thanks to exposed avoid overstimulation.
  5. Licorice is a tonic, just a tool, but at the same time, reduces the production of the hormone.

Useful juice recipe

Ability to have tea toxins from the body, Chichewa, alfalfa, peppermint, valerian root, lime, liquorice and hops cones. Take herbs, and poured equal amounts of boiling water. After 3 hours ready for a drink: half a cup three times a day. 2 weeks of treatment.

Secondary treatment

The action strengthening the traditional medicine and the correct mode intelligently created a menu. For restore health and improve the quality of life you need to adhere to certain rules:

  1. Normalized work and rest. Must be a dream.
  2. Avoid stressful situations.
  3. Many jogging, swimming – a-load is useful for heart health, but weight training will minimize.
  4. Your sex life must be orderly.
  5. Nutrition has a great effect on blood hormone levels. This is to give priority to reduce the necessary plant foods, protein-rich legume); natural oils – it is especially useful, flax seeds, dairy products, high fat; grenades, apples and grapes. All the listed ingredients testosterone levels due to a special item that are included to neutralize them.

At the same time, desserts, pastries, potatoes (except until it appears positive dynamics.

"Alcohol" might

Almost always, then alcohol, occurs in males an increasing need related to the proximity of the points stimulated. A small amount, in degrees, than it does in the blood is recovered, the power and level of arousal increases. If the mediator drunk too much product occurs due to increase libido. They provoke sex drive on a primitive level.

What if you begin treatment

Fear exacerbating problems, opportunities hurt yourself. Effects, high potency, why a permanent change in a man's body. Private represents a health hazard:

  • decreased liver function;
  • hypertensive heart disease;
  • benign prostate disease;
  • sexual dysfunction;
  • high cholesterol;
  • development, thromboembolism, myocardial;
  • the development, diabetes mellitus;
  • mental and emotional disorder.

If you have an erection for hours that causes the pain, you need to go to the doctor immediately. Timely treatment to relieve symptoms and prevent the development of complications.