Increased strength, and 60 men

Increased strength, and in men after the age of 60 due to the decision of three tasks:

  • compensation natural testosterone levels decline
  • the effects of systemic diseases correction of character at this age is especially noticeable and manifest acute
  • paradigm enabled the establishment a comfortable and active in all areas of life, including sexual.
after 60 power

All methods improve the potency of men at this age are built around the general principles and overall sexual function, protect and strengthen "men's health", without a hand-specific additions, largely male, which is related to the "history" sixty-on the other hand. How to increase in power for 60 years and given a sensitive to improve your sex life at this age, we are going to tell in this article.

General health issues such as factor performed

At each age, the condition cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine and genital systems connected to the blood flow, their sensitivity and response of the body and biochemical properties. However, the strength, and is especially sensitive and all this kind of illnesses for 60 years in men, and the effect of organic factors, psychological against in the first place out of power at this age.

To a large extent due to the accumulation of this character in a different functional disorders, may run into small problems is to be a leader before "the last straw" business that bothers a system-wide. At this young age the development of cardiovascular disease (CVD) may have more serious consequences and next who seems to be an erection problem little. According to statistics, CARDIOVASCULAR, 17 million people in the world who die each year in Russia, 1.3 million of them, 60-year-old also 60% of men diagnosed with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

The complexity of the situation, launched 60 years the state of health (if not the influence of external factors uncontrolled by reason or a genetic disease) we created men of the flesh and firmly causes long-cherished habits, nutrition and lifestyle. If a man has accustomed his life, fried fatty foods, completing, lunch, tea and cake or candy, give up too easily, after that 60. Leave the more difficult habits. Justified is a favorite, and a reward of delicious dishes that usually men think about pre-work and family. In fact, this meal slowly kills them, it doesn't look anyway.

He's not a guy if the situation worsens, retired, limited obligation to record a sober life begins, drink, and tv every day. In this case, only a radical lifestyle change and a diet, a raise, a doctor, a walkthrough, a complete examination and determination of the most obvious vulnerabilities is the only way the body, the chances of potency recovery.


Natural age-related physiological changes a character

Properties due to age, mostly, the conflict there are two factors: a physiological inability of the road quite an active sex life and a mandatory requirement of activity in this area.

A pause this past 50-55 year old male, or male menopause, is associated with a biological process in order to reduce their jobs as a result of testosterone produced by the gonads and descending system. With hormonal balance is related to the strength of the sexual impulse, and consequently, erectile function. In four cases there are conditions and this is known as andropause, male menopause in men five and rarely in public about women. However, one in five men going through this transition period living with symptoms:

  • sudden pressure drop,
  • bad breath,
  • headache,
  • nervousness, fear and a sense of apathy,
  • increased sweating,
  • a significant decrease of the sperm
  • difficulties with the onset of orgasm
  • disappearance,sexual fantasies,
  • bad fertilization characteristics et al.

Regardless of the severity of symptoms, the correction of a shortage of a hormone testosterone a special age produce therapy, treatment and prophylaxis, and for a while practiced in the West. Back hormonal balance that is more comfortable for the developed variety of treatment patterns:

  • pills for a long time
  • injection
  • testosterone and other with patches.

Transition – andropause – and lasts for about 5 years and 60 years, usually a hormonal background already aligned. However, for over 60 years so you can begin andropause occur at this late stage, as well as a physiological problem that creates a serious psychological burden. Although it is considered a physiological "lightness", men usually have more pain, decreased libido, potency compound with the general condition only.

An old age (for lifestyle drugs own testosterone production and to strengthen or substitute the missing testosterone) men are saved a relatively good functionality, performance and more chances of furthering reproductive system visible confirmed statistically 70-80 years or more. Extension methods one is saving your sex life after 60 the power to develop habits and sexual activity.

High efficiency – basic power 60 years later men

proper nutrition

More Sexology in the middle Soviet, 20. century-aged men have confirmed an active sex life. I. M. What's the point in the 1960s, especially in studies pradominsky old man, stop for a variety of reasons in an active sexual relationship, erectile function and sex glands, thereby encouraging the state of corruption aggravating the situation. The practical result is this track is for sure: a man of power depends on how long back your sex life after the age of 60 continue.

The researcher signs of sexual activity and the age of cases, the patient already experienced with varying degrees of potency and erectile dysfunction disorders. So, the sexual contact itself is his manifestation or impotence drug for men 60 species. Continuous dependency status if you move employment, social inclusion, a clear analogy can be monitored: active professional life until he retired, leading people to quickly "passes" if there is not an alternative application in the energy business outside.

Retirement is a factor directly associated with psychological stress and impact strength, and men age 60 and increase-decrease. A re-retired as a male begins to search for the usual social roles. This is basically what him more freedom and opportunities, the relationships, the people around, including to increase the diversity, quality and quantity of sexual interaction with a partner (partners). Indirectly, increases in such sexual activity, and organic factors – a lifestyle to protect this man, accounting, tracking, health research, doctors throw, harmful habits (smoking), more walking instead of sitting at the table.

On the other hand, he's not a threat, a new role for himself, the usual familiar rhythm of life reduction because of retirement and social importance to fall. A similar slowdown and the transition phase can lead to a life of decreased physical activity, harmful to health, but also psychologically it can be a "transition" man, who the failure, including all body systems of power after 60 years.

In other words, the realization that life doesn't stop and continues to retirement, the full spectrum of symptoms, including sexual life, helps to preserve the power of expression, and advanced age.

A man with similar needs, who, back strength, and did not occur today, and not yesterday. The best way to save the world opened other ancient Taoists of male power, erection problems principally stubborn and Analogues term "impotence" was beyond conscious thinking. Their methods develops male traits, your trusted partner and the special nature of deep learning and need for knowledge of the environment interact with him. According to one of the options proven to delay ejaculation by using the teachings and breathing exercises (a time-consuming vitality, not a destination continuous type), it may be a male, prolong sexual life of old age.