How 60 years later the power back

Natural that happens with age, decreased sexual desire in men. There are examples all ready to accept the inevitability that, because he's too old to have a sex life active. Maybe being a father physiologically old age of 96 years a resident of the record holder, India. One of the factors "Sexual" a long-lasting lifestyle, so a lot depends on the person. This explains the popularity of the query "strength, and increasing the age of 60 and in men folk remedies". Information about methods of honorable men seeking the renewal period sexual activity to implement the practical information.

strength, and 60 men

Unusual for the male individuals (unlike women) reproductive ability with a sharp finish. However, the sex hormones in the body begins to decline after 30-40 years of production – first of all, of testosterone, approximately 1-2 years. Most men 80 years of age, content, sexual hormone blood exceed 40% of the content for a young male to age 25.

In this case decreases, reduced sperm motility, fertilization and the chances of potency, sex drive, is less obvious. But the process depends on biological age and declining male sexual activity and lifestyle passes each one separately.

The factors that contribute to weakening the potency:

  • wrong diet regimen and nutrition;
  • physical inactivity lack of physical activity;
  • obesity, excessive fatigue;
  • mental and physical overload, often a stressful situation (especially asteknik status and insomnia);
  • emotional trouble, the depressed state;
  • abuse, alcohol, tobacco, drug addiction;
  • some neurological pathology (e.g., cerebral insufficiency, circulatory disorders, brain tumors, Parkinson's disease, and others);
  • urinary system diseases (e.g., inflammation of the prostate, urethra, testes, kidney pathology);
  • liver failure;
  • many endocrine diseases (e.g., diabetes, prolactino);
  • staph, yeast, intestinal infection (and some other infectious diseases);
  • some pathology of the heart and blood vessels (e.g. atherosclerosis, hypertension);
  • injury or illness, spinal cord, and brain, as well as the reproductive organs;
  • some drugs (e.g., neuroleptics, tranquilizers, drugs, hypertension).

The commission, for men, sexual intercourse, pain, alcohol addiction, troubled already 35-40 years.

Disorder strength maybe long-term abstinence and no sex non-compliance, culture and natural sexual intercourse.

The common causes of male sexual dysfunction psychological reasons young, average, or the organic nature slimming power usually wears makeup in old age is associated with age, body and concomitant diseases.

Power back, if not impossible, to know the cause of the individual problem. Here to help is a specialist diagnostic and advisory. According to statistics, emergency medical help male potency weakening rarely freezes (only 10%). Maybe nine times out of ten recovery power.

How to impotence?

the causes of 60 men of power

About weakening the power of the testimony of the following symptoms:

  • a slow transition from the excited state, which is required for the formation of the penis and more time, before;
  • penis, evoked in the case does not have sufficient rigidity, has smaller dimensions, previously – what can lead to the inability to handle sexual intercourse;
  • considerable effort necessary to achieve sexual arousal;
  • feeling a little conspicuous during the orgasm or the lack of it;
  • after ejaculation arousal disappearing fast;
  • a very long time to recover necessary after sexual intercourse ability to handle him;
  • shrinks testicles, lost its elasticity;
  • leather cover, suspended in the scrotum;
  • mental disability, depressive state.

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction (ED) in this case, only the trial ends if it fails to make more than a quarter of sexual intercourse.

A healthy person may fail observed only situational.

Usually the first symptoms of ED, premature ejaculation, sperm an uncontrolled explosion early mating (sexual intercourse) or the year before. This symptom indicates the presence of an organic quality that is often associated with vascular disease pathologies.

In rare cases accompanied by the manifestation of psychogenic safely.

With potency problems are often the first manifestation of something that does not occur spontaneous erections in the morning or at night (also missing emission). If caused by irritation of the penis evoked status, that are associated with the psychological reasons for sexual impotence (the inability to handle time sexual intercourse). If the situation does not occur spontaneously erection, fatigue strength that carries an organic character.

After treatment with 60 power

treatment in men of power 60

To improve the potency some men believe only if you are using drugs. Sexual intercourse greatly depends on the overall condition of the body and the ability to handle existing diseases.

Medical ways to get involved in dangerous in the elderly, additionally, they usually give only a temporary result. Natural and long-term developments is a common component to add potency to achieve the body by making lifestyle. To do this, to perform a series of simple suggestions.


  • eat right, normalized power mode and to adhere to a special diet, get rid of excess weight;
  • support motor activity, useful for walking, walk in the fresh air, morning exercises, possible site for some sports that require large loads (e.g., swimming, bike riding);
  • sexual intercourse is stabilized;
  • to monitor the health status (e.g., supercool, you need to avoid cold: cold, I have chronic pathology);
  • avoid stressful situations to provide a positive emotional background;
  • eliminate physical and psycho-emotional overload, left, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption;
  • set up work and rest, normalized to full-fledged healthy sleep.

Easily not all people are given all these suggestions, but an opportunity to get rid of many unpleasant health illness in order to strengthen the incentives that have the ability to change a habitual lifestyle.

The biggest effect lies in a comprehensive approach that brings together folk remedies and a healthy lifestyle for concomitant use.

Itself rarely leads to the desired result and counselling, the struggle in the doctoral process, ED is mandatory.

