Increased strength, and 60 men


The main living male needs sex. And representatives, at almost any age sex missing male that is experiencing a need. To achieve a certain age threshold, but most of them live when he came to power with serious problems, in spite of advancing age – this is always a very important factor. But in either case, the air is changing and the sex life of men over time an important question arises – increased strength, and in men after the age of 60. This can't be done, and how even at this age, the experience of joy is the place to be seen for?

What to expect, 60 years or more?

According to statistics, men potency, top, 60 years of age, the level is recorded only 60% of cases. Other developing the so-called male menopause – the hormone of testosterone is reduced nearly doubled, it's clear that sexual attraction is the kind predstavitel. Sometimes even a man can do it own there is marital debt, but not just any cravings and mood swings. Sex is the most powerful but still the worries or the complete absence of power at the low level.

Note! Regular sex with a capacity to stimulate the production of testosterone this situation. Precautions to prevent the loss of your sex life so a kind of power. Worth neglect sex at any age – he should be regularly.

What are we waiting for man standing on the verge of age 60 and more years? In any case, those marks, that sex is more restrained, this passionate, just as before. The fatigue process will be faster. Other symptoms are also age-related changes related to sexual life.

1. Sometimes you will need a lot of time to be driven more than 2-3 times a youth. And even during foreplay erection not as bright as I've been in some time.
2. Be the feeling reaching orgasm less pronounced.
3. What were the size of the penis 20-30 years of age much more remote ones, even at the maximum level stimulation.
4. Generation and the loss of an erection after the orgasm comes very quickly.
5. Egg loses its elasticity, smaller size, skin, scrotum drops.

Note! Ability to fertilize is reduced to 60 years and even more years for some males, however, being the fathers, they even in these years.


Negative influencing factors

To have an influence on, not just the body from general wear and tear and old age. In fact its very affecting factors:

• smoking and alcohol abuse;
• nervous disorders, stress, psychological problems;
• problems with the endocrine system;
• diseases of the circulatory system;
• reception, a number of different medications;
• improper diet;
• the presence of diseases, urogenital system;
• prostatitis;
• fatigue;
• excess weight and lack of physical activity;
• no regular sex.

Especially the extra weight of power at a negative level. Full almost all-male early to lose the ability to offer and enjoy sex. The thing is, fat deposits – this is a kind of "driver" male hormones and their concentration, with heavy blood is reduced. Sometimes overweight is considered the main factor is power. He provokes and psychological problems – male finds himself in ugly woman closes itself.

Attention! Age the age of 60, men should be regular in your sex life. Dec exactly a couple of months can trigger a loss of sexual function.

Can you recover the power?

It's a situation worth considering reducing the potency of the first signs about a fix. It is advisable to examine information about to register at the necessary level and at the same time, it is important to visit a doctor to get tips, advice, or treatment. Recourse without the use of drugs, usually drugs all the time – sometimes adequate health care, timely response to resolve any negative changes negative effect of potency factors.

Important! To think, it's not recommended for men's health his, just, your door old age, and at an early age.

How to back the strength of men?

To bring it back and not lose more, male power, men pay attention to you, to your own health and lifestyle before anything else. Important to adhere to certain rules.

1. Diseases of the urinary system to monitor their symptoms and see a doctor first. Only an expert that will help you as much as it is possible to assign an appropriate and effective treatment for your situation.
2. Treatment of any chronic disease. You shouldn't leave especially for non-attention problems, endocrine system, heart, blood vessels.
3. Give up cigarettes and alcohol addiction, a harmful food.
4. Live a sexual life.
5. To develop physically, not to forget, sports. Special attention should be given to training and the muscles in the pelvic area. Interestingly, on one occasion for men is recommended on the toilet, delay urination for a few seconds – this is needed for a good education, Nov.

As men age, yoga and Doc recommended resolution – making body and aerobic (skiing, Cycling, running, walking on the street, charging, etc.). However, this yoga is capable of greatly increase and libido and the tone of the Nov. The recommended mastering poses – butterfly and Cobra.


Aerobic loads when the pre-value, a control pulse during the course and consult a doctor. Justification though intense exercise it is recommended that you exclude the years that they require great physical cost.

Note! Best time to exercise 30 minutes a day. This will be quite enough to protect the muscles toned.

If a man's low self-esteem, or a series of psychological problem, then don't be shy – visit the most psychotherapist. In some cases, the power is back to normal quite quickly true back helps you in for a treat.

Factors such as diet, men's health improving

The full study for all body systems with the essential nutrients, but also various vitamins and minerals. Therefore, nutrition of the men at any age, but especially to be 60 years of age, well-balanced, varied, complete, and rational.

The menu contains the required nutrients, lower cholesterol, improve blood circulation. Useful fruit, vegetables, protein foods. Here you should not give up fatty foods. There is no Daily Value, legumes, nuts, honey, greens, strawberries, drink, yogurt, and milk. It will be useful and oily fish meat, which is rich in Omega-3. Useful products that contain a lot of calories in a condition which will affect directly the price and the potency of the body. Better to reduce your salt intake 5-6 g / day. May have the power to increase, bananas, seafood, onion, garlic, pomegranate.

When it comes to drinks, coffee, tea, fizzy drinks should be given to partially water, herbal teas, freshly squeezed natural fruit juices. Sometimes a small amount of red wine to drink types.

Note! Power mode also must be equal. It's not worth it are required to starve or eat regular small meals, a specific pattern.

It is advised to drink regularly, vitamin complexes, and your doctor's advice diet supplements to be consumed. Minerals which contain magnesium and potassium which is important for a man when it comes to grapes, kabachkov, potatoes.