Male potency effects such as smoking: pros and cons

Many negative effects of tobacco and nicotine scientific evidence that "male power". Despite this, many men smoking a sure negative effect, potency and erection is more than a myth. This is actually?

the effect of smoking, potency

A little history

Tobacco – the plant of the known person. He appeared for the first time in Europe, in 1496. The time period begins smoking and chewing tobacco leaves.

XVIII-XIX. used for centuries as a remedy for headache. Smoking was considered a mandatory element in the wardrobe and in the higher areas of society, men and even women (in some cases). Today, according to statistics, nearly half of the world's population drinking, permanent or temporary.

But smoking does affect the potency and erection why do men in old age to be afraid of being who wants to protect a good shoot like a nicotine?

The effect of smoking, potency

Smoking causes a large amount of development diseases. The most challenging and remains the fastest growing cardiovascular pathology (coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke) and malignant neoplasm, oral cavity, and lung.

Sexual impotence – the first heralds a very severe disease. Statistically proven, all smokers, male, pain, even minor symptoms, impotence and risk of myocardial infarction.

Smoking and potency:

  • Nicotine is a powerful vasoconstrictor. Under his influence all over the body especially the pelvic organs and peripheral vessels significantly narrowed. As a result to inadequate blood flow to the penis, erection path attenuation.
  • Help reduce the shortage of blood, strength, and nerve cells of the penis Nov. Dropping his oxygen saturation. Therefore, an urgent problem you will premature ejaculation and the feeling of relaxation during orgasm.
  • Possible contribute to the development of atherosclerosis vessel the husband working, the more it reduces the situation by accelerating blood circulation. As a result, this path irreversible processes on the development of serious cardiovascular diseases.
  • Regular cigarettes no normal sperm structure. They mobility loses, drops the quality and quantity of sperm is reduced during discharge. Then slowly evolving part of a complete sterility.
  • Genital circulatory disorder leads to a decrease of testosterone synthesis. This is a lost of interest of the fair sex and significantly reduced immune.

All these factors describe the negative effects smoking male aphrodisiac. Of course, there are many smokers claim that, that's not an issue to them in a sexual way. But you need to consider this, they compare the quality potency however, if no adverse effects of nicotine.

Also, improve erectile dysfunction, not 1 day. This is a gradual process, slowly but surely reduces the power.

non-the potency of such effects

Additional factors

Moments I can't forget about the harmful effects that smoking cause a series of indirect male.

The basic ones:

  1. The smell of tobacco. It's not much, smoked a cigarette after another men's perfume that excites women of the world. According to statistical surveys split into up to 70% ladies don't like when their partner that is similar to a "living ashtray".
  2. Constantly cough. Over time it will happen, a mandatory friend any cigarette. This symptom is usually an obstacle to normal activity and certainly not proper men during sexual intercourse.
  3. The risk of cancer, mouth, or lungs. Smoking leads to an important factor to speed up this process. Worth think twice before making another puff.
  4. A financial question. Regular buy nicotinic pulls from his pocket a handsome amount of money for products and invisible men. More useful things they could spend (for example, the power to develop products).

One way or the other, but non-this is a good thing, and the people who lead a normal sexual life. Imaginary and desire to show a temporary condition with smoking in the teeth of the image, the bad guy, or a successful entrepreneur, human health and more success this value, sex.

Smoking or erection?

The best way full it's a bad habit for a waiver. Depending on experience, restore potency may occur after quitting, now or never will not occur.

potency negative effects of tobacco

No need to entertain yourself dreams, after 30 years of smoking the vessels instantly deal with rejection it's a bad habit. However, the use of non continuous further aggravate the situation.

A non-legal way to shorten a life of lies. To be an active participant in the process, destroy itself or not, everyone decides for himself...