Ginger, men of power: recipes

Some are facing a problem that the number of men a variety of reasons, such as impotence. Always give the desired effect usually drugs, for example Viagra. Fortunately, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine, especially the most effective, prepared with ginger based.

Root composition and properties

for ginger potency

The root cause of action, the composition contains the essential components for the healthy functioning of the male reproductive system the body and back, in general, can be seen in the table:

Organic acidMale ginger contains organic acids will be adequate in the body, process, power and protect the cell structures as well as the protective property will be violated. Without these elements, it is important for the oxidative process that occur freely in the body, which, if used, is unnecessary and harmful substances. Output empty without toxins, such as heart and blood vessels, the genitourinary system, the system that led to the failure to give a different kind of disease. This component recovers the content you want to root that is included with acids, and natural systems on their own to produce the right amount of protection functions, refreshes them by providing the power cell structures
Amino acidsThese ingredients also hampered education in the future, external sources such as body and talented. They play the fundamental role in the educational process the body without a protein, maybe not normal develop and work. In addition, included ginger that has a neurotransmitter amino acids (neurotransmitters), which is impossible without the transfer, momentum nerve cells, it is very important not only for male potency, but also for your overall health. Something very important in the absence of the required amount of amino acids, the brain is unable to function in Normal mode, not vitamins and minerals that are needed for the body to work away all the systems and the synthesis of energy, especially texture Nov
VitaminThis item applies only for the betterment of antioxidants possible renewal processes, cell structure and fights free radicals. Anti carcinogenic effects the most useful features can be called a damp, cancer education. Vitamin C provides for the protection of the cell membrane infiltrated various acid radicals and / or oxygen. A healthy body provides a healthy blood which is needed for heart and vascular work rewarding business warranty on the part of the reproductive system
Vitamin CResponsible education of new infections provides barrier penetrate cells and organs, causes the status of the healthy functioning of all body systems. It plays a special role because of the male reproductive system produce sperm and testosterone affects the production of a stimulus that serves
VitaminsThis group of vitamins, for example, B3, provides received the foods and assimilation of the body creates energy and facilitating them. A key feature of this material provides a base, and redox reactions part of the process. Apart from that the carbon is solved in the process contribute to the development of cholesterol plaques, synthesis, hormones and enzymes, it dilates the blood vessels. Main article creating, producing hemoglobin during the blood. Training to improve the process of promoting amino acids. Affects the nervous system, neural communication that encourages Firming Treatment for nerve disorders
ZincThis item has the ability to shaping, protection functions at the desired level, the immune system in the body. Involved in this process because the production of insulin, is capable of preventing diabetes mellitus. Strengthening effect of vitamin action is required for that strength, and men, as well as his best zinc absorption occurs. The group also works better and is digested vitamin. The main effect stimulation that produces zinc from the male sex hormone testosterone. Besides that, the item level, regulates, and keeps hormones in balance. Zinc in a male body when the prosperity of entire reproductive system is restored to a healthy state
PotassiumBecause of that, this item provides different tissues and organs of the nervous system that works better. Promote only provides oxygen to the body and normalize blood pressure potassium saturation. Structures Nov This item a top, body, provides strength and support them in a healthy state. In addition to this, thanks to allergic reactions, and reduce symptoms of the matter
IronOxygen provides a catalyst during the change of breath tissues. Improves metabolism of the body structure and saves. Which is one of the basic components of hemoglobin, enzymes and protein structures. Effective ingredients that can destroy an emerging peroxide reactions. Develops, nerve impulse transmission, and tissue and nerve structures conducive to growth. A job that recovers and keeps the internal secretory glands, improves immune power
SodiumNormal water-salt metabolism. Activated enzymes in saliva and pancreas. Involved in the production of gastric juice. Holding a correct acid-alkaline balance to the desired level. Producing a generation the functioning of nerves and Nov systems. Expands the vessels. Structures and of the structures controlling the osmotic pressure of blood cells
MagnesiumClosely related to the item, which has a strong influence because the creation of ATP, the energy component of the body. 300 enzymes participating in the work. An anti-inflammatory factor provides healthy functioning of the heart and vascular system. Thyroid function recovers. Displays radioactive substances. Help tuning temperature, wind speed, and cold adaptation. Improves digestion. Allergic symptoms dismal. Main skeletal material and bone tissue. The nerve tissue of normal operation are important, sedating effect. Foreign formations prevents the appearance of kidney
PhosphorusThis item is the main task, creating, saving power and all bone structures. Apart from that provides improved performance, brain cells. Enzyme system frequency heart rate and the effects of doing business. Also an important function, reproduction, metabolism nucleotide, which speeds up metabolic reactions that keeps dividing because of cells that are responsible for creating structures. Encouraging assimilation of many vitamin complexes. Able to connect due to nitrogen and glycerin, it is possible to create a phospholipid, lecithin, hormones and increases the energy level of reproductive system. At the cellular level in the body that are connected at the same time, vitality and energy potential Nov texture

If Ginger composition further consideration, it is possible to detect:

ginger tincture
  • acid coffee;
  • oleic acid;
  • nicotinic acid;
  • linoleic acid;
  • gingerol;
  • kamfen;
  • cineole;
  • beta-carotene.