To follow the power, got what you need

Want to add one very important to make a lifestyle successfully weakening against strength, and harmony for a special diet and eating habits. Many diseases of the elderly, aggravated malnutrition. Beneficial foods containing protein, zinc, selenium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins, and other substances.

Menu you can add:

  • fish (herring, mackerel, cod), seafood (oysters, shrimp);
  • pumpkin seeds, sunflower, beans and peas, mushrooms;
  • young beef, chicken and turkey meat, cheese;
  • celery, spinach, dill, parsley, leek, garlic, parsnip, asparagus;
  • honey, pistachios, walnuts;
  • pepper and tomato varieties, kale, kiwi, citrus, avocado;
  • unrefined vegetable oils (olive oil, soy, flax seed) salad;
  • berries (black currant, sea buckthorn, snowball);
  • cheese and dairy products;
  • oats and wheat grain.
On the menu unwanted products containing large amounts of animal fats, and carbohydrates. You should limit use of in the body that result from overheated oil "bad" cholesterol and promote atherosclerotic changes vessels and makes blood circulation more difficult.

Foods that unwanted and harmful food additives: semi-finished products, and industrially produced sausage, salami, fast food, energy, and carbonated drinks.

Worth consumed-fat meat, eggs, and sour cream, with plenty of potatoes, pasta, rice. White bread varieties to be of benefit. You should limit your intake of salt (at the most 5-6 grams a day), at the same time harmful, excessive coffee consumption, a more fulfilled Yesil tea.

Treatment to increase the strength of the tablet, how, when 60

ED treatment the normalization of life just is not always possible. Motor activity, for a special meal that is generally used to gain exposure to the pharmacy. Developed a variety of tools for struggling with an ED, including drops, ointments, gels, solutions (for injection), the result of an assignment given by the individual expert.

Tablets (or capsules) to increase the current use of a power tool in the elderly, can be divided into the following groups.:

  1. Hormonal drugs, blood and increase levels of the male hormone – testosterone have to buy long-term courses.
  2. Action of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5, based on the expansion of the blood vessels due to nitric oxide, the cavernous bodies the income of these causes, the penis is stimulated blood flow and state transition. Tool to have to buy a little time (30-60 minutes) before planned sexual intercourse, the effect of hours throughout 5-38. Throughout the car only libido – natural sexual arousal.
  3. The use of Alternative, Herbal and homeopathic remedies, ED. You can use this tool a little side effects diseases, heart and blood vessels. This increase in your testosterone levels and your libido and kursovoy use, periodic Al (sexual intimacy) increases the power of.
60 results for men of power

Some important contraindications phosphodiesterase inhibitors and hormonal drugs. For example, you are not allowed to use inhibitors of some cardiovascular diseases (e.g., acute myocardial including. on the date). You can apply the tools carefully, low or high blood pressure.

Before using the drug need to consult a doctor closely examine the statement and at the same time. Buy tool, the first and second groups, a pharmacy if you have a doctor's appointment.

The internet (for example, a private forum or information sites) to find the comments ED patients and doctors about fighting with the tools, the photos branded packs, read the instructions, learn, prices.

Recipes of traditional medicine, tips from the pros

How to increase power in the house after 60 years? Known, many folk remedies, let's to normal the weakened potency. Such a medication (herbal teas, tinctures) why Well significant and long-lasting results in the first stage, Ed.

Some examples of folk remedies:

  1. Ginseng is a known aphrodisiac, enhancing sex drive or sexual activity. Used pharmacy alcohol tincture or cooked. Need infusion, pour in the chopped dried root (20 g) diluted with alcohol (30 ml, 70%). Tool brewed filtered after 21 days. Got to agree, 20-25 drops before meals three times a day. 4 hours before bedtime to make the tincture – tonic effects on the body.
  2. I need a little grated carrot juice chop carrots for dinner. Pour carrots 3 tablespoons warm milk (200 ml). Boil, low heat and a tablespoon 3-4 times a day before meals consumption.
  3. Edible fresh onions as well as prepare a tincture. Follow grind pour 2-3 medium onions, onion, water (volume 0,4 l), to insist 30 minutes. Essence to consume small amounts 3 times a day. There are ways, cooking tools, relying on honey or onion and eggs. Beneficial use, onion salad, onion as well as fresh Yesil.
  4. Useful walnuts, 200 ml per day in 2-3 reception. Can a mixture of honey and walnuts (a tablespoon twice a day).

There are also home-based tools, thyme, nettle, celery, garlic and hops, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, flower pollen – Bee.

Naturally that is generated by the tools, therefore, less restriction and the related undesirable symptoms.

The most appropriate vehicle selection is determined-stage disease and its causes, as well as individual human characteristics. Therefore, a consultation with an expert, suggests the best remedy on the basis of the diagnosis of delivery, in any case.

Ginseng infusion will help the problem that have the potential to physical or emotional exhaustion, hormonal abnormalities. Onion normalizes metabolism and blood circulation, stimulate the flow of blood to the penis, libido, testosterone production increases. The upstream carrot vitamins (including vitamin potency an important a – beta carotene and other beneficial ingredients, normalizes, improves blood circulation, increases blood sugar, sperm quality.

Potency due to contributed with walnuts and honey, improve blood flow, increase the effect a positive effect on the total body count and sperm quality. Psychogenic illness during medicine, ginseng, St. John's wort, sage, carrots, parsnips, motherwort, ginger.