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  • Dumitru
    Emotion, time, moral you want to have sex, but physically you can't, will remain with me forever. That's so terrible and embarrassing situation. But I'm happy, my wife supported me, helped me gather strength and consult a doctor. Fortunately, the process is fairly recycled, and drip with el macho fully restored, his sexual function.
  • Vasile
    I began to notice this happened it's weakened and an erection instantly, as before, nothing had happened, quite try. In general, the came the property of erection directly during intercourse or just not moving at all. Then I called any pathogen. I have read drops El Macho they bring harm to their health, natural composition and therefore, if this drug, this doctor didn't look at it as an ideal option for you. Immediately after the first receptions the same power that has become like a youth.
  • Viorica
    To a big extent is improved and grow more weight, less had sex. Intimacy and no lives were lost at this point. This is in no way me are not satisfied, but the doctor flatly refused to go to her husband. Expert decided to visit him and advised me that drops El Macho. Like everything else this drug is no longer in our bed, we only yesterday we were married.
  • Dumitru
    I met a new girl and he loved me first before sexual intimacy I was worried, like a little kid. Overall, this wasn't it. That gave me a second chance, but first, the failure always on my mind, and again nothing happened. I was so worried I was afraid to try something again that already in the soil. Overall, I had consult a specialist. The doctor advised me to use drops el machothanks again, I felt a real man. Now we have no problems in bed.
  • Ileana
    I began to notice that, like her husband, one intimacy with me: then get up early, he's tired, then I got a headache. Yeah, but I figured, what it is. The girl I shared a problem for us and advice me el macho – drops that her husband was a doctor. Well, I bought them and gave her husband under the guise of headache drugs, it's not sex because that what time has come once again. To bring a double dose, so I had sex the same evening. She told her husband about the medication, and of course drops of propyl. And now in our bed, it's like a paradise!
Comments El Macho