Potency in men the causes of decline

Masculinity, power, reliability, trust and write forever. All these qualities characterized by the strong half of humanity is male. Always stable, similar to the Olympic gods, real men date women an object of desire. Each individual, private, and similar remains, but a common problem together, almost all men of our planet's declining power.


Abnormalities, the sexual organ of a different kind than what a psychological disorder in males. This often leads to problems that greatly affect all the activities and processes of their life, personal life and work. Some men does not even exist, why is such a disorder as touched his full power as you start to go in and find the answer within yourself. Some live more like yourself, like nothing has happened.

Male potency and features

The main feature, the potential to achieve something sexual men, maximum sexual arousal for the mental adjustment necessary for contact. Contribute to emotional and mental calmness, quality and a long lasting full erection to have sexual intercourse. Male sexual activity depends on the processes responsible for the production of testosterone in the body. The level of this hormone in the blood determines activity of male in bed. There are theories that some scientists proposed a limit and certain amount of sexual acts the male body is for life. This is partly acceptable, right, like, the difference, the males bright, unstable, and a more frequent sex life problems with early starts and a man of power, not excessive sexual power and activity of his life in a rational way that is used for affirmation, or to satisfy his own Ego.

For some reason weakens the strength of men

The years passed and with them sexual activity. Is a medical condition begins to show a stormy youth. Then a third dozen already begin to produce testosterone in small doses, and this fact is the main cause of the decline power. Here are some from sexual contact is reduced. A large part is starting so men this concern, panic, depression, and sound the alarm. Always refer all such cases and an expert to find out the cause and prescribed the course of treatment.

The same unhealthy lifestyle that can affect the power on the man who led what was harmful. Drunk in unlimited amounts of alcohol, used cigarettes and burgers, with fries – still alone causes decrease potency in men. Still, though not the same power threat both sports enthusiasts and outdoor activities at an early age. Applies if a person is careless, your body will start losing and then giving that order previously determined by the nature of the outages and the duration of the activity.

Risk groups

A number of specific factors and the underlying causes early loss of talented provoke potential sexual men. You can get erectile dysfunction risk:

  • The abnormality diagnosis male circumcision affect erection quality.
  • The peasants the land, there is a problem with an environment, the same men, what is harmful to your health manufacturing and industrial plants.
  • The victim's constant mental pressure, men to fall constantly take a stressful situation and moral and psychological trauma.
  • Passive supporters and a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Permanent visitors of fast food, amateur, semi-finished meal and another very useful unlimited.
  • Lower power that affects sexually transmitted diseases, family is a violent man, there's a place, and other diseases, sexual organ, what was a negligence case, or if you haven't cured.
  • Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and other harmful drugs, disorders and issues, why power, to provoke sexual and other organs of the disease. Heavy and weakens the immune system to harmful factors a satisfactory erection.
  • The problem with the endocrine system abnormality or disease that will require vitamin E, a hormone in men.

Medicines that will put men's sexual activity

how to increase sexual power,

The causes of decline, such as treatment of potency and different methods. All men to understand and remember if you have this problem penis in the event that does occur then you need to determine the reasons a man appeared in life. For this to be examined by a doctor immediately. All you want will appoint the expert to determine exactly what tests and treatments you will be able to causes I started having problems with potency.

The very first way you need to change your lifestyle. Farewell to unhealthy foods, soda, food and your favorite sofa and other harmful behavior. Balancing nutrition and growing fruits and vegetables in their diet, replacement stocks, you the body essential vitamins and fiber. Nature-rich foods (aphrodisiac), good impact strength and promote quality education erection. For example: parsley, mint, hazelnut, sesame, honey, seeds, avocado, dry fruits, dairy products, dark chocolate, oysters, strawberries, etc.

Pera numerous psychological load and to reduce stress. And spirit to bring order to their nerve, and only then will be able to enjoy the joys and the exact relationship improving the quality of life. Diseases, issues, and other violations, internal organs, the endocrine system and to ensure the normal operation of the body to treat.

Besides natural factors, the power is still there and with the help of assistants medicated to solve these problems, what to re-Power, improve the quality of sexual life and sexual organs. Unlike these drugs, sold in pharmacies (pills, suppositories, ointments) and its own properties and characteristics.