Instructions for use El Macho

How to apply drip el macho

This tool is in the shape of the generated drops. A bottle equipped with a central distributor-pipette, therefore very easy to determine the dosage. Also, the bottle is small, therefore wherever you go.

It accepts as true El Macho

Related instruction, drops El Macho to be done a different schema:

  • You need to drink as a tea or by adding 2-3 drops of booster D treatment you need to consume a glass of warm water twice a day, 1 week, about 2 weeks after a slight pause.
  • Maintaining an erection to strengthen and long-term drink lots of foreplay before sexual intercourse 20 minutes or so to 5 drops of the sincerity in the words.

Indications and contraindications El Macho

Drops El Macho advice for men, men, such a problem:

  • impaired erectile function;
  • weak libido;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • the problem with natural fertilization;
  • presence, infectious diseases, genitourinary system.

In addition, this drug is helpful for men who are heavy physical activities, Professional Sports, traditions active growth Nov. The main irrefutable advantages when compared with hormonal effects and no steroid drop is not accept missing dependency background.

Drug contraindications and side-effects, therefore, this category can be any age and any physical condition people who take. Men's individual intolerance of any component of the exception drop El Macho or chronic disease, including cardiovascular system. Previously, in conjunction with medication alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.