Men with power problems and solutions

Problems with male potency are not uncommon – at any age. This weak or unstable erection, lack of orgasm or premature ejaculation, poor sperm quality and a small amount of a reduced or complete lack of intimacy both desire.

Such violations are immediately reflected in the health status, status, mood, men and a life partner. If you are having trouble, why, the power and how do I resolve them?

The cause of the problem with the potency of different age

problems with potency

The problem occur less frequently with the potential of another 20 years, more then 50. Why is this decreases with age, the immune system toxins accumulated in the body, chronic diseases, hormonal disorders and other visible errors. All this negative influence of people that have mature and old.

The answer to a basic problem between the options, why a young man any problem with potency, there are many reasons experts:

  • increased anxiety and stress often experiences;
  • apathy and depression, suicide, mood;
  • suitable non-ambient intimacy;during
  • a bad mood on the background of a disease, e.g., SARS or influenza, and drugs some of the side effects;
  • overload physically and mentally;
  • frequently the partner of change;
  • harmful habits;
  • plenty of nutrients that are missing due to unbalanced diet and fast food, coffee, fatty foods and sweets.

In 30 years of the problems with potency, often for the same reason, and 20. But at this age, according to statistics, the emergence of something that is already possible, the first pathological changes, prostate and other inflammatory conditions of the male urogenital system organs. And this is another reason, erectile dysfunction, and low power.

Prostatitis is often caused by potency of the problems with 40 and 50 years, cardiovascular and Nervous Diseases. The sincerity of the request and adverse effects irregular sexual life erection and also drab in bed.

If I started having problems that power try to figure something out the reasons of violations. Get more rest and eliminate, life stress, give up harmful habits, nutrition and normalized. If such measures will give a positive result, seek the help of an expert.

Basic ways to improve the potency

Doctors advice self medication-related problems in case of power of men, regardless of age. Started late or wrong treatment chosen, and complications that may lead to the development of worsening his health condition, impotence and infertility.

Basic methods, Editing, back, male power, like this:

  1. Problem solving using synthetic drugs with potency. Erection for hours Viagra for men used and return the joy of sex. There are a lot of these types of drugs, contraindications and possible side effects, but excellent effect.
  2. Application of homeopathic remedies. The natural composition of the city, there is a small amount gently on your body such drugs, contraindications and possible side effects from the doctor and pharmacy without a prescription published. However, their use and should be clean and Square, just ask, and then the problems Power.
  3. Diet supplements. Among these drugs, only natural components that promote the normalization of their structure only strengthen the body, strengthen the immune system, sexual organs, blood flow and intensity of feeling during sexual intercourse. If power issues with your husband, then dietary supplements – offer a solution for stylish wives. But you must remember, there's subtlety and his use of these tools applies to each body separately a statement must be applied definitely.

If a young man and you just go to the pharmacy to buy might be a problem with strong drugs will solve the problem. This can only make the situation worse.

Out of drugs and dietary supplements to increase strength, durability and long sexual relationship experts, strong strengthens the immune system, for example, using a walk, often in the open air, hardening, navigation, baths, saunas and steam rooms, this is no contraindications. Also doing Kegel exercises, strengthen, and discharge to push through on Nov.

Often it turns out, this guilt resulting from a disorder of steel, psychological problems with potency. Support help to solve them, your loved ones, survive the relaxation and stress reduction. Also will have a positive impact a change of scenery or a new hobby, an environment with a head.

If you think yourself can't cope with indecision, uncertainty, and other disturbing symptoms within itself to guide you to avoid sex life, for help a professional. If you find an experienced psychologist, a male potency with the cause of the problem, you will want to solve it and prevent it from occurring again.

You need to see a doctor when

how to increase sexual power,

In most cases, the violation due to psychological factors, fatigue, nervous and mental, is going to be more extended, then offer your own.

But often a potential treatment of the problem requires. And you can get it, only a doctor after a careful inspection and delivery analysis. Especially important to get treatment quickly as possible inflammation and infections, suspected prostate cancer screening and tumor.

The origin of erectile dysfunction due to diseases of cardiovascular system, diabetes, hormonal disorders, and then a thorough examination is required. In some cases, correct diagnosis and treatment must apply the choice of endocrinologist, cardiologist, neurologist, urologist, and a psychotherapist. To help diagnose the problem and traditional and modern research methods: ULTRASOUND, MRI, scans and SA.

The main symptoms, time to consult a specialist immediately and don't waste your time to learn, and how to solve the problem, with potential experts, the following symptoms and situation:

  • emergence urination and ejaculation;
  • loss of libido, Weak Erection and unstable;
  • inability to premature ejaculation and ejaculation;
  • sex with psychological discomfort;
  • any signs of infection or inflammation;
  • breaking urination;
  • unusual foreign substances that urine and ejaculate, for example, pus or blood;
  • redness, tenderness, skin, sores and itching in the penis and scrotum.

You didn't know which doctor, clinic or your A bride call notifications, and you explain your disorders to explain the character of changes of the disturbing signs. Diagnosis initial diagnosis and then a decision whether a selected survey of the expert is necessary, a consultation with other doctors.


Treat yourself when you decide issues related to power, it is recommended to do not to start with simple measures. Change your lifestyle, review a healthier, habitual diet, and the environment change, the structure, the diversity of sex, the woman he loved, and regularly, give up smoking and alcohol.

Often such measures will not only help you cope with erectile dysfunction but also improve your overall health, strengthen the immune system, I feel courage and strength in a hurry. But if this was not the result or his health began to deteriorate, then consult a doctor immediately.