At the age of 40 in men of power: how to increase ways to

Every adult knows the difference between male and female sexuality — male "all the time, but not all the time," the woman "all the time, but every time he wants." If you add some meat to this abstract situation, and it's not difficult to guess the age of such a concept — basically, the larger more representatives of the stronger sex, the more difficult it will be given to him with sincerity partner. Usually a nerve in the lives of a man past forty years, when hormonal background begins to change. The ones that recently reduced the number began to increase after 45 not only erectile function, but who ever that age after the "Rubicon" remains sexual is insufficient. In this article, we'll take care of causes of impotence in men 40 years of age, and if not completely, partially to solve the problem.

after the power 40

Terms with making the decision to start and find out, what is unisex potency. The most common men quickly woke up the ability to under this ima, the start of the sexual relationship to continue for a while (for a few minutes — unlimited) and the Windows Task ejaculation, the sperm explosion. A healthy male sex a day, a couple of times, the result, what a mighty fine. Also, if you are being quiet, daily sex, consent and single.

Reasons, the resulting defects in the male reproductive system

As is well known, "nothing is forever under the light of the moon", and a day sooner or later everyone comes gradually into disrepair. And reproductive system, the male is no exception. But why men in power starts after 40, "move up"? Because the statistics, both representative of this age category, "he wants to, but" it can't be. In this case, yet one-time "crash" or already permanent — not basically.

The man began to tell the knowing subject and its age there may be problems with potency and result in fatigue. But this is superficial, but not a specific description. In fact, in almost 40 years that is directly related to the power a chemical substance, testosterone, and depends on the level in the entire body. Time may be insufficient without an erection only 45, or 40, or even 30 years. Testosterone, which is responsible for the development and growth of hair Nov, as well as US in an interesting way, definitions, of sexual function. Interchange third Adam a dozen, usually best of all, high and even increased the level of this hormone. But then the situation is changing in the wrong way.

Weak potency is stagnant in the pelvis that may be caused by events 40. Poor blood circulation in this area, adverse effects on the reproductive organs, good for me because a man an erection the penis, you need to get at least 70-100 ml of blood. Otherwise, the penis quickly becomes sluggish and impotent sexual please.

Importantly, the power is not the cause of then 40, at the same time, only with age. Less accurate, which may be due to various factors male hormone in the blood. The most common ones:

  • irregular sexual acts;
  • drugs containing testosterone (the body may not produce yourself);
  • drinking, frequent and abundant alcohol, drugs, tobacco;
  • inflammation, urinary tract infections;
  • obesity.

Obviously, all these factors are associated with lifestyle a man who is. However, a genetic predisposition to developing its contribution bad that can cause impotence.


Of power in men after the age of 40 — each to their own. But console "them", by the way, you can add a custom question, the guy in their lives realize it was the following symptoms:

  • erection is weak or completely missing;
  • show penis with difficulty;
  • difficulty with the completion of sexual intercourse;
  • frequent urination;
  • low sex drive.

Impotence control methods

the reasons power

The deteriorating situation indirectly, the power and sexual abilities as a whole that affect the psychological component. Once on "misfire" and for it to finish as you should have sexual intercourse, there is a possibility the soil that develop in the complex rises. Always a man, self-confident, their own power, a woman to be afraid of the person, avoid him. Often the symptoms of impotence a particular fear obstacle before an obstacle for a woman to give pleasure to yourself and another attempt. Reluctance and weak appearance, many male leads a visit to the doctor leaves, later, or never has been solved. According to statistics, impotence go immediately at the first sign of health facilities and only 5% male. Others, instead, care, help, chemistry starting to develop drugs consumed power. Isn't it, I have been able to find why it's not, and strength, and begins after the age of 40, and this himself, the man in the end it's not a risk to achieve something. Yes, and it won't damage itself as extra precautions — it's a great question. A magic pill, which have the potential to be thanks to a problem that is resolved after a while ... it's been 40 years. Maximum drug prescribed to yourself to give this male a short term effect, time to hide the problem. It is therefore advisable to set aside all stereotypes aside and consult a specialist. Physicians testosterone levels control, blood and learn the causes, poor power, throw, or this type of water is therapy. Also, most likely, and I'll tell you might not worry that will ensure the prevention after the age of 45.

Basic precautions to be allowed " - shaped," don't worry, and my own strength, bring to a boil on the various numbers:

  • a healthy, active life (any sport, gladly);
  • the regime food (it is desirable to include in the diet, honey, carrots, eggplant, parsley, dill, spinach, goat's milk — they contain the reproductive cells responsible for the production of zinc);
  • regular sex;
  • regular examinations with the doctor.

In this case, many people out there for impotence treatment recommendations. Contrary to the doctor without a prescription unwanted medication, natural remedies, at least, do not bring any harm to a man. Start getting so many offers balm honey. To prepare you will need, in addition to honey, aloe vera, St. John's wort, water. You need to put a lot of these substances with a careful blending emerging in the fridge for a few days. After that, the balsam can be consumed, an average teaspoon, 3 times a day. After years of 40-45 people a way to keep another male potency, tincture, extract. 2 grams dilute in 200 ml water these plants enough for him to. This medication can also be taken, 3-4 times a day, but already about a tablespoon. The popularity in the third row — decoction of oak bark. The recipe is simple: pour a liter of water 20 grams of shell. boil the resulting solution for 40 minutes, then drain through the weave. Get 1 to 2 teaspoons. These methods male winning dozens of stable, high potency.

There is, obviously, a protective method is quite simple and does not require intake what medical and folk remedies. This temporary withdrawal. If it's not sex act at the next 2-3 days will be accompanied by an orgasm, more intense, more normal, sperm ejection, what good will affect the supply of blood in the sexual organ that, in general.


the potency of treatment

In the modern world with its fast paced life and many factors to trigger these issues one of the consequences of a person stress, sexual life, of potency weak expression or complete impotence. In contrast, parallel with evolving medical technologies. For this reason, the first symptoms, erectile dysfunction, you will need to apply his talents to just a man. The disease, various treatment methods in his Arsenal starting the drug include processes. The main — problem is to try and cover up under the supervision of experienced medica solve. However, in this case power can be restored in men at the age of 45. Then be a man and that he will quietly say, "another place".