A tool for the public in men enhancer: the paths to recipes

To increase the potency of folk remedies, help combat the prostatitis and erectile dysfunction in men. And they also improve the production of testosterone is particularly important, then the "male menopause". There are similar recipes, and for women, they fight back and normal substances that help to estrogen synthesis.

how to increase power home

Male potency

How to increase male potency-young and old, you need a large amount of nutrients. Provide exactly what the male body, vitamins and most suitable Minecraft public roads. Power is required for Male Enhancement: trace elements:

  • Zinc;
  • Selenium;
  • Chrome;
  • Magnesium;
  • B group vitamins;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Vitamin A;
  • Vitamin E

A high level of thanks; folk medicine turns out to reach the following effects:

  • Increasing testosterone;
  • Improved blood circulation;
  • Prevention of inflammatory processes and edema;
  • Improved nutrition of the tissues of the male genital;
  • Import the necessary energy for high power.

Together, these effects provide a strong, stable erection. Men back sex drive, desire, a woman for her sex.

Rare public methods that can be called fast. It will be difficult to produce increased potency folk remedies 3 days. Need more long-term treatment. After all, traditional medicine, it contains natural ingredients in the first place. When they help, not immediately, but the effect is more stable, more stimulating pill.


Handy for someone Men products, pumpkin. Unsuccessful in a way that brings the greatest benefit and fresh Pumpkin Juice thermal processing cores.

The concept of pumpkin dishes, there are a large amount of zinc. This element is required in large amounts for the male body produce testosterone. This is especially important, if a man, an old man.

Representatives of the stronger sex and fatty acids along people of all ages. You are very young because modern day prostatitis and omega-3 – the best is prevention.

A special offer for two recipe, are among the famous Russian folk methods:

  • Balls, pumpkin seeds with honey. Download fresh seeds 0.5 kg of meat, roasted. Add a glass of fat honey, intensive blind approximately 10 mm diameter balls. in the morning a short time, such as two or three vitamins. This recipe is important to correctly clean up the core. When eloquence, shell, thin films leave it in place – most of them the required power for trace elements;
  • Mince peeled and core a method similar miss again. Blind bread and received it in the oven, just so it's not dry. This delicious and light dessert for tea. Add honey while especially the cake ready.
seeds for potency


Not all of this plant is accurate. However, this is very useful in order to strengthen male potency. Contains a large supply the nutrients that are found especially in celery. Grips much less necessary trace elements.

Rhizomes and stems, celery one of the best ways to quickly increase male potency. A glass of freshly squeezed celery juice a motion in front of a friendly character, will help you feel more confident.

Try with celery folk remedies for male potency following:

  • Smash rhizomes and stems, celery. Or we add grated carrots and turnips. Mix, pour olive oil and lemon juice, add salt better not to. Consume a regular salad, delicious and nutritious;
  • Dry celery. Dust in grate condition. Suitable for use continuously add food, and at the same time improve potency;
  • Planed on three rootstocks. The mixture of the two layers the package Marley, squeezing the juice. 2 tablespoons a day will be enough for strengthening male potency. To add some honey, delicious;
  • We have finely cut celery. We are adding small grapes, chopped walnuts, hazelnuts. Sour cream filling and other dairy products. One day you can eat without harm Figure 2-servings wow and fast back its potency.


This plant, botanists, a so-called "fireweed angustifolia", used in the past, Russian folk medicine. Treatment for male potency is a good fit for the flower and leaves. Easy boiling Ivan-a perfect replacement of tea, coffee, and tea are harmful to other sexual activity, male.

The following people; the effect is used to increase the strength of Ivan-tea:

  • The tincture. We take a cup of boiling water and a tablespoon of dried Ivan-tea. Keep a lid close to 20 minutes. Power for such a tincture to drink half a cup every morning and evening. This is a public method, or thirty days of treatment. As much as we enjoyed it, and repeat if necessary;
  • Decoction. Pour 2 tablespoons of dry plant pots, pour a glass of water. When boiling water, heat to the weak, close the cover, keeping a slight boiling for 15 minutes. Close the plate, the unopened pot to two hours. Ready, you can drink the juice. Best – of- 2 teaspoons, three times a day on an empty stomach;
  • Drink tea. To wash a kettle of boiling water. We need 3 tablespoons dry Ivan-tea and a bottle of water. Brewing tea, but it's not a first bottom, the water boiling the entire volume, only one-third. 7 minutes later we add the remaining warm water, a little more brewing. Drinking this high-volume and power to heal. Add honey to taste, more or less water, if strong or weak tea.
for tincture potency


Ginger – often these substances are used in folk medicine of the East. I might use this root for you every day and strengthen it. In here all the essential vitamins and minerals a good man for power.