The list is also rich amino acid, for example tryptophan, leucine, and some other.

Reproductive system use ginger

His translation speaks for itself because in itself the name of this plant means "brave". Because of has a strong effect, but also composition, blood tide, talented, positive and stimulating affect on the activity in the reproductive system, especially widely practiced therapeutic and preventive measures with regard to prostatitis. The following recipes you can use for this purpose.


What to watch out for along with the tracks initially, alcohol enhances the effect of ginger. You need to make a tincture mix with the finely chopped root ginger, half a litre of vodka a total weight of 400 grams. Using grind ginger, turkey. First, you need to mix the components a good clean and rinse the ginger. The tincture is then left three weeks off without the light of the sun. What if you run out zerk for the desired period of time, this is like a drug, it is recommended to use the filter with 30 ml. a day, half an hour before a meal.

Important note: the only Cam you'll need the reservoir or container to mix the ingredients, ceramic, components the reaction to occur with high capacity and safes.

Lemon and honey tincture grains of Paradise Seeds

Tincture preparation before you begin, carefully to wash and clean the ginger, then dry it. Jumping minced ginger root, track, mix with lemon. If you need a lemon or two lemon in a size medium. If it is passed before lemon or lime meat mincer, scraping peel. A careful blending of two ingredients, then add 4 tablespoons of honey, then open all the way, a homogenous consistency. Leave at normal temperature in a day. Store in the refrigerator. Consumed a teaspoon of the medicine before sexual intercourse 20 minutes away.

Important food high acid in the stomach, care should be taken lemon this recipe.

Pickled ginger

Initially, cut ginger root in thin slices, and then poured a teaspoon of salt and thoroughly mixed. Ginger tincture is approximately one hour by car. During this time, you can prepare a special pickle. To do this, 1.5 cups of acetic acid, 9% add, one cup of sugar, after mixing, bring to a boil. Then a Marine, I need to warm up a little salt and pour them already, cloves, ginger. Prostatitis treatment to achieve the desired effect, are recommended to be consumed three cloves a day. If a guardian in the same event.

A mixture of honey and ginger

This tool emphasis on sound and heat, a whole human body. You need to get the volume of 800 ml glass capacity to cook. Capacity to fill liquid honey with two three. Then peeled, washed Ginger Root, chopped into small pieces poured honey and mixed well. Then tightly close the door and leave in a cool dark power capacity of the sun's Rays within a period of time two weeks. Be careful, you can start cooking the mixture during fermentation to eliminate it by moving the composition to the difference in the time of need and fridge. In this case the fermentation process stopped, and has become a powerful tool, is not fit to eat. Using the tool then can be consumed for 2 weeks, the dose was 1 tsp once a day.

Increase, indicative of potency and administration by using ginger tea instead of regular tea use a value up to 4 times a day. The food ratio of ginger root 5 teaspoons 1 liter of water a tea like this recommend. Tea, brewed, keep the fire to about half an hour.

Important: the recommended consumed beverage before going to bed.

recipes with ginger

Of aromatherapy the power of a good recovery method. Ginger root bath to warm up in advance 3 tbsp raw materials pour in the water 10 minutes after a hot bath. A bedtime routine is not recommended. The maximum allowable time is 20 minutes to the hotel from the bathroom.


Before you begin, you should review the factors which are good and addicting recipes as ginger root unwanted effects. These are:

  • activities with disabilities, cardiac system diseases, increasing pressure;
  • kidney stone formation;
  • the last in the body inflammation;
  • the presence of high temperature;
  • a stomach ulcer;
  • individual sensitivity factor.

In other cases, the doses specified within the framework of a systematic practice them with ginger recipes, talented, very recover in a fast and efficient manner, to strengthen male potency and treatment of a number of diseases.

Important: the recipes are specified for use, a different course of action requires a different dose organism the system editing tools.

In addition, ginger root, at the same time is able to ensure that various immunostimulating effects, lots of healing colds and other diseases, dependent only application method and dosage. The most accurate recipes and made suggestions for their use very important because, to achieve the desired result.