After the age of 50 men's health: strength and other properties

Though men are traditionally strong in the floors, some medical facts prove you wrong. Men down men modern data and the duration and quality of life. Significantly more common among males pathology of the heart and blood vessels, as well as oncological diseases. An up-to-date and only male erectile dysfunction is a medical problem which arise in many physiological and pathological reasons.

after 50 power

Properties of strength, and men over the age of 50

Every man reached 45-50 years, required careful attention to reproductive health, because of its distortion because it is not just a sexual life, but the development of the face is a serious disease.

The male reproductive system is a very complex mechanism, it is a business, the organs of the small pelvis in question, nerve plexus, arterial and venous vessels, endocrine glands. Therefore, "failure", at least one senior all leads to system dysfunctions.

With age the walls of your arteries less flexible, more uniform at a slower rate, the private life of nerve impulses, endocrine glands disrupted to such an extent, nor that power in men and erection. In addition, a term that appeared in the literature, an age androgenic deficit (vad), or "andropause".

Being testosterone, the sexual hormone, definitions, functional status, almost all organs and systems in the male body. A development of a man to maintain her normal concentrations of many common diseases with age. Therefore, the deficit of androgenic triggered the emergence of somatic pathology, including reproductive system. VAD also has the same chronic diseases in the compound to create, so it's a vicious cycle.

The property, chronic diseases, erectile function is negative

Aging, bad habits, poor nutrition, occupational hazards, and, of course, genetic predisposition, – the development of all age-driven chronic somatic pathology.

Affecting potency in men and the most common diseases and conditions encountered:

  • hypertensive heart disease;
  • peripheral atherosclerosis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • chronic stress;
  • prostate cancer pathology;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • harmful habits.

Hypertensive heart disease

The most common diseases among the male population of essential hypertension effects not only on the quality of life, but also serves as a rare cause of death (hemorrhagic stroke, myocardial infarction). The pathogenesis of the disease lies in the continuous increase of basic-digit system pressure high standardized norm-dependent, the age and sex of the patient.

Arterial hypertension heart and vessels's a big load of over time loses its elasticity, thinning, aneurysm and weak areas formed cholesterol plaques. As is well known, a good filler of my penis to get an erection Corpus cavernos vessels under the influence of nerve impulses. Therefore, devoid of blood vessels, loses its elasticity, its elongation and substantially fill them with more bad blood, and leads to the development erectile dysfunction.


High cholesterol levels, peripheral and path imbalance between the lipoproteins in the intima of the blood vessels traumatic, low and high density. As a result–, endothelium, arterial cholesterol accumulated slowly, especially platelet-coated fibrous cloth. Swollen inner formed in the vessel wall, turbulent flow in this place, blood provokes blood clot formation and ulcer on record, then you can try and why I wanted to life-threatening complications.


Causes the same changes in the penis and arteries, resulting them to be rude, tapering, covered atherosclerotic plaques, and small. Accordingly, blood flow to the corpus erection by creating great difficulty I cavernos deteriorates significantly.

Type 2 diabetes

In most cases, diabetes mellitus type II diabetes (insulin-dependent) a lot of elderly or obese people. Being overweight is so common in men age 50 and problems.

High glucose levels peripheral blood prevents Is Disrupting immune function in many organs, pathology is the compound for another background, and if you hurt the vessel wall and the inner running processes compound.

In most cases, the second type of diabetes glucose tolerance caps when it is considered within the scope of metabolic syndrome, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, peripheral blood and symptoms central obesity type. Symptoms due to vascular lesions and greatly impairs the composition of the male reproductive system disorders, neuroendocrine regulation.

Chronic stress

Bankruptcy a fairly common cause sexual life psychological impotence in men, therefore, the threshold people, middle-aged. Often a stressful situation or emotional stress, a family, a job, a fear of the future the retirement age — have a negative impact on men's mental and physical health.

Lack of sexual arousal at the psychological level, stressful situation the blood, accompanied by great free catecholamines (norepinephrine and epinephrine), which is why a strong contraction, large and small vessels, including the male sexual organ.

The normalization of relations, business and home in the search for interesting hobbies – that will help improve mental and emotional status and sexual life of men.

Prostatitis and sexually transmitted diseases

Just because of the lack of information or reluctance, pleasure, birth control, irregular sexual life rarely causes. sexually transmitted diseases. That appears to ignore a large part of men at regular intervals, itching, discharge, erection problems, and rarely seek medical attention. Meanwhile, the effects of progressive inflammation spread over the urinary tract and the prostate.

A healthy prostate – collateral, long and have a good sex life. However, the physiological changes that can cause inflammation and also dysfunction authorized, prostate, and, accordingly, the erection disorders.

Every man therefore is important to pleasure, birth control and, if necessary, go to the doctor in time, help, and then once a year for 45 years of success necessarily a routine examination includes palpation of the prostate and a blood test the level of prostate-specific hormone.

Harmful habits

Long-term and deliberate smoking, alcohol impairs frequently, nervous system, heart, liver, and veins, increases the risk of cancer, why a special defeat (for men lung cancer, prostate cancer, and stomach).

Nicotine, resin and ethanol – clocked it a kind of poison, the human body, the initiator irreversible processes. Proven, smokers and drinkers a problem for males, not just the cardiovascular system, however, and with power.

Helpful tips

Timely treatment of the disease greatly improves the prediction or prevention of complications and minimizes the development. For this reason, it is recommended for men aged 50 and over:

how to fight
  • Quit smoking and drinking often request.
  • It's a lifestyle change, so moderate exercise in your daily routine to enter, improve and to diversify food diet, eliminating his greasy, spicy, smoked, and flour.
  • To find an interesting and fascinating hobby.
  • Any preventive health checks regularly and if any chronic pathology – assigned treatment.
  • After consulting with your doctor start preventing Vascular Pathology. Proven BAD this type of course, regular application of drugs and as omega-3 saturated acid, vitamin E, fish oil, improves, protects the heart and blood vessels, firming your wall.