The language used to develop the public men of power methods:

  • We're getting fresh ginger root and pickles. We need a kilogram of the product. Chop thin slices, and then they took it a shell. Must be pre-ready Bank capacity of 3 l, full pickled. We need 1.5 cups rice vinegar, 3 tbsp. spoons of sugar. We add the water, thoroughly mixed. To sleep sliced ginger. Seven hours later, you can already eat;
  • A public method that can be used as dried spices, and fresh ginger roots. We receive, ginger and honey in 1:1 ratio mixed. Put in a cold place for 15 days. Able to go to a few tablespoons before bed. Useful potency for use as sweet;
  • RUB grated fresh ginger rhizomes, the best, the most shallow. Pour vodka. Ginger tincture will give you most of the nutrients but not all of the early 12 days. After that, filter the tincture with a colander. Add the lemon juice according to your taste, sugar and a little cinnamon. First, to sleep, to drink a teaspoon tincture and juice squeezed.

For women

Temperament and behavior during intercourse – women's issue more complex, more male. If a girl, weak sex drive, works every time for increasing folk remedies. Usually at this point if it is determined in women, psychological factors, relationships, and conditions of the partner's sex.

However, in some cases, all open and paired with a good woman loves her husband, but the libido decreases. So, this is happening menopause or menopause. Any woman any problems with the production of estrogen. Organic substances increase the level of female hormones necessary here. May also be required natural anti-oxidants to help to treat inflammatory gynecological organs.

Herbal teas

Decoctions are known as one of the best tool to increase sexual activity in women:

  • Smash, four tablespoons parsnips. Mix six teaspoons of sugar we are adding 300 ml water. Please note, a boil, and cook about a quarter of an hour. Keep the lid cut you shoot with shooting as well as four hours. We drink one tablespoon of it three times a day on an empty stomach;
  • Dubrovnik is 25 g to prepare us for your needs, these folk remedies. Throw them in a pot of boiling 250 ml of water. Cook, but no more than four minutes. Clearly the tiles, the leaves to brew in 90 minutes. Possible three times a day for a few big sip, on an empty stomach;
  • If a woman if you want to try this medication if you need to find a wild yam ten grams. Just the appropriate rootstock plants must be first chop. Please boil 300 ml of water, and put it in the weakest shoot. To sleep our drug substance, to keep a quarter of an hour at this temperature. Remove the plate under the cap, holding approximately three hours. Consuming 100 ml, four times a day.


These types of folk remedies is also a good food source gained popularity among women:

  • Buy ponytail 6 teaspoons and 4 – leszczyny the bottle upright in boiling water. Pour drained for about 90 minutes under their cover to keep our Batt. Drink half a glass twice a day;
  • I want to buy some nettle leaf, good weed. That is more easily tolerated by the body, and more food. A tablespoon of brewing tea – cup boiling water. But drink, you must wait about half an hour. Accept juice on an empty stomach;
  • Calamus dried rhizomes for cooking. Throw boiling water, a tablespoon – cup water. Half an hour later you can drink, but small amounts — 1/5 Cup. I better repeat this three times a day to sit at a table before;
  • We're getting a few passionflower leaves. Brewing and them fifteen minutes and filtered tincture. We drink a tablespoon of it twice a day. A course of treatment, months;
  • It would be useful to normalize the body of a woman also motherwort normal business. We need a tablespoon of dried plants. Pour boiling water and insist until the water will be cold still. Filtered cheesecloth or strainer. One by one we drank, his throat three times a day;
  • We buy two tablespoons of St. John's wort, we add a cup of boiling water. I insist we drink three times a day 60 minutes before filter and 1/5-piece glass